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    Ok, don't make general conclusions from this single match. Poland learned their lesson, from now on they can only be stronger and Kaziyski(the user) said it right about Bulgaria - you can expect everything. They can as well lose to Argentina 3:0 and lose in the quarters.

    Maybe that's what will happen in the end...I don't know, Argentina is like a nightmare for us...too many 3-0 losses against them, but ofc anything can happen :P
    I still think that Poland will win the 1st place in the group but for the other 3 places there is a chance to see some surprise between us, ITA and ARG. One is sure - the tournament is becoming really interesting!

    I'm curious what Mr Vlado Nikolov would say. I expect another bomb :D

    Oh, me, too! :whistle:

    It's only between me and Bartman, no one else is involved :super:

    Does Bartman know that? :lol:

    btw, Polish friends don't be mad at poor Winiar, I mean it's normal that he needed a little bit time to adapt to the match...back in the 70's they used to play different volleyball :lol:
    (just kidding, I simply LOVE his retro style outlook on this tournament! :thumbsup: )

    Thank you guys! :flower:
    Maleeee! :lol: What a match for us! :obey: We played very well on block and also defence and ofc - CECO SOKOLOV!!! :obey: :obey: :obey:

    But now we are doomed to 4th place :S

    Oh, don't be so sure as we saw obviously we can expect anything in this group! One God knows how exactly will look like the final standing in our pool :P

    I didn't want to say it but only when I saw how we started this third set, I already knew aslo how we'll ended. We just burned in that 2 set thriller! I mean too many emotons. Now I expect that in the forth set though, we'll play better than in 3.

    Sokolov is a monster. Can't wait to see Cuneo this year- two of the best young players in the world- Sokolov, Ngapeth+ one of the best setters Grbic :thumbup:

    + 1 :thumbsup:

    This set was killing ... all these set points...oh, my nerves! Poor me! :cheesy: I really didn't expected this match to be so challenged and iteresting! :obey:

    Uuu, nice first set! :what:
    Unexplainable is why Poland started this match a little bit nervously...after what they did in their first match agaisnt their main oponent Italy, there is no reason to be like that.
    Ola, I saw that things on the pants already in the match against GB, but then we were with green pants, so it was coalescing with the green and not so desparately visible like today with the white :P

    Dębowski, ffs!!!!! Get out, please! I hate this man! What a terrible dilettante! There is totally no difference between Treviso and Trentino :roll: He doesn't even know where our guys play, let alone know something about Bulgarians.....I thought Toshko Aleksiev is in the team long enough to know him, I thought his surname was Aleksiev, but I guess I was wrong, our brilliant commentator claims that Tosho's surname is...Alieksieiev 8| I don't even know how to type this... ?(
    And what a moron, it's so hard to listen to this man. Sorry guys, I had to get it off my chest.

    I even can't pronounce that :lol:

    I'm expecting an exciting match doesn't matter what other people and Vlado Nikolov say ;)

    You know what? I just remmebered Vlado Nikolov has been training swimming before switching to volleyball. I wonder ... can't he go to the Aquatics Centre to represent us in some dicipline, I mean he already knows the result of the match and that we'll lose, so why not to do something useful instead of losing his time? :D

    i wonder what Phelps will do today? he may get a medal today but a gold,nut sure...% 50-50..

    Yep, the Japanese and the Chinese swimmers are strong, so gold is on the trace, but this time I think Phelps will at least take a medal.

    Joro, Aussies are the biggest disappointment for me till now! :|

    So today are the series (no semifinals here) in men's 4x200m freestyle relay. For now these are supposed to be the relays of France, Australia and USA:
    France: Clement LEFERT, Amaury LEVEAUX, Gregory MALLET, Jeremy STRAVIUS
    Australia: Ned McKENDRY, David McKEON, Ryan NAPOLEON, Cameron McEVOY
    USA: Matthew McLEAN, Conor DWYER, Davis TARWATER, Charlie HOUCHIN

    Yannick Agnel!!! Absolutely smashing in the final! He simply killed them...again! :obey: :obey: :obey:
    Sun made a very decent swimming but Yannick was monsterous! I totally forgot about Park in my preliminary forecast, I admit that I underestimated him about this discipline and + considering the competition he had in it, but as it seems I was totally wrong! Lochte… I really don’t know what’s going on here! :huh: For Phelps it was quite clear for a lot of time that he’s not in the best possible shape , but Ryan?! ?( It was so much noise around him, proclaimed to be in top shape and so on, and so on. With winning in a fantastic way his first gold medal, he really raised all expectations, but his swimming in yesterday’s relay final and especially the one today didn’t really prove his supposed status. But, anyway, I’m quite a patient and stubborn monkey, so I’m still waiting for him to do something …anything in the 200m backstroke and in the 200m individual medley. Come on, man! Even 16 years old girls are swimming faster than you! :tzz:

    Ruta was really great! :obey: She did it – only 15 and already an Olympic champion! Extremely exciting swimming and emotional victory. Although her time was a little bit slower than in the semi, she was pretty fast and kept the tempo high during the whole distance. Soni could’t overcome Ruta’s advantage despite the final efforts. I only didn’t get what happened with the false start? Was there a false start or it was some technical problem? ?(

    In semis in women’s 200m ind medley Ye was like terminator with a new OR! :white: Now for the final I expect a new WR from her! Only Ye can beat Ye! :thumbsup: I’m very happy for performance of Katinka Hosszu! I really wish her somehow to take a medal this time :thumbup:

    pp, Laszlo didn't qualify ...again - this time for the 200m butterfly final :P
    pp2, 203cm Grevers looks like a real giant! Especially when right next to him is standing the 178cm tall Irie :D

    I aslo want Biederman in top 3 even if only to hear what will be Nikolay Ibrishimov's comment about it! :lol:
    And from what I saw yesterday from Agnel...who knows? The rabbit may jump out from there, too :whistle:
    Ruta is impressive nice surprise on these OGs, well not that impressive as Ye ofc ( :roll: ), but still quite impressive! :thumbup: I think she will get a medal tonight.
    I have no patience swimming to start! :super:

    Both Cveti Pironkova and Grigor Dimitrov drop out of the tennis tournament. Let's see if they will get wild card for doubles. Grisho just started to play kinda better and the match ended :P He made too many unforced errors I think with ten more than his opponent, which is a big difference for these 2 sets! Simon played well, he has elegant style of game, I like it :thumbup:

    I just can't get rid of the feeling that Sun will steal the gold today into the men's 200m freestyle... :S He already made impressive serie and semi in this discipline!

    Vlado Nikolov amazes me everytime when he opens his mouth :wacko: I'm trying hard to ignore his murmuring but it's not easy - every day he produces a new ratiocination. He has so non-capitain attitude with all these comments about the team and his teammates...
    He's not satisfied with training work of Aydenov, really?! It cant'be! :whistle: Well, then I think he should check if Ayden is not overdoing with sleeping. I'm sure he can give him some useful advices! :teach:

    Here can be seen in detail times of every of the swimmers:…html?v=20120730-084520240
    According to my calculations (which means you can't trust it entirely :D) Yannick has just literraly outswam all his main opponents! 46.74!!! :obey: Lochte for ex. is almost a whole second after him - 47.7. Just phenomenal Agnel! :obey: USA's choice and alignment of the relay wasn't the best possible. Sheer sprinter, men, sheeer sprinter!! Where, uh?! :roll: I'm nicely surprised by Phelps' swimming in this relay but it's all post-factum, I admit that in the currunt situation I also wouldn't trust him to swim the last post, but I wouldn't bet on Lochte, too, cause somehow that's not so much his profile, I think I would choose Nathan Adrian, who swam the first post. Anyway, for the resource and ambitions that USA team has this silver cannot be considered the greatest success, maybe that was the problem - when you have too many options there is a bigger chance to make a wrong chioce :D
    I'm really happy for France, only too pity that Australians failed in the men's relay... :|
    And for last - Yannick Agnel!!! :obey: :obey: