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    Lasko will be 32 next NT season and he has no proper sub. They are putting great hopes in Sabbi and Vettori but...I guess they'll start using some of their OH as opposite.

    Yeah, I also think that Bertto and co. have in mind such scenario, coz they already tried Zaytsev as an opposite in this year's WL for example and it wasn't bad attempt at all.

    Also we are yet to see if Juantorena changes his mind and agrees to play for Italy. Imo he will.

    It's really probable Osmany to change his mind...I mean that's him after all - as we saw from the Trento-Zenit-Trento saga Juantorena is simply virtuoso in changing his mind for a not very long period of time! :rolll: :rolll: Italians should be more careful with him :roll:

    I think that Alekno should be MVP, absolutely no doubt! As I already said - he was the man! :obey: :obey: But since it's probably not possible, then maybe Mikhaylov...or why not Muserskiy? No, no, no - def Alekno! :thumbsup:

    I hope that on the big olympic final we'll see a real battle and high quality volleyball from both sides. Russia and Brazil should be extremely motivated, cause they're playing for the gold. I hope that Alekno's guys won't be stiff today because of the pressure and will show their game - if that happens, I am pretty sure that we'll see a HQ match and Russia will have the chance for the gold. As for Brazil I have no worries, coz I'm sure that they will play to the max.

    I'm so happy that my hopes for the final were justified! What a battle only - with a full turn out, absolutely epic drama! Сборная - молодцы! :obey: Mr. Alekno, you're the man!!! :obey: :obey: :obey: Congrats for Brazilians, too! Although they didn't win the gold, this final was a great ending of some of the players' careers :thumbup:
    Once again, big congrats for Russia! :win:

    11 aces for Italy against only 1 for us - that says it all! :cheesy:
    Congrats for Italy and Italian useres :win:
    Our opposites - both of them, having problems today and playing bad, Georgi Brtaoev also was quite unprecised - IMO that was his worst match in this tournament. We stayed not bad on block, but that was not enough for success today. We def weren't concentrated on the necessary level.
    The match in general was really crappy, with this tempo, it seemed so prolonged to it'll never have an end and I'm sentenced to watch it :lol:
    I hope that on the big olympic final we'll see a real battle and high quality volleyball from both sides. Russia and Brazil should be extremely motivated, cause they're playing for the gold. I hope that Alekno's guys won't be stiff today because of the pressure and will show their game - if that happens, I am pretty sure that we'll see a HQ match and Russia will have the chance for the gold. As for Brazil I have no worries, coz I'm sure that they will play to the max.

    Beruto is a good coach IMO! You need a better opposite and a setter!

    Berutto is a good coach indeed, although he's def not my favourite, but he gave us clear enough signs, actually he said it straight, that as long as he's the caoch, Travica will be the setter and that's it! :aww: Lasko on the other hand is not showing his best on this tournament, this is true, but he is a good opposite. He did a lot for Italy in the WC (he played really solid there IMO) and also in the OGCT in Sofia. It would be good if they had a stable substitute for him in London instead of playing with two liberos, but on the other hand, seeing Bari's receiving in the match against us, it's kinda hard to balme Berutto for this decision :D But I blame him for his blind love for Dragan, who IMO is the main problematic post in Italy's team :wacko:

    Perfect guess for Foussard, general manager of the club.
    And Luc Marquet is indeed the Italy cup winner, but he's where you think he is!

    Actually you mean that Marquet is not the man in front of Foussard, right? Hmm, then I really don't know who he is here...,only that guy reminded me to some extent of him ?( . Luc Marquet is a man with very fine, I would even say delicate appeal and somehow I can't see anyone in the drawing to resemble this in some easily recognisable way. Now I'm really curious to know who exactly the artist has meant to be Marquet :roll:

    Congratulations for Russia's team and all Russian users here! :win:
    Russia are definately a really strong team , I think they are in a very good shape for the tournament and actually they are my favourite for the gold. Yes, we lost the match, but we also had our chances during the game. Unfortunately our serve wasn't well - too many errors, today def wasn't Sokolov's best day, also our reception wasn't stable enough and we got too many direct points from aces, BUT I'm glad with the attitude and the fight spirit that our players demonstarted, it was great to see them rising up after the smashing 2nd set and getting back in the game! I think that we will go in the match for the bronze medal very motivated and in a fighting mood, I really want us to finish our olympic adventure with a medal :)

    As for the other semi, Italy disappointed me, I kinda feel 'misled', if I may use this epithet, cause I expected much much more from them after the QF against USA, but....Brazilians were simply increddible in this match, no doubt! :obey:

    :woohoo: The eyes of the tiger!

    In the GIF there's Skrimov. I don't know anything about him, but he is the biggest surprise of this Olympics with his NT. He is amazing player. Where did he play last season?

    He played in Paris Volley, France.

    I don't know if Toshko Skrimov will be in condition to play today after this insane look that Niki Nikolov gave to him in the match against Germany! :rolll: Keep it up that way, Niki :thumbsup:

    What I'm worried about is if Bulgarian team is overexcited. Excitement is good, it decreases the pressure but up to a point when this excitement gets so big that coaches and players stop using their heads. This idiot Naydenov is acting like we're the best team in the world just because we play like a team and we're ready for gold, we will win... And it's worse that he's saying it again and again. Ganev is also tormenting the players with his typical behaviour. I hope these two Balkan individuals don't spoil the team and make all of this really serious thing into a mascarade. I count on Placci.

    After the QF guys sounded still on Earth to me, they are realizing or at least they give suchs signs, that they won't devote to the excitement too much. On the other hand though, Naydenov was behaving as an infantile... :wacko:
    But I really hope that our players don't see the Russian team the way I see them - as unbeatable giants on the field. Yes, too much overexcitement is def bad, but it would also be totally wrong if our team goes on court as doomed! My mind is also contra to my heart... :roll:

    Also one of the player had a few seasons shinning in Polish championship, and an other one has been an international championship medalist, as well as CEV cup and Italy cup winner ...

    It's still not coming to my mind who's the guy who has played in the Polish Ch, but about the second hint I bet on Luc Marquet - I think he's the second one from right to left, standing in front of the man holding list. I was sensing that the pic is connected with French liga from years ago, but now as it got clear that it's specifically related to Tours VB, I just had to look for Pascal Foussard and I think that I'm seeing him exactly in the man with the list (with the nice bangs and a little bit long nose :D)

    A silver medal today for one GREAT Bulgarian wrestler - Stanka Zlateva!!! :obey: I know how much she wanted the gold especially after the missed chance in the final in Beijing :S After being 5 times world and euro champion, only the olympic gold is still not in her collection! What I'm sorry the most for is the disappointment that I know she feels right now... if only I could see her and tell her how proud I'm with her for all she has achieved in sport! You're amazing, Stanke, simply the best in my eyes and you're still our golden girl! :flower:

    In athletics, it was def Jamaica's evening! Usain Gold and co. outran all other sprinters! Smashing performance indeed, but I was sure there won't be a new WR in the 200m, coz this time 19.19 is too strong and no one of the sprinters, even Bolt himself, is not in such an ultimate shape to beat it on these OGs.

    Because I know you like it and I wanna cheer you up! :flower: (and also because I had to make it up to you after posting that guy's parody :D ) :


    I just want to congratulate all Bulgarian, Italian, Russian and Brazilian users here. I feel sorry I didn't watch last quarterfinal, especially that it was played by Bulgaria, but I just had no strength to do it. The feeling was as if I was falling and falling and I only waited for the moment when I finally collide with the earth but this moment never came. Yesterday I wanted this world to come to an end. And when I woke up this morning or rather afternoon I felt as if the world ended but I stayed in the middle of nowhere. About one hour ago I found out that Bulgaria made it to semifinal. So, for this moment I have no strength to watch any volleyball matches, actually any sport competitions, but I have my heart still in a right place and I'm sending it all to Bulgarian team now. Ok, I borrow it, 'cause it still may be useful in my everyday life and in loving my own team. Bulgarians, there's nothing that can stop you. Absolutely nothing. Just have a little faith. Your team is the most surprising one on this tournament. For me, you're already the winner. For being like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Don't stop and take this gold!

    We had no shoutbox. I hope I won't be condemned for this post...

    bella, dear, I know it's hard now but don't be sad! :flower: Despite the drop out, still bright future is in front of your team, you'll see! Moreover that the season for you is definately not lost, because of winning the WL and this is a huge success! Thank you so much for the support :rose:

    pp, I'm waiting to see an avatar on your profile, never lose hope :win:

    I think that Alekno is the one with the hand up above the guy with the emergency kit.
    Maybe the man in front of Stoychev is Olivier Lecat ?(
    The one with the thick eyebrows and the stubble could be Radko Kolev?

    Ok, someone wakes me up, please, 'cause I definately must be dreaming! We just reached the semis! 8o I was a little bit afraid before the match that we may have some problems with handling the pressure in this important match, but our guys simply shot me down! I really didn't expect them to play so relaxed, smiling, confident and even having fun! :cheesy: Germans on the other hand seemed to be nervous, they played stiff (at the very end I would even say apathic) and couldn't oppose us. I think there is no need to make some technical analysis about this match, coz we outplayed them in every aspect, they just couldn't enter in the match and show their game. Quite surprising for me all 1/4 finals ended in 3 sets. I only couldn't watch the POL-RUS match, so can't say anything, except that I'm surprised by the result, I mean at least from this match most of us expected a big drama and a lot of fight, but obviously something has happened, I'm sorry for Polish friends here :flower: From now on, no matter what will happen, we should be only glad with what we achived, because a month ago the top 4 of the OGs seemed like a mirage! Ofc it will be simply great if our story goes on even futher and have the ultimate 'happy end'...ah, dreams :roll:

    I don't think Italy cheated, any victory would bring them on first place. And Berruto didn't look like he wanted to lose, I doubt they are so good actors

    There was moment in which he was near to hysteria :lol:

    Oh, Italy surprises me so positive today! Bravo! Finally Italians are showing their teeth! :obey:

    Savani shouldn't be a captain. A true captain should make right decisions, be stable and bring calmness to the team. Savani is everything but that. Why Berutto doesn't choose Kovar or Parodi only he knows.

    Both Kovar and Parodi are not 'starters' let's say, so they don't always presence on the cort, for the same reason I think that Papi and Fei(in the MB role) also are not for captains. In that case maybe Lasko would be the rightest choice, cause I aslo think Savani is not the most suitable option. But as long as I know Berutto's love for Dragan, I'm sure that he dream to see him as a captain :D