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    The Euro 2019 qualifiers start today. 12 teams will join the 4 hosts and other 8 that qualified through the 2017 ECH. Here, we will be looking for 7 group winners and the 5 best runner-ups. How they are going to compare the groups of 3 teams with those with 4 is unclear to me. There is a way in in football, the matches against the bottom-places teams are not considered for this runner-ups ranking but I have no idea if that will be the case here.

    We start yet again another European Cups thread discussing a team that is said to withdraw from the European participation...

    Having won the Romanian league last season, Tricolorul Ploiesti suffered a significant budget cut and gave up their Champions League qualification berth. They applied for the Challenge Cup instead and now, with the financial problems deepening, they are said to have withdrawn from that tournament, too. I haven't read an international confirmation on this news yet, so I can't declare it official, but Ploiesti's Challenge Cup Qualification opponent, Levski Sofia from Bulgaria, are said to move automatically to the next round where there are Perungan Pojat Rovaniemi from Finland waiting.

    Let's see how that story unfolds and whether there will be other refusals.

    Sorry, maybe it is a stupid question and I have to update my knowledge..:gone:

    But why during the pool stage the four teams do not match all against each other? They face only two team, did thet change rules?

    Don't worry, it's not a stupid question at all :) It's very difficult to catch up with all FIVB's beach volley ideas, sudden tournament and general Tour changes.

    Yes, it is a new rule as of 2018. I don't know for sure what the idea really was, perhaps to reduce the number of matches and make every group match really count. Say, there are N1, N8, N9, and N16 seeds (seeded teams) in a group. Then there is something like direct semifinals N1 vs. N16 and N8 vs. N9. The winners play against each other to determine the group winner, that's usually the team to skip the first knock-out stage, whereas the winner among the losers advances to the actual first knock-out stage. If you lose twice in such a group, you are out. Mathematically, you are not out yet when you lose twice, taking the old system into consideration, of course, but it is so with the current one. I was never a fan of any combined ranking/table comparing teams that hadn't played against each other and I don't think too highly of this formula. But it doesn't seem to weird, to be honest, and probably makes the group matches a bit more interesting.

    Try CEV YouTube channel, I watched some matches there!😀

    The YouTube channel is supposed to stream live from the quarterfinals on, which means as of yesterday. I didn't see any live streams before that and I don't know if they streamed all female quarterfinals.

    Otherwise, not all favourites advanced to the Round of 16 in the men's bracket. Doppler-Horst (Austria) and Nicolai-Lupo (Italy) are the big names missing so far. They lost to Krou-Aye (France) and Heidrich-Gerson (Switzerland) respectively and both of those teams had only won once in the tournament before that. Which is quite an upset!

    Hmm, I think you are right. I cannot find a way to do it either. It surely isn't a big issue, though, and it seems like a software feature, to be honest. As an alternative, one can always start a post with a heading (don't know how it will look).

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    First, this a comment to test how the new forum works and how it renders new posts :)

    It is also a good opportunity to jump into the topic. Well, we surely can a learn a lot here, guys, but these are basic questions which any passionate volleyball fan should know.

    I will build on nnnneil0929's answer. Yes, usually OH1 is the offensive OH, whereas OH2 is touted as the defensive specialist. However, this is on paper. We've seen a lot of cases when their positions are swapped. Or when both OHs are equally good in receiving/attacking. There are lot of things in play here. A coach very often defines his starting rotation (yes, an OH can be placed anywhere in the starting formation) based on who won the toss, who serves first, how the opposition will start the match, what tactics the opposition used in the tournament/league so far, or who of his own OHs serves and will rotate to zone 1 (serving zone) as soon as possible. I've seen very often the case that if an OH is the best server in team, he will either start the match from zone 1 (in case his team loses the toss), or from zone 2 (in case his team will receive first) and then immediately go to the service line. Thus, it is mathematically assured that he will get as many serving chances as possible. I've seen cases (documented and confirmed by the coach himself) when the whole rotation has been accustomed to accommodate a team's best servers - an OH, an MB, and an OPP in that specific case. Hence, they are placed one after the other in the rotation, regardless of whether you name them OH1, MB1, or whatever.

    A coach might better confirm whether this is true for MBs, but they would often start with their best MB up front. If he is a good server, he may start directly from zones 2 or 3, for instance. If he is a good blocker, he might start from zone 4, for instance, and stay for the whole 3 rotations up front before moving to the service line. Which is where the libero replaces him in the back row after their team loses the service rally. Yes, the libero changes both serving MB, MB1 and MB2. But only the one who has just served.

    To sum up, there are ways for every coach to define his team's starting positions. There is a whole lot more than just placing your best players on OH1 and MB1, for instance. Depending on what they scouted and how he arranges players on court, he might gain a significant advantage during the game. It is for sure a tactical situation which looks different on senior level, but again it may vary from coach to coach and level to level.

    Question for Russian fans: I just read that Yakovlev is moving to a club in Bulgaria. What exactly happened there? I remember him being a huge talent for Russia and going to Bulgaria seems odd. No room for him in any of the Russian clubs?

    I would also like to read from a native user how the chance to play in Bulgaria is being treated in Russia. However, as a Bulgarian and as someone who has an overview of the Bulgarian league, I can say that this seems like a nice opportunity for young, talented Russians to gain experience. Of course, it all started with Lokomotiv Novosibirsk's school and the Bulgarian connection there, with Plamen Konstantinov as the head coach of the senior team and Georgi Petrov of the junior, respectively. The Bulgarian league, although surely not among the strongest leagues in Europe, but still on a decent middle European level, and Montana in particular, a title contender and a European Cups participant, were a great chance for both the setter Abaev and the opposite Klets to gain their first steps in senior volleyball. The experience they gained there and the European Cups exposure surely helped them in their development. Both were obviously scouted, surely more than they would have been had they stayed in Novosibirsk's second/junior team, and now Abaev signed with Poitiers, whereas Klets moves to Haching. The culture is very similar to the Russian, the language is similar, you get to play regular volleyball, and there you are - with a full season as a starter and another contract in a better league. I don't think this is bad for their development and they can, if they find vacancies, of course, always return to Russia.

    Hence, Dmitry Yakovlev's choice to join Neftochimik is not that weird. Neftochimik, however, have some strange ambitions and even stranger management, so I hope Yakovlev will withstand the pressure (to do well in the Champions League and then in Europe, when they get eliminated eventually in the last round by Chaumont, providing that they eliminate Vojvodina before that) and the expectations he will face there. And I hope he stays until the end of the season, unlike Oleksandr Statsenko last year who was only recruited for 2 months, I believe.

    I still haven't caught up with all the latest posts here but already spent some time cleaning the thread from all the physical appearance topics. Please, this is a warning and be reminded that this is a tournament thread and all appearance opinions and discussions should happen in another thread (General section -> Whatever-the-thread-for-sexiness-or-appearance-is). People come here to read about volleyball, so please respect that! I am not the only person who is fed up with appearance posts. It was never alright to spam with irrelevant matter!

    CEV have apparently planned new changes to the CL format as of 2018-2019. Source

    No more Final 4, eventually neutral final match host, no more hosts (if part of the competition) qualifying directly to the final(s). Seeded teams, guarenteed spots for stronger federations, fewer teams gaining access through the preliminary qualifiers. According to CEV, "this ranking reflects the investments and performances of all teams representing the same country in Europe’s elite competition." This is the first time where I see privileges based on, I am quoting, investments. Because 18 teams are said to directly make it to the 4th round, aka. the group stage, leaving thus only two remaning spots available through qualifiers, I question directly CEV's logic here: "As for the previous rounds, the level of competition will be fairer, thus increasing the chances for teams from the lower-ranked National Federations to progress to the 4th Round." On the contrary, teams from not-"investing" countries and lower-positioned federations will have fewer chances to reach the group stage.

    I liked the 2017-2018 format. The group stage of the tournament was mostly good, play-offs screened weaker teams but gave them European exposure and still allowed decent qualifiers to advance. Pity that this otherwise successful formula will now disappear after a life-span of 1 year.

    Definitely their easiest weekend so it makes sense to give those guys a bit of time off. Hopefully they don't drop an easy one

    I don't see how this weekend is easier than Week 2 (Brazil, Japan, Korea) and Week 3 (Canada, Australia, Germany).

    all matches of VNL will be streamed here:
    You may need german/austrian/swiss IP though........

    Yes, I saw that, too, but thanks for the hint anyway! However, I am still experiencing issues right now, the ARG-USA game is on and I can't get the stream started. Does Sportdeutschland work for anyone right now? I was also considering whether or not to pay FIVB this 20 euro for the entire tournament, but having found out about Sportdeutschland made me change my mind. Would it work, though?

    Bruno will be playing with Pedro Solberg, while Alison will play with... André. Yes, from the André/Evandro partnership, current world champions.

    I don't even know...
    Poor Evandro. Seems like André's decision took him by surprise.

    Hmm, so who's left for Evandro? That's really unfortunate.

    EDIT: source So, here is the deal explained. Evandro is pairing up with Vitor Felipe, it seems. George Wanderley and Guto are said to be looking for partners.

    Not sure where to post this, but the Alison/Bruno Schmidt duo (OG champions in Rio) have split.

    I would also post it here, it is fine as it is. But what happened and why? Who are their respective new partners?

    So, if Bruno is really going in direction Civitanova, why did he initiate the whole Stoychev-is-the-Devil circus just to get him fired? Both troublemakers left Modena, the club they so passionately loved and to which they declared their eternal love and loyalty. This is just ridiculous and unprofessional, in my opinion. And whereas we all know how the Ngapeth deal will end in Russia, I am very curious to see how long Bruno will feel "motivated" in Civitanova.

    Is there some background behind the setters' rotation between Lube and Modena?

    It's not the first time that Sokolov misses the NT season. It's a pity that Bulgaria NT has lost the most important player again.

    Has the Bulgarian volleyball federation ever discussed with Lube the timing of the surgery, for example, the beginning of the club season?

    The Federation surely not, perhaps only Konstantinov, but he already declared that he hadn't talked to Sokolov. It was partially Lube's, partially Sokolov's decision, as far as I know, to take painkillers in order to complete the club season and then undergo a surgery during the summer. I don't know when exactly the problem first occurred but it is obvious now in April-May that a surgery cannot be avoided and should be scheduled as soon as possible. Based on Sokolov's interviews in Sofia these days, he seemed totally aware and willing to sacrifice the NT season. Well, it isn't the first time that a player prefers the club paycheck to time with the NT. And whereas the Bulgarian NT might suffer from his absence, I still hope the duo Uchikov-Yordanov could deliver instead.