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    The next EC are this year in Poland right? So I'm not really for any experiments with new young players in the starting 6. Take them along, sure, but this has to be a huge event in P-land and I think that a successful EC is more important than throwing young players into cold water. Besides, Glinka and Podolec will not be able to play and the first will never play for the NT again, so some experience is desperately needed for these EC. Afterwards, I'm all for the young players in the starting 6 though. Should be really interesting to see who will be nominated!!!

    So now she's finally having surgery? Or what does this article say? Whatever the case, I hope she gets back on the court REAL soon!! I think everybody misses her.

    Anybody know why Wysocka only played in the first set today??
    And is Agnieszka Starzyk injured or something?

    Oh, and congrats to Ola for the MVP today! Hope she keeps that up.....and Asia as well!

    I read, that Skowrońska is not sure, if she is going to play in Polish NT again. We still don't know, who will be the coach, and I don't think it is good to impose conditions like that. She shouldn't start to spoil the atmosphere around the NT. A proffesional player - Skowrońska is such a player - should have more feeling for that. NT is an honour for Skowrońska, not Skowrońska for NT...

    It would be really disappointing when she means it that way. I was hoping she meant it like she doesn't know if she will be nominated or not. Isn't kind of crazy that they still don't know who will be coach yet and Matlak is already making comments about the EC?

    According to Maggie is pregnant :) congratulation :thumbup: maybe in future we will have such a great player like Gosia is

    I think Matlak kind of confirmed it in an interview I read on I couldn't find it again though, so maybe he spilled the beans? ;) If true, many congratulations to her then!

    And, 03.12 will be match Dąborowa Górnicza - Kalisz, 08.12 Gedania Żukowo - Kalisz.... can you record it too?

    This should hopefully be on MKS's site! It's not the best quality, but at least they show these matches on their website!
    This website from MKS D.G is actually really good compared to other teams' sites...their calender looks interesting too ;) Is anyone going to get one?:))

    Wow, that was great! Seems like such a nice person. I didn't expect her to answer all those questions with such detail and length. In some Interviews the answers are really short. Not here!

    :mad: I wish I could have seen that game!!! Sounds like there was some good moments there. Were there lots of mistakes as well or was the level pretty constant throughout the match?