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    Do you know why Orduna spat on AA? Is it because of the tension incubated during the match, or because of AA’s verbal assault when the two sides shook hands?

    I would also like to know more about the case, if possible. Not because I care about such shallow-minded provocations, but because I just finished watching the highlights of the match on Monza's YouTube channel. You can take a look here.

    In the video, you can clearly see Atanasijevic provoking the opponents and arrogantly staring across the net in the 4th point of the match already! At the end of the match, right after Perugia's victorious block against Ghafour, you can also see a very ugly gesture by Ricci. I didn't watch the match, just this highlights video, don't know if there were or had been provocations from Monza, too, none of it justifies Orduna's reaction, of course, but maybe Perugia's players could've/should've received some more sanctions. Or if not by the federation afterwards, then by the referee for sure! Atanasijevic has proven many times that fair play is a very foreign concept to his characteristic. In fact, he should be shown a straight yellow card before the beginning of each match just for the sake of letting him know how things should work.

    Again, I am not defending Orduna in any case, but rather showing my disappointment that Atanasijevic is again involved.

    Roman Danilov kind of broke the system as he scored 53 points (7 aces, 68% attack efficiency) in a play-out match between his Arhavi Belediye and Afyon Yuntas. Stats

    Meanwhile, are the semis played in a best-of-3 format? In that case, Fenerbahce and Arkas made it to the final as they have a 2-0 advantage over Halkbank and Galatasaray, respectively.

    Finally, the league took advantage of DataVolley's projects and launched a separate, or at least a more detailed, statistics page, the same they use in Turkey. You can take a look here. It also has a separate section with team rosters which is the first ever complete set of players and their positions at one place apart from what I have tried to post here in the forum over the years. I haven't checked all rosters, yet the ones I did looked alright and finally correct and thorough. I know this is a small thing that normal leagues have had for granted, but it is a huge step ahead for the Bulgarian league and especially its governing body.

    Otherwise, yesterday was the first of the best-of-5-series final matches between the new Cup holders and regular season winners Hebar from Pazardzhik and the defending champions with recently recruited NT players from Neftochimik 2010 Burgas. The score was 3-1 for the visitors from Burgas, here is the stats sheet. Today is the second match in Pazardzhik before they move for the next 2 games to Burgas (if two are needed).

    You gotta give credit where credit is due! I was away and couldn't watch anything yesterday, yet Juantorena's numbers against Skra are insane! 12 points, 11 serves (no aces but no errors either), 7 perfect receptions, and 92% attack efficiency! I like to post such numbers because they don't come often. Although far from his prime, the guy is still a great player.

    It's high time Lube won something! Whether the Italian League in a re-match against Perugia or now the Champions League in a re-match against Zenit, these lads shouldn't leave empty-handed this time around. You can't just waste so many chances... Berlin is still a month away and they both have domestic play-offs scheduled until then, but exactly because of results in recent years Lube's chances against the Russians will probably be determined on how confidently they finish the season in Italy.

    Welcome back! I thought you quit forever but here you are again :)

    A nice choice for the Croatian NT! Unfortunately, Croatia didn't make it to the ECH (after a weak performance in the qualifiers, finishing at the bottom of their group), so they only have the European Golden League in the summer. And they have pretty solid opponents there in the likes of Spain, Estonia, and the Netherlands. Still, Zanini works quite well with youngsters and is a top coach overall, so there is hope for Croatian volleyball.

    The 2019 African continental club championship started today. Here is the draw and the list of previous winners:

    Pool A: Al Ahly (EGY), AS INJS (CIV), Police IV (BOT), Mugher (ETH), Ahly T (LBA)

    Pool B: Smouha (EGY), Gisagare (RWA), Christian (UGA), Gendemarie (MAD), El Etihad (LBA),

    Pool C: Swehly (LBA), Rukinzo (BDI), Wolaita (ETH), Prisons (KEN), VC Espoir (COD), FAP (CMR)

    Pool D: GSU (KEN), University (ZIM), AS FAG (GUI), Mwangaza (COD), Nemo Stars (UGA), Asaria (LBA)

    And the schedule.

    Funny thing, Libya seems to have 3 representatives, whereas the hosts Egypt only 2. Also, no teams from Tunisia and Algeria, the only two other countries apart from Egypt with clubs which have won the continental title... Even Morocco is not represented... Perhaps someone knows why.

    Brazilian teams have made more internal changes and exchange of partners than wins recently. Alison and Andre Loyola split up after the Qatar Open last week. The decision came allegedly from Andre who wasn't satisfied with their results so far. Now, Andre Loyola will pair up with George Wanderley, whereas Alison will play alongside the defensive specialist Alvaro Filho.

    Rome has been announced as the organizer of the 2021 Beach Volleyball World Championship. Source: FIVB

    This will be the second WCH in Rome after the one in 2011. Rome will also host the 2019 World Tour Finals in September, 4 - 8.

    To me, the most interesting encounter last night was not in the Champions League but rather in Monza. Pity that no one wrote anything here or that perhaps only few watched it.

    Neither Belogorie nor Monza played their best volleyball yesterday but the match was spectacular nevertheless, with Monza clearly coming close to their best. Both Dzavoronok and Plotnytskyi played and it changed Orduna's distribution accordingly, leaving the opposite Ghafour with fewer balls than the two OHs. I really fancy this year's Monza team, their style is kind of a mixture between old school and modern volleyball. Old school because of the OHs' distribution at times and Plotnyskyi in particular (his style, jump, and overall technique), and still modern due to the great speed at times and Orduna's distribution (pipes, change of pace, etc.). Dzavoronok, to me, the MVP of the match, finished with great numbers.

    Belogorie will mostly be remembered in Monza for the provocative behaviour which came in larger parts from Gutsalyuk and Petric. Both were constantly staring arrogantly through the net without an apparent reason. I had never seen Slobodan Kovac get so angry so often in a match, you could sense/see things didn't work they way he had planned. Belogorie are rather shaky and often unimpressive this season, especially in Russia, and the eventual victory in the Challenge Cup could've partially provided some consolation to the season. Now, having lost to pretty much the only real contender (not counting the nail-biting Golden Set in Lisbon against Benfica), this also seems in danger. I just don't quite like the roster, to start with. Poroshin, surprisingly receiving a NT call this year, is a rather boring, straight-forward, predictable setter without much imagination. To be able to win with him, you would need strong attack reinforcements. Muserskiy, however, is gone, and none of Gutsalyuk, Safonov, and Khanipov is actually something special. They are all just average, back-up option MBs who can still make a difference in Europe but clearly not in the Superleague. Let's move on to the opposite. Zemchenok is not even a top one. The guy would fit a middle-/bottom-ranked team way more, like Nova, Ugra, Yenisei, for instance. He barely even reaches the 50% attack mark and I see him as one of the worst that has performed in Belogorie. Naturally, Perrin and Petric are supposed to carry Belogorie on their shoulders. Whereas I have doubted Petric's overall greatness over the years, I will leave my opinion about him aside and state that the guy is not in his best form. Apart from staring across the net, Petric did relatively fine yesterday, also from the service line, but he and the only really reliable option in attack Perrin just weren't enough. Petric and Perrin have a height advantage over Plotnytskyi and Orduna at the net which will be used again in the return leg where Belgorod have to step up in order to unbalance the better-organized defensively Monza. It should also be a great second match, I am looking forward to watching it.

    Anastasi must put the exact same amount of analysis of this 4th set as he had done preparing his side for the match in Kazan if he wants his lads to move anywhere forward as a team. This was an extremely "green" way of throwing away a semifinal spot! Now Gdansk would need an even greater miracle in order to win 2 tie-breaks, in the best case. I couldn't watch much of the previous 3 sets so far, I don't know if Muzaj kept scoring like crazy but his last 3 actions in the 4th set (missed serve, 2 attacks out) showed he broke down under pressure. If I were Heynen, I would seriously consider another back-up for Kurek.

    Zenit used to have Leon to get them out of such situations, now Gdansk did a Leon themselves. It is a very overweight Zenit side, you should agree, with Ngapeth, Alekseev, and Alekno Jr.

    Russian teams will continue their domination in European Championship League.

    Possibly, but not as convincingly as they used to. In fact, Russian teams might win the next few editions of the Champions League, if that's what you refer to by European Championship League, or maybe European Cups in total, but so far this season they clearly don't dominate. It started almost last season where, although the best team in the world back then with Leon, Zenit had to heavily rely on the Cuban to steal the CL title at home from Lube. With Leon changing sides this season, the deck has been reshuffled, putting Italy back into competition. I also think the Russian league has/had been the strongest one for some years, something that not everyone agrees with and it's totally fine, however, with Leon's transfer and the all-Italian final at the Club WCH things look differently for the Russians this season. Zenit's CL march will show if they are still the best team out there, whereas Belogorie, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, and Dinamo Moscow have been weakened or have been performing quite average. The fresh air comes from Fakel, Kuzbass, and Zenit SP, but we saw how dependent Zenit SP can be on Camejo or Grozer, whereas Kuzbass couldn't even reach the much expected CEV Cup final against Trentino, losing to an otherwise unimpressive Galatasaray side. Belogorie struggled but overcame Poitiers, who have trouble in the French league, yet they are not clear favourites against Monza who are in a similar position in the Italian league (both ranked 5th or 6th right now).

    To sum up, the Italians handled the competition from Russia quite well this season. The Russian and Italian teams are still the best in Europe, of course, but as of this season we can no longer talk about Russian domination. Which doesn't mean they won't win a trophy somewhere or that they can't dominate all tournaments in, say, 2 years, but European Cups and the Champions League in particular are no longer a walkover for the Russians.

    The second big event in 2019 and the first one with most/all of the world's best teams is being played right now in Doha, Qatar. A good tournament so far. Most of the rotations between players happened in the Brazilian teams and it seems they will need more time to stick together. A complete fiasco for all Brazilian pairs, only 2 had won their preliminary pools and both got eliminated in the Round 2, leaving Brazil entirely unrepresented in the quarterfinals. The Grimalt cousins with another good start into a season, having also won last week's 3-star Sydney Open.

    I couldn't watch anything yesterday apart from the second set in Belchatow. Which wasn't great at all. But looking at the stats sheets now, you can't ignore the direct correlation (obvious one, of course, noted many times over the past few seasons) between Leon and his team's performance. Leon with 19 serves against Chaumont, 11 errors and no aces! He contributed to almost half of Perugia's combined 26 serve errors. It is clear based on just this fact why they struggled from a technical perspective, but it is still pity Chaumont couldn't push for something more than a five-set defeat.

    1. Then what is the main point? It is EXACTLY the participation of all teams (through qualification) that should guarantee the best representatives (from each continent) reach the final round WHERE intercontinental matches take place in order to determine the world champion. Diversity is something you can ignore in a smaller, commercial tournament (VNL, World Cup, etc.). I would even argue that you can ignore diversity in an Olympics tournament where you only have 12 teams anyway, but this is just my opinion. Furthermore, 2 slots allocated for each continent, no matter the size, is obviously wrong. You can't expect South America, with 10 countries in total, some of those probably without volleyball at all, to have the same number as Asia or Europe. Even if we forget that, 2 teams from 4 continents and 16 from Europe, for instance, in theory, is not a WCH but an expanded ECH plus a few guests.

    2. This is not what will happen because you have a separate qualification process. You either take the continental tournament (not qualifier), be it ECH, SACH, ACH, etc., as a qualifier (which will be alright and, as discussed many times here, is perfect as a re-establishment of those continental events) or create separate tournaments to which you allow ALL teams to participate. I would like the first option, but probably the latter will be applied. Now you would say the continental championship results will be taken into account when inviting certain teams for the alleged qualifiers, granting only 2 slots, but the rankings comprise of other (intercontinental) tournaments, too, not just the continental ones. Which brings us back to the point that smaller nations or those which are behind in, pretty much, the FIVB World Ranking, won't even participate. This is a problem.

    There is no perfect system, I agree, but the proposed one offers more problems than solutions, to me at least. The WCH is a tournament of the best teams and, in fact, the only tournament where you HAVE the best teams in the world. The only discussion was whether Africa should get 3 slots instead of 2, whether their slot should've been given to, let's say South America, and whether NORCECA deserves 5. But 1-2 slots in 24-team format can be disputed without hindering all teams across federations from qualification and then watching the very best in the finals.

    Weren't you happy with the teams at the 2014 and 2018 WCH, for instance? You said we didn't have all the best teams out there but, in fact, we did! I don't see why we should change the format then.

    An update regarding the fraudulent and alarmingly misleading content on Wikipedia which may have made some of our users here "pundits" and invent new titles. The Wikipedia article referred above (here) has a Low priority on Wikipedia, it's already been marked as incorrect and reported before. There is also a discussion on the Talk tab. Wikipedia were nevertheless notified again today, I hope they react accordingly.

    This is the correct article listing all medal winners here.

    Can you elaborate why you think this is a bad system. I find it quite fair to be honest.

    I don't engage anyone with my criticism, I'll just explain why this is a bad qualification process from my point of view. I don't know how the continental qualifiers will look like but will try to make an educated guess.

    Russia and Poland are set. Then we have continental tournaments with the two best of each zone qualifying. Before, we had quotas, like 10, or 5 for a continent, meaning that there will be a lot of groups and each nation, sometimes via different rounds, had the right to participate. With the FIVB limiting the berths to 2, I doubt there will be the old system with a lot of groups and, say, 30-40 participants per zone. I guess they will again use some ranking to determine who gets invited, as has been the trend for a few years now. It makes sense to have 40 countries (Europe or Asia) when there are 10 or 5 berths, but not any longer when there are only 2. I just think here they will apply the Olympic qualification method inviting a maximum of 8 or 10 teams according to a ranking. This is the part with my educated guess where I fear it won't be fair to all participants.

    Let's imagine USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, France, Serbia, Iran, Australia, Egypt, Tunisia get these 10 tickets. Then, we have only a holy number of 24 teams allowed to fight for the remaining 12. Correct, they will surely be assigned according to an international ranking. Will all continents be represented here? How? Is it only the next 24 not-qualified teams per the FIVB ranking that get invited? Will they be seeded per continents or we can have Asian and European groups? This will most probably bring down things to form and not continental quotas anymore, with the best teams grabbing the tickets regardless of continent. It may end up in a predominantly European WCH, for example, leaving North America and Asia with only 2 participating teams (and theoretically, Africa and South America). This might be left to pure chance, won't be an even distribution and totally not the point of a WCH! I guess they won't allow it, though.

    My 2 main points against this system are:

    1. Intercontinental rounds are the essence of the WCH itself, not (main part of) the qualifiers. The best teams across all continents should be there, not the best in shape. This new system might guarantee better teams or more European teams, for instance, but doesn't guarantee diversity. Which is what a WCH is. And this is the largest (in terms of participants) international volleyball event, after all.

    2. Not all teams will have the chance to fight for a WCH spot. I fear only a limited number of teams in Asia, Africa, and Europe will participate in the continental qualification round.

    Maybe it's just me. I don't understand what the problem is/was with the normal qualification system.

    One last time, it won't matter what teams they all send to an INVITATIONAL tournament to which you don't qualify (why will Italy, Australia, Iran participate, for instance?) when they play a series of friendly games for no apparent meaningful title, no Olympic berths, no recognition, but just a bunch of ranking points. You said several times you don't understand it, then we can't and won't help you. It costs, by the way, much more to organize such a massacre rather than to just travel around. And yes, teams will get the chance to play a series of competitive friendlies and will send A or B teams respectively. Big deal.

    Attention, attention, we have a new boss in town ordering people to leave, comment or not comment on posts/threads! That's not something you decide! Bear with different opinions than yours! Write whatever you want regarding the tournament, no problems, consider whichever teams you want for whatever titles, but some will ignore you for the apparent lack of volleyball knowledge and credibility.

    It's not about Wikipedia, you clearly got that, but rather such a fraudulent page in general related to volleyball. I will bring up the issue to Wikipedia/FIVB as to what is considered a world champion and what just a World Cup winner. By the way, the page was created at the end of 2018, so you clearly can't pretend for authenticity or prolonged validity.

    Users have the right to react when they see something wrong, troubling or worth discussing. It doesn't necessarily have to do with the tournament itself. Mods/admins might interrupt for the same reason, that's the idea of a forum. It's rarely a discussion out of boredom. And even if it was, what is the problem? There is no problem in discussing things you might not care about or not watch. We might still waste time in October by watching some matches, be it with new faces or not, as I stated my preferenes earlier. Everyone has the right to define what is meaningless and what not. Hell, even federations do that.

    The first description is correct to most of the world but not to some folks here keep saying World Cup is "completely meaningless".

    As I know, China takes World Cup very seriously as they got their first World Champion title in 1983 which is the 3nd edition of World Cup.

    The description might have been correct BEFORE the FIVB decided to leave the Olympic berths out of it. Which makes it a meaningless tournament NOW, if you haven't understood the discussion until now.

    Some European users are pathetic. I'm sorry your precious Bulgaria is not eligible to compete, because they can't even make it out of Europe:D World Cup has always been a prestigious tournament, and World Cup winners have always been seen as world champions.

    Check Wikipedia, will ya?…olleyball_World_Champions

    The importance of an annual tournament isn't the same as a QUADRENNIAL tournament, capisce?

    I just checked the link, had never imagined anything like this existed :D This is plain wrong! I can also write in Wikipedia. Does it mean if I write something it becomes valid automatically? Here, take a look at my argument here.

    Even in that list at the bottom of each gender table there is a separate column for the WCH and the World Cup, which we could live with. The sum (#) as an additional column is so forged that I won't even bother mentioning.