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    The tests about Semenya aren't conclusive. 5 of them say she's a girl, 5 of them that she's a boy :lol:


    Men's relay was epic! Oh, France!! :obey: What a revenge for them! Russia surprised me a little bit maybe because I expected more from the Aussies, they somekinda dissapoint me for now. I'm really curious to see times of every of the swimmers from first four teams :whistle: One thing is sure - USA messed up the things somewhere...

    The gold medalist is from Group B :white: from "the greatest nation on Earth" North Korea.

    Ok, I don't want to sound mean or too much suspicious, but something smells here :roll:

    Cause of stucking net the only thing I could watch normally from the match was the last set on Eurosport...mamma mia! Italians were tragic, Poland just destroyed them, no humilated them! :white: I hadn't imagined that I would say that, but Gosh...Italy's turdy jerseys were their smaller problem :P
    Great start of the OGs for Poland! :obey:

    Joro, Savani's trying to be a competition to the blond Zayac :rolll: Absolutely tragic outlook for Italy! Fasion disaster! :aww:

    Don't rely much on Doping control. It's like viruses and anti-virus companies. The first is always ahead of the others. And WADA chooses who to catch and who not. When they catch athletes like Usain Bolt, then I'll start believing they are really fighting against doping. I'll bet my head that the cycling gold medalist Vinokourov is doped to the max. He was caught once and he is also a very shadow and scandalous figure...

    Oh, I know that and completely agree with you! For ex. the weightlifting - I follow this sport since I remmeber myself, but even so I am stunned every time when I see some "female" jack-lift like those from today - it's soo unnatural! (not that men are not 'stuffed', too but with women is too much obvious and the grotesque is full). And do you remember that athlete Semenya who was suspected to be a man? I saw her as a flagman on the Parade. What happened with her back then? Even if it was proven that she's a girl, IMO there is no way to be clean!

    Another Chinese gold from today is in women's synchronised 3m springboard! The two girls were really amazing - like one! I haven't thought that such a synchron can be achived! :obey: I only feel sorry for the Italian duo, cause for me they deserved to get the bronze medal more than the Canadians.

    pp my laptop can't handle the olympic pressure :P

    About Shiwen Ye, she was like on a nytro in the last 100m, maybe just she was eating beans after the Opening Ceremony :lol:

    Who knows? Everything is possible :D She has swum the last 50m for 28.93 and Lochte for 29.10! He's said that this is impressing and if she had swum next to him in the adjacent corridor, she would most probably have beaten him! I think he's not far away from the truth, coz his last metres yesterday were quite hard for him and his tempo significantly declined, while she was like a torpedo! Shiwen's explanation is that they train very well, on a scientific basis :roll:

    Talking about blood of tutles and that stuff, since the beginning of the OGs there are already two announced positive doping samples - one weightlifter and one gymnast. It was proclaimed that on these Olympics the doping control will be more tightened than ever.

    I hate it when we play disconcenrated as in the third set, if it wasn't GB but some other more experienced team that could cost us the set. We also made some irritating unforced errors and bad cooperation in some ralies. Good effective block.

    Lochte!!! :obey: Just at the end he didn't have the power to beat the record, but anyway he won this discipline with a distance! I just knew it! Now I expect that this won't be his last title from these OGs :super:
    And did you see the Women's 400m Individual Medley!? Shiwen Ye is only 16 and what she did is...ubelievable :what: Gold and a new WR! Too bad that Hosszu didn't make it to the top 3, I really wanted her to take a medal.

    Haha, the Czechs stole all the shoes from the hobos around Prague and maybe from some fishermen :lol:
    Edit: Ah, and some African countries went with their regular dress-up :lol: You know, feathers, oysters, beads and all other trinkets and amulets :lol:

    One flagman was even half-naked and some were with their usual sport equipment.

    Laszlo Czech always fails in the grandness of expectations. When they expect gold from him, he's second. When they don't expect anything, he just doesn't do anything :lol:

    :rolll: :rolll:

    Tsvetana Pironkova "nailed" Cibulkova in a first set tiebreaker 7:6(7:4)!!!

    And second set 6-2! :thumbsup: Too bad that we couldn't see it :(

    As for Polish delegation - from the volleyball players I could spot only Mozdzonek, to be more presize - his head. It wasn't hard at all :D I had the feeling that Ignaczak every moment may appear from somewhere with his camera and make a little bit disorder :lol:

    And I don't know why, but all women who were wearing skirts and jackets were remindimg me of flight attendants. There were hundreds of flight attendents last night! :roll:

    Hello guys! :wavy:

    Hahaha, initally I didn't catch what's that "Cocek" in the title, but then I pushed the play button and everything became so clear all of a sudden! :lol: The only problem is that is still too early here in Bulgaria - it's only 18 h :rolll:
    On the other hand though, you already won your first medal and def have what to celebrate, so why not ... :D Nazdrave! :drink:

    Haha, I just watched a box match between an Argentinian and a Russian guy and Russian guy's name was Sergey Vodopiyanov :lol:

    We already have a quite big surprise in Men's 400m Individual Medley in swimming - Laszlo Cseh (vice champion from Beijing in this discipline) couldn't make it to the final.

    Btw, I see no commenting about the Opening Ceremony from yesterday. Didn't you like the goats and the other domestic animals? :D
    Serious, what is your opinion about Danny Boyle's work?

    As for the Parade of the Nations, Czechs just caught my eye! 8o Especially the boots were simply stunning :thumbsup:

    London's rain can't frighten the provident Czechs, hehe :D

    Pool A

    1 United Kingdom - Bulgaria 0-3
    3 Australia - Argentina 0-3
    5 Italy - Poland 2-3

    8 Poland - Bulgaria 3-1
    9 Italy - Argentina 3-1
    11 United Kingdom - Australia 1-3

    14 Australia - Bulgaria 0-3
    16 Poland - Argentina 3-0
    18 United Kingdom - Italy 0-3

    20 United Kingdom - Poland 0-3
    21 Australia - Italy 0-3
    23 Argentina - Bulgaria 3-1

    25 Australia - Poland 0-3
    27 Italy - Bulgaria 2-3
    28 United Kingdom - Argentina 0-3

    Pool B

    2 Russia - Germany 3-1
    4 United States - Serbia 3-1
    6 Brazil - Tunisia 3-0

    7 Serbia - Tunisia 3-0
    10 United States - Germany 2-3
    12 Brazil - Russia 3-1

    13 Serbia - Germany 3-2
    15 Russia - Tunisia 3-0
    17 Brazil - United States 3-1

    19 Germany - Tunisia 3-0
    22 Russia - United States 3-2
    24 Brazil - Serbia 2-3

    26 Russia - Serbia 3-1
    29 United States - Tunisia 3-0
    30 Brazil - Germany 3-1

    My favourite was the series that Volk chases Zajac and they go to a trolley car from the public transport. But the door closes just before Volk enters and his head is inside and his body is outside. Then starts the music from the song Дорогой Длинною :D I can't remember the title of the series.

    Ok, I just have to! :D

    :rolll: :rolll: :rolll:

    I never liked homeworks. So please don't give so much that I couldn't be able to check. After all, I promised, so I have to keep my promise. Damn, these promises! You know that the best kept word is the word not given :lol: I'll check them and even rate them but after a while ;)

    Here's a little classwork :D I don't remember anymore what I've posted and what I didn't so don't blame me if I repeat myself sometimes:

    The first is a great piece from a great film from a great director! The accordion...magic!

    I love such retro sound! From time to time I got into the mood for listening to that music! Gosh, I just remembered one little improvised female party with similar music, some red wine and...long colorful scarves ... :rolll:
    Ok, one greeting now:

    As for homeworks - I aslo hated them (as I think now, who doesn't :roll: ), so I'll be merciful ^^

    Ojla.. Muse.. Rossi.. look :!: New Inside Volley Forum Member is Cristiano Ronaldo :D

    I see the Chick with big exciting every time when They enter to forum and look to mail box- wrote to Me or not :lol:

    Oh, Bratek! :cheesy: Christiano Ronaldo is really awful to me! Me - absolutely NO like, bliak! :tzz:

    I really DO hate these reptiles! I could have never imagined that such low creatures exist!

    ;( ;( ;(

    Do you still remember me? ;)
    I've changed many things in my life and I'm going to come back to the forum soon. I intend to do this after Olympics or maybe a little bit earlier. See you soon! :)

    Wow, what a great news today! Welcome back, Konrad! :win: :drink: