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    Can anyone, please, explain what is happening with Knack Roeselare this summer? They already sold Contreras, Freriks, Ogurcak, Hardy.... Why is one of the coolest teams tearing apart?

    Yeah, Ricardo is fantastic, Zagumny as well, they are all world-class. I don't quite agree that Zhekov plays slower balls, but he is sometimes predictable :) Good luck to the Polish NT, they disappointed a lot in Estonia, I hope that theyqualify for Beijing so that Bulgarian NT is not alone on the road to the gold :)

    In my opinion, the dream team should be:

    S: Nikola Grbic

    O: Ivan Miljkovic

    MB: Gustavo Endres, Joao Jose

    OH: Matey Kaziyski, Giba

    L: Sergio

    SUBS: Ricardo Garcia, Clayton Stanley, Andrey Egorchev, Michal Winiarski, Dante Amaral

    :D hahaha, you definitely know Bulgarian, I am very surprised!

    My favourite setters are Zhekov and Nikola Grbic! Yours?

    Welcome to the forum, I think you will like it as much as I do!

    Plamen Konstantinov has not yet confirmed about a move to EA Patron, though I also think it is highly probable! About Trento, they already signed Tsvetan Sokolov - one of the most promissing young players, and a replacement for Nikola Grbic - Lukasz Zygadlo. I also heard that Marcus Nilsson will leave Iraklis to play for Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, but it has not been confirmed so far....

    Hello everyone!

    I am Yavor from Bulgaria! I would like to briefly ontroduce myself as a new user in Inside-Volley. I am presently a freshman student at Jacobs University Bremen. I adore volleyball as you all do. I have played professionally as a setter for 3,5 years back at home for my hometown club Lukoil Neftochimic Bourgas. Currently, I play in a regional Bremen volleyball league along with my university team. The team is very nice and, in fact, is almost completely from the Balkans. The level is not professional though, we are considered semi-pros :) We also participate annually in Eurosportland Milan - European universities' games. I understood about the forum via watching volleyball on YouTube. I know quite a lot about men's volleyball. Unfortunately, I do not follow and do not know much about women's.

    I hope to have fun with you guys!