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    I had to check that video of dEUS... Karin Dreijer's voice is so
    here's her again with Royksopp

    and great choice there with roísín murphy. I'm going to see her ehre in portugal in October

    "What else is there" is definately one of my all time favourite songs! You're right about her voice! I heard she's doing a solo project soon. fever rayThat should be more than intereting!

    Honey is Cool
    Kleerup feat. Marit Bergman "3AM"

    Thanks, the pics are great! Lena has an incredible smile in this official one!!!! Wow!
    Since when is her official site? recently, no?
    If pic #64 was a bit lighter, it would be awesome.

    i love roisin murphy! saw her at Rock am Ring this year and it was incredible. Can listen to her songs the whole day.
    Ill check Novika out, sounds pretty interesting. thanks for the tip

    Yeah, I like her songs made with Smolik.

    You can check her out on her site: makes sense, right? ;) There's lots of music there to hear, especially remixes. There's also an almost 1h mp3 of her live to download. I always listened to it while studying, :roll: :S I'm listening to t.time with smolik now. sounds great! thanks!
    I'm jealous, I heard roisin murphy is great live! I can never sit still while listening to her......
    Never heard of Jem, thanks.

    >here are some pics of Szamotuly Cup (all 3 days).
    >Some pics of the best polish players as Rosner, Skorupa, Bednarek and so on are there as well :) so enjoy


    i talked to the BKS Bielsko Biala website and got high resolution pics of the whole team. (every player )

    Cooooool!!!! Awesome thinking! least they show volleyball! (or at least try to) It doesn't happen that often that they can't show anything, but sometimes you can't hear anything :))

    But the united states have a great sports program in schools. They have their highschool teams and tournaments. That way they can develop great players, while in germany the sports classes in school are damn boring and no one actually gives a damn...

    In Germany you got all those great "clubs" (vereine). You don't have that too often in the US. Better would be to have both! My school didn't have volleyball :( I played it in class, but it was more like basketball than volleyball....lots of carrying going on:)

    Congrats to China, for leading the medal ranking the whole OG always with a huge advantage over the US.

    Way to go, China!

    Depends on how you look at it: US won more medals overall: 110 to 100 while China more Golds: a whopping 51 to 36!
    I think both systems are stupid. The medals should be weighted: Gold 3, Silver 2, Bronze 1. Doing that, China has 223 and US 220. So damn close in that method!

    Yes Swiderek is Likeable he is very quit and calm person . he dont have any conflict in previous years and from what i know our guys from NT really like him. but i hate interviews with him he is always talking about the same things nothing new like "we didint have a luck and thats why we lost,we were tired etc."
    you mean Lang Ping??she is USA coach now and one of the best player of China in history a living legend

    That's good to hear, because he is the most probable choice, right?
    Lang Ping would be a dream, but no, I meant someone else. A Polish coach. Maybe it was someone else who suggested this person...but anyway, thanks again for the insight! (Matlak by Konrad)
    And whoever it will be, let's hope they can bring a little more dynamic into the game!