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    Congratz to all winners.

    Besiktas has problems with their players, as usual. Players do only weightlifting trainings but dont touch to ball for protesting the club. i m not sure but becz of these matters foreign players dont want to play.

    pretty interesting that besiktas did not let play their foreign players especially rhykliuk

    ideas are for discussing 8) Never think that i m disturbed with ur messages. ;)
    About Gizem, she was amazing with Galata but last year she wasn't so well. For this year i never say she s not a good libero. Gulden seems that she will not be with NT, Gizem must be first libero :teach: and i think about offer her to play Fener at the end of the season. 8)

    i just joke about Esra but for Serpil, it s interesting that u still think about her. She lost her chance for Eczaci but she has a chance for NT, no words 8)
    When we talk about Gökçen u said that experience is so importand, if it s, let's start with Elif, she has an enough experience ant she was the best 3. setter on 2006 :lol: Serpil still sits on bench. i dont remember that i say anything about Nihan but Songül is better than Serpil. i sometimes think that u have prejudices about some players. 8) Anyway, Serpil may has a potential to be a Yuko Sano :lol:

    i think Nalan Ural is on the central about this rumors and i also think that Nalan Ural was not correct decision for Eczaci, i always think this about her. She wasn't so succesfull with Vakif last year.
    Anyway, this two teams r on high sensitive position. They played on CL and first romurs were on that time. They met for an important game last week and they ll meet again at this weekend for Turkish Cup. They probably meet on semi-final for Turkish League Champion. They may offer after semi-final games on league becz at that time they ll be on final or they will be finished this season.

    This is the second time that Eczaci offers transfer to Vakif's player. Rumors says about Poljak, Gizem and Nilay. i dont know it s true or not but i dont think it s so normal. 2009-2010 season ended at May 6th 2010 and Neslihan signed with Eczaci at May 12th 2010 and she did not play well at last game. :what: Of course Eczaci has denied this rumors, they can not accept it. if this rumors r true, i think this is not so etic.
    i also cant imagine the reactions on this forum if Fener did it. 8)

    :) Come on, i think u watch enough volleyball and know about it. Gökçen looks asleep on the court and she plays worse than Özlem Özçelik, who is 40 years old. She did menaga it but this is not necessary now. With this logic, Elif must be first setter becz she was wonderfull at 2006 or Aysun Özbek must play as a MB. ;) Gökçen have to work harder for NT. There are so many MBs in our league like Melis, İpek, Ergül, Neşve.


    Galatasaray MP is playing the weakest volleyball in league as you know.No recievers therefore Arzu can't set well too and noone can show good performance in a spirtless team against a team like Eczacıbaşı VitrA :down: Therefore my opinion won't change about GÖkçen that she is a good blocker still :win: Don't forget that she has got the turkish block record with 9 stuff blocks against FBA 3 seasons ago :lol:

    This is not surprise for Deniz and Gökçen but i m not sure if they ll be on Turkish NT's roster or not. They generally do nothing but they travel with our NT, Italy and Serbia ll be good holiday for some players. :down: Gökçen may play as a libero like Japan 2010 :lol:

    in attack Erika played with 12%, Deniz with 11% and Gökçen with 14%. I love this team :rolll:

    @ Dear Starnight;
    if i m not wrong Gökçen is one ur candidade MB for NT ;) i also agree ur opinions about Italian coaches but i thought for a long time if Alle is Italion or not :)

    Ömer loves who i love :lol:
    I really like German girls, i mean NT^s player and their games.
    If it s true that Nalan Ural -Eczaci's menager- sended offers to 2 Vakif players, i think one of them is Nilay and she deserved to be first setter in any team.