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    Thanks for the Update mateo! I was happy to a have seen the mielic / bks match. It was a much better match than I had suspected! Too bad they're not in the Champions League!

    the official site of Plus Liga KObiet show live score but they don't have english site there's only Polish :) i heard they want to make live video but i dont know when they do that . show live score as well and it will probably be easier for you cause u don't have to search for it it's on top right of site .

    as for Kalisz yes they do have financial problems. there was even possibility that they wont participant this season ;/ they only have 10 players but i think if their players won't get any injures during season they can be very dangerous. their starting 6 is fine ,WOznikowska Godos and Kuehn are all experiance players and they have some young promising players like Wojcieska Toborek and mostly CHojnacka - she's 23 she's OPP but she can also be OH i hope she will get to NT after this season

    Thanks for I tried lsk's site out last weekend, but the live score didn't work for me.(probably in the wrong place) I just clicked on szczegóły of the match that was currently taking place, but I didn't get any scores/info. Would be great if they show some live videos! Or recorded even! Thanks again!

    i saw 2 matches (MUszyna-Gwardia,BIelsko-Centrostal) and i must admit level of this matches ,specially Musszyna's one was terrible. MUszyna has a lot problem in reception their attack was very weak their defense was weak but still it was enough to beat one of the worse team in PLusLIgaKObiet. as for BIelsko-BIala they play really well in service(mostly Baranska-5 aces)and block . but i think SKorupa has some problems with rythm of set . Baranska was MVP(19 points) but i would give this award to Dziekiewicz. she was really good in attack and her block was really effective.

    As for other results the biggest suprice is obviously Pila loosing to Bialystok, but i think Bialystok can be suprice of a season they menage to make really strong squad with Zebrowska and KArczmarzewska as main hitters. Kalisz lost can be consider as suprice but they had huge problems with reception (i hope their new player MAsami Tanaka will help them in reception)

    Your synopsis is very much appreciated mateo! Crazy to think that Muszyna has problems with reception when you look at some of those names. Just shows names aren't everything. Hmm, I would always give Dziekiewicz the MVP award ;) Do you know of any site that shows live scoring? Does Kalisz have financial issues? Is that why so many players left?

    Ok, don't know if this is the proper place, but.......
    Lena fans who speak polish rejoice: W najbliższą środę 22 października o godz. 20.00 odbędzie się chat z Leną Dziękiewicz. Wszystkich serdecznie zapraszamy!link
    Bad Translation:
    Chat will proceed with lena on wednesday 22 october hour 20.00. We invite all cordially!
    That should be interesting for some of you *wink*

    Hi Ben,

    I've download that program and join it,but then? I couldn't play it also!


    Hi, I just tried it out myself. Everything works fine by me. Maybe try downloading them again? they are 350 and 349 MB, so maybe check if the second file is also 349 by you. Hope it works out for you!