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    Men :

    1. Matey Kaziyski

    2. Leandro Visotto

    3. Osmany Juantorena

    coach : Radostin Stoychev

    I know they all are from Trentino but c'mon, these guys won the Champions League, the World's Club Championships and look what they do in Italy. They simply rule the volleyball right now.

    Women :

    1. Simona Gioli

    2. Manon Flier

    3. Eleonora Lo Bianco

    coach: Massimo Barbolini

    Happy New Year!

    I didn't know that the forum has such a function... Sorry if so.

    Look, you overuse the excuse that you can always express an opinion - it's not entirely like that, because when you state something doubtful as a true one, you have to prove why you think like that. You do not only express an opinion - often you impose your opinion. And more often - it's not even YOUR opinion, most often you repeat's opinion as yours, which is not correct at all. Actually, I strongly doubt that you'll have an opinion about volleyball if you stop reading others' opinions.
    Try to act like the other users on the forums. You spam too much and, honestly, for me you are a disgrace for our country - nobody respects you here cause you're talking too much bla-bla and this is a bad image for our national team too. If it was a bulgarian forum I'm sure that you would be banned (have you ever been banned before?). But here they are quite tolerant and they still like Bulgarian volleyball, despite your efforts...


    Wow, Dante announced that himself or maybe you know Dante personnally and he told it to you? Respect if so! :lol:

    Actually announced that, not Dante himself... :down:

    Aha. So you have read it somewhere but you don't even know where, who made the research, where it was published etc... Very serious approach.

    And what about the coaching question - I just want to know where are you coaching - I see that you are a coach?

    There was a research that showed that the 3 most difficult languages in the world are Hungarian, Dutch and Bulgarian, then it comes polish one. And no, I don't have problems with Bulgarian. 8|

    Well, I wish to see that research - it must be a revolutionary one. I guess it refers only to European languages but still there are other languages that are much more difficult - like Basque, Suomi, Albanian and many more. I'm a linguist and I must say that statements like yours above are pure speculation and are very subjective, so my advice to you is to think more before writing serious things like that.

    BTW, I was just wondering - where are you coaching?

    Andrey Zekow plays well fast back side ball but i think He has problems with playing with middleblockers sometimes but I think that He plays the fastes ball with Your second oopposite Boyan Yordanow. I think Hwe plays slower to Vlado Nikolow. We got our Plish qualification for olympics game today so I am bit nervous :)

    Yes, you're right - he sets the fastest ball to Yordanov but not to Nikolov because every player has his own preferencies - Yordanov is a bit faster and he is a left-hander too so why not give him a faster ball. In the middle Zhekov has to set low-quick or hi-quick balls depending of the different attackers and that's why he has some problems sometimes. Actually, he gives a different, specialized ball to every single attacker, it's normal. For Kaziyski he sets quicker and higher (really high;-)), just an example.

    There are similaritites between bulgarian and polish, but they aer still different, the alphabets are different and these are one of the most difficult languages among with dutch and hungarian languages.

    Wow, I didn't know you were a linguist too... Would you please tell me who told you all those things about these languages? I am suprised - why are you saying that Polish and Dutch are so difficult - have you ever tried to learn them? Of course, your statement that Bulgarian is so difficult is a non-sense because you are a native speaker - you don't have the opportunity to juge it as a foreigner. Or maybe you still have difficulties with Bulgarian? 8o

    BTW, I was just wondering - where are you coaching exactly? says Bulgarian NT's captain Plamen Konstantinov may go to Patra where he would play along with at least two other Bulgarian NT players - setter Zhekov and opposite Yordanov. My hopes are to see there the BG NT middle blocker Gaydarski too and I'm sure no one will stop them. Ndam. :box:

    True, setting is not the first skill of Bulgarian volleyball. Actually, I think that one of the reasons we have so strong attackers is because of the poor setting - the attackers are used to hit difficult balls which increases their skills.

    But for me Zhekov IS a good setter. He has an excellent ball control (his one-hand setting is very good too), his sets are technically very good (fast and smooth), his posture doesn't reveal a lot of his intentions, and he is a good blocker (very important for his zone) and server too. Let's not forget that he is quite young for a setter on the national level. He had some injuries and other problems when he played in Russia and that's why he did not perform very well during that period but last season he played really very well in his club in Greece, and now he is in a very good shape. He already showed a much better play during the World Cup last year when Bulgaria finished 3rd and won the olympic ticket, and I think he will show more and more of his talent in the future. If you can find the match against Russia for example you'll see a really intelligent play from his side.

    Ciao, Alessandro!

    I'm coaching at school level, and for now i'm doing the physical preparation too. Nice to meet you here!

    Let's not forget that the award is called Most Valuable Player which means for me that the player has to be excellent in more than one aspect. Matey was just fabulous, monstruous and supreme in attack (he is untouchable there, one level above all the others), he was the best scorer too and I'm sure that if he had done some aces and (or) blocks, he should have received it with no doubt. Next time...

    And there's one more thing - they gave it to him so many times that it's no more interesting when he receives it ;-))) Or maybe `they` want to put some pressure on him before the next game... ;-))

    Anyways, if someone can upload the final games, it would be much appreciated!