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    Hey, long time lurker, first time poster here

    Quite sad that Italy/France Poland/Serbia situation. I suppose it will be Serbia to miss out, although won't be surprised if it turns out to be Poland, knowing on/off they can be. Would be messed up for world champion to not qualify for the Olympics.

    What makes this annoying is that Canada and Argentina will be in the same group, which will just create a spot for a mediocre team from North or South America to qualify.

    That pool as it currently stands in the projected rankings it looks like Canada, Argentina, Slovenia and the Netherlands. I feel nearly any of those teams could finish top! That would at least be a very interesting tournament.

    The live stream on youtube says that it is not possible to be streamed in my country (Australia) Any body else have this problem? And what country can it be streamed in?

    Also, these games here will be streamed live on FIVB's YouTube channel. For the rest we'll have to find streams.

    What will be interesting is that last year australia received 9th place in world league because they only played group 2 and although they played the final 6 the fivb said they could only finish in a maximum of 9th position. Does that mean this year gets the world ranking points for 9th even though they won. I hope not because that would be stupid. Although the fivb have also been stupid on their decision last year as now they have set a precedent for this. I'm sure the fivb will just do what they normally do and change the rules to suit a specific situation.

    They did so poor in the Asian Cup, which is supposed to be the pre-qualification tournament.

    That is because Australia sent their junior team with only 1-2 older players as most players had to go to their club teams after the Olympic Games were finished. Unfortunately Asia Cup is not seen as important and most teams only bring the 2nd team to those tournaments. Maybe more emphasis should be put on World Rankings.

    Brazilian OH Leonadro Caldeira left Budvanska rivijera and returned to Greece. He signed contract with Pamvohaikos. He played only in friendly matches for Budva as he wasnt fit at all, also overweight.

    Club board has threatened players with reducing contracts if they finish CL w/o win. Venno said to Estonian newspaper if they cut his contract he will leave Budva. So situation isnt good at all but Venno was one of the worst players in 2 matches so dunno why is he complaining

    Don't know why he is complaining? Well it doesn't matter if he is playing well or not, even if he is injured or not...he is still entitled to receive the money in his contract!! To often clubs manage to not pay their players, it should not be possible. If they wish to break a contract of a player, they must pay them out....if a player breaks a contract, often he has to pay the club. It's terrible sometimes how clubs treat players.

    Turkmenistan won two sets vs Australia. Or Turkmenistan develops or Australia begins to come closer to Women's NT level.

    Australia's junior and youth teams have never done as well as the senior team. You have to remember Volleyball is not a popular sport and a lot of those players in the youth and junior teams only started playing 2-3 years ago!
    However things change in the senior team. Think it might be a while before we see Turkmenistan represent Asia at an olympic games.

    24.04.2012 / Maribor (SLO) / Slovenia 1:3 Iran (20:25 23:25 25:18 17:25 )
    next match 25.04.2012

    Iran will play two matches in Serbia before going to Bulgaria for another two friendly matches.
    Only 7 (out of 14) players from World Cup squad are in this team. Velasco, not happy with World Cup performance made some revolutionary changes in the squad.

    Wow that is a big change! Who are the new players and who is not on the team anymore? It is strange after they won the Asian Championships and beat some god teams like Poland and Serbia at the world cup.

    6 out of 9 awards go to Korean players and yet they are only 3rd team of the Championships. Mysterious ;).
    I'm a little surprised that neither Korea nor China manage to get tho the final. I was quite impressed by the progress these teams made this year and their matches in World League 2009. I'm very disappointed with Australia too. I can understand them being behind Japan, Iran, Korea, China, even Kazakhstan but Indonesia ? I mean, really, Indonesia !? Shame on you Aussies ;).

    Australia were unfortunately missing quite a few starting players because there European leagues had already started. Since nearly all the Asian players play in Asia it is not as much of a problem for these teams. It's not good that the AVC still schedule the Asian Championships so late in the year, it should be at the same time as the European Championships so it is fair for all the teams.

    Actually, there are 5 teams to qualify from NORCECA... USA, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Canada deserve their places for sure, I dunnow about the fifth team though... Never thought Dominican Republic can be competitive enough for a WCH...

    You would think 1 of those NORCECA spots would be better as a 3rd spot for South America. We all know Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela can be competitive at a high level. One of those teams will miss out, It just does not seem quite right.

    Setter- Ricardo

    Pass Hitter- Giba, Kaziyski

    Opposite- Milkovic

    Middles- Gustavo, Hubner

    Libero- Henno

    Bench- Soto, Dante, Abramov, Grbic, Mastrangelo