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    As far as I know the federation wanted to dismiss the head coach of Croatia before the european championship in 2007, but then the players supported him and said that they wouldn't take a part in the competition if that happened, so the federation surrendred.I don' t know what has happened after that.That is all i know. :S

    GREAT FINAL! GREAT TRENTO! :win: Itas really deserved the title and just was the better team.Trento's players were amazing, especially in block, attack and serving.Piachenca are good but not as good as Trento and had no chance this evening.Fans of Itas who were in the hall in my opinion are the greatest supporters in Italy at the moment.I greet whole Trento team with all players and coaches, especially the head coach Rado Stoy4ev. This is his first title in Italian league but i hope it won't be the last one! :drink: Grbic, Matey and Vlado just were increddible in this match! :) Good words for all guys.

    I greet all Trento's fans here in the forum with Itas' first title :drink: and all Copra's of course :thumbup:

    the second match was really tough and really seemed as a final match.Trento made a lot of mistakes in the first two parts and in the tie break of course.They definately weren't so excited and high motivated as in the previous match but i think that they will be naxt champion.I'm sure that their audience will support them very tough on 7 may and they will win the title.From all I saw till now in my opinion they show better play than Piachenca and at the moment really are number one in Italian league.

    I hope that the last match will be significant, because the most important thing is good valleyball. :drink: For all real fans.

    About this match I think that Trento ( the team I support) was fabulous in block, especially Winarsky. Copra did only 1block against 14(i think) for Trento.That's just amazing. All the spikers were unstoppable in attack, congrats - for Matey, really good persents(73% i think!!)And if i have to be honest i expected much more from Piachenca.After the first game Simeonov had only 1 point from 8 in attack, which is very poor result.Good words only for Sergio and may be Bielica, the only people who were trying to do something on the court. I really hope although (i support Trento )that the next match will be much more interesting and with very good play from both teams, because In my opinion italian league deserves its great final battle!

    i greet whole Trento team and wish them good luck in the next match and to be next champion of course :drink:

    And I think that Winarsky deserved the MVP price, although all the players of Trento were great and it was really a hard choice!

    That's my male dream team:

    Setter:Zhekov / Grbic


    Receivers:Kaziyski,Cizolla(Winarski or Giba too)

    Middle Blokers:L.Kadziewich,A.Kuleshov,(L.Mastrangelo)

    Libero: Sergio