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    They have certainly elevated the game. It really is a shame they had that let down for the gold at the world championships- but they could still go for most record wins in a season and tie the Brazilians if they win Rome.

    Indeed. This is probably the defeat they will regret for the rest of the season. However, credit due where credit is due, there was a spectacular German team playing in front of a home crowd in the semifinal. Wickler was in the form of his life in Hamburg. There was another nuance to that semifinal outcome which I mentioned in the WCH thread. There was a massive, not sanctioned carry in favour of the Germans towards the end of the decisive tie-break which, unfortunately, also played a small role. But let's see how the Finals in Rome will unfold.

    Announcing Mol-Sorum's World Tour wins seems like a copy-paste action already :D It reminds me of the time Ricardo-Emanuel used to dominate international beach volleyball. One of the game's best players, Alison, looked helpless throughout most of the final match in Vienna yesterday. The Brazilians had a very good week in Austria and yet they lost quite convincingly in straight sets (-11, -17 , if I am not mistaken) against the reigning and probably future World Tour champions from Norway. These two are truly something special!

    Brazil won the 2019 Hubert Wagner Memorial after what seems like a pretty solid performance. Any videos/highlights/excerpts of any of the games? Only Poland, who finished second, could grab a set against Brazil. Yoandy Leal was the tournament's MVP. The rest of the award winners:


    Meanwhile, Italy with two 3-0 wins against Belgium in Bari.

    The hosts will be Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, and Novosibirsk. Two further host cities will be announced later. I guess that makes 10 gyms/cities in total, in case Moscow, for instance, hosts with only one.

    Kemerovo and Yaroslavl are the last two hosts.

    Friends of mine attended the matches on the last 2 days. Thanks to Bulgaria reaching the later stages and then also the big final, the sports hall was full and the atmosphere was said to be great for that level. Unfortunately, they also told me that one of the teams made a very bad impression during the final when they provoked the audience. I hope these kids will grow to be better people and players.

    On the link below you can watch highlights of the gold medal match on Dailymotion.

    France are the deserved winners in Sofia! Bulgaria beat Poland in the semifinals and grabbed the only set France lost during the tournament (in the final) but the French team were simply superior. Poland with the bronze after a straight-set victory against the Czech Republic.

    Individual awards:

    Best libero: Enzo Blanc (FRA)

    Best middle blocker: Szymon Gorowski (POL)

    Second best middle blocker: Tomas Bukacek (CZE)

    Best Outside Hitter: Vladimir Garkov (BUL)

    Second Best Outside Hitter: Hilir Henno (FRA)

    Best Opposite: Georgi Tatarov (BUL)

    Best Setter: Anatole Chaboissant (FRA)

    Most Valuable Player: Nathan Canovas (FRA)


    Semifinals are set for tomorrow. Bulgaria didn't show motivation against France and will now have to face Poland, whereas France will battle the Czech Republic. I have only watched very brief parts of some matches in Pool I, so I can't say anything about the level overall or about particular teams and players, but my bet for the gold medal match would be Poland vs. France, the two group winners.

    As expected, Pool II is a lot more interesting. This Russian team has been struggling in Sofia, whereas Portugal are the pleasant surprise of the tournament so far, causing Italy's only defeat. Italy have Russia and Greece on the horizon, so theoretically they have every chance of making it to the semis. I don't know if Portugal are capable of grabbing more points, but it would be difficult for them to finish among the top 2. The match on the last day between the Czech Rep. and Poland may secure the last semifinalist.

    In Pool I, only Turkey seemed able to challenge France and the host Bulgaria. Turkey came back from a 2-set deficit but eventually lost in the tie-break against Bulgaria, tomorrow is their last chance to reach the medals when they play France.

    Otherwise, some notable parents attended Hristo Botev sports hall (Pool I). Vlado Nikolov and Hubert Henno met at the stands as their sons, Alexander (OH) and Hilir (OH) represent Bulgaria and France, respectively. Erik Stoev is the son of Bulgaria's head coach Martin Stoev. In the Romanian team, Cristian-Daniel Chitigoi comes from a volleyball family, too, with his father Cristian Chitigoi being a former Romanian NT member (his mother is a former Bulgarian volleyball player). There are one Kedzierski and one Sliwka in the Polish team, but I don't know if they are related to the more known Polish players with these surnames.

    A highly contested men's final at the Universiade. I watched parts of the full replay, there was trash talk towards the end, emotions clearly played a role. Giulio Pinali with a key performance for Italy.


    Italy - Poland 3-2 (16-25, 25-20, 22-25, 25-23, 15-10 ) stats


    France - Russia 0-3 (18-25, 20-25, 22-25) stats

    Both semifinals and the medal matches are on YouTube.

    I am jumping in quite late with the thread but decided to have a section about it anyway. No one else started anything, so let me make up for it on the last day of actions in the volleyball tournament.

    4 of the big favourites, teams taking it more seriously and sending some professional players that it, reached the semifinals. Here are the stats, the bronze medal match is being played as I write.

    Poland - Russia 3-2 (25-21, 25-15, 19-25, 18-25, 17-15) stats

    France - Italy 0-3 (16-25, 21-25, 18-25) stats

    Congratulations to a very motivated, focused, and talented Polish team! Heynen did some miracle again, he just can't help it! Such a big upset for the Brazilian ambitions to get beaten by Poland's B team. That Brazil weren't unbeatable was clear, but their reception problems with the duo Lucarelli-Leal were obvious. Still, they both can make up for it in attack, so one needs a good blocking performance and/or selfless defending, the way Poland did and usually all of Heynen's teams do. It's still not a game over for Brazil, of course, they will play differently against Iran. I have a feeling that maybe Brazil were overconfident of beating this Polish line-up, so we can't say they showed their real faces yesterday. It is very important to have this game in mind the next time someone faces Brazil in a big match, some of the tactics should be well exploited. Prandi surely watched the match, although the quality, style, confidence, readiness, and overall depth of his squad is quite different from Heynen's. Perhaps only Poland and Russia (partially Brazil and France, too, because of their style) nowadays can pull out such a performance with their B line-ups. I hope more back-ups and youngsters play with the fervor Poland showed, though.

    Marcin Komenda is not a new name to the initiated volleyball audience. He did a fine job yesterday, surely good enough for someone filling gaps in the Polish NT, given their decision to rest key players. However, I am concerned as to whether he will develop more than that. He had a lot of inaccuracies, the game was full of tips and bad sets, also on the Brazilian side. Komenda is a "safe choice" setter, meaning he doesn't take many risks or set some unpredictable balls too often. He is surely not a game changer, although his style of mistakes reduction and simplicity works most of the time and fits Heynen's ideology perfectly (Heynen constantly rants about making as few mistakes as possible). I forgot that he is only 23 years old, had been watching him for some time already and I may have been deceived by his older, mature look. Well, I am glad for his contribution this year and will be curious whether he can gain more consistency in his setting, for his style seems pretty much outlined already.

    VfB Friedrichshafen are said to have completed their roster for the 2019-2020 season. New names are Nehemiah Mote (Australian NT, MB, 26 years old, 204 cm, Volley Amriswil (SUI)), Joe Worsley (USA, S, 22 years old, 185 cm,Hawaii University), Brendan Schmidt (USA, MB, 24 years old, 206 cm, Dinamo Bucharest), Tomas Krisko (Slovakian NT, OH, 30 years old, 202 cm, UNTREF Voley (ARG)), Martti Juhkami (Estonian NT, OH, 31 years old, 195 cm, Tourcoing Lille Metropole), Nikola Gjorgiev (FYROM NT, OPP, 30 years old, 197 cm, Sakai Blazers Osaka (JPN)), Anton Menner (Austrian NT, OH, 24 years old, 194 cm, VK Ostrava). As far as I know, the new head coach should be the Austrian Michael Warm who returns to the Bundesliga.

    Alex Grozdanov (Bulgarian NT, MB, 21 years old, 206 cm, Greenyard Maaseik) returns to Consar Ravenna.

    Calcit Kamnik, the second best Slovenian side for years, have started an ambitious project and have already recruited Boyan Yordanov (Bulgaria, OPP, 36 years old, 197 cm, Panathinaikos Athens) and Milos Hebda (Poland, OH, 28 years old, 208 cm, Trefl Gdansk). Meanwhile, their MB Saso Stalekar (Slovenian NT, MB, 23 years old, 214 cm, Calcit Kamnik) will join Hypo Tirol AlpenVolleys Haching.

    Blake Scheerhoorn (Canada, OH, 23 years old, 202 cm, Nantes Reze Metropole) expands the Canadian presence at the German SVG Luneburg.

    Jori Mantha (Canada, OH, 26 years old, 192 cm, ACH Volley Ljubljana) joins WWK Volleys Herrsching.

    The newly converted Italian Dick Kooy (Italy/Netherlands, OH, 31 years old, 202 cm, Dinamo Moscow) has signed with Gas Sales Piacenza. The other OHs there are Yudin, Botto, and Berger. The newcomers have gathered an experienced group of players, they have Gabriele Nelli, too. Hopefully, they will be able to at least stay in the league, let's see if they can even fight for a play-off spot.

    Bradley Gunter (Canadian NT, OPP, 25 years old, 200 cm) stays at Hebar Pazardzhik for another season. They have a higher budget this season and are now the main title contenders. New recruits include Georgi Bratoev (Bulgarian NT, S, 31 years old, 203 cm, Neftochimik 2010 Burgas), Lyubomir Agontsev (Bulgaria, S, 31 years old, 190 cm, Neftochimik 2010 Burgas), and Todor Aleksiev (Bulgaria, OH, 36 years old, 204 cm, Olympmiacos Piraeus).

    Let me post this cool photo bomb here :)


    I could only watch highlights from the semifinals on and didn't have impression of how either Egypt or Chile did in Ljubljana. Now that I checked the stats and saw the Egyptian roster, I have to ask how bad Ahmed Salah was. I mean, the guy used to be one of the great opposites out there and still is a decent player, last week he scored 4 points in 2 sets against Belarus and 4 in almost 5 sets against Cuba! If stats sheets are correct that is, for the initial players lists with their respective roles are often ridiculously wrong. Egypt got unlucky with the two lost tie-breaks but I guess they underperformed altogether.

    This is exaggeration , this is mostly what happened last year not this year.

    this year it seems they just kept the players for 4 hours and then let them go. still that's not the best way to welcome your guests but we can't expect more from the Americans. while our federation made a story out of it, from what I heard most of team members were fine with that (mostly because they had worse experiences from such trips to USA)

    It still seriously questions the choice of a host by FIVB! Impeding the arrival of any visiting team is not really a sign of a great sports organizer.

    By the way, does anyone have an idea about why the heck half of the Chilean team has a sir name Parraguirre?:what: Are they all related or is it just a very common sir name in Chile?:teach:

    I already asked the same thing back in 2015, the answer was given to us by Leonardo.D at the time:

    The ones who play beach volleyball are Marco and Esteban. They arent twin brothers, they are cousins. They were trained by their uncle, Rafael, the Grimalt who is playing this tournment as setter&captian.
    Btw, the 3 players whose surname is Parraguirre are brothers. :wavy:

    As you can see, volleyball and beach volleyball is a family affair in Chile :) Brothers and cousins everywhere :D

    Europe would just need 1 more place. Nobody really cares about Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia... Germany without Grozer is another mediocre team, Bulgaria is just aimless and Slovenia was trendy 3 years ago but now they don't play that well anymore.

    Ha, if that post had come from a troll, you would be getting a warning already! What a bunch of nonsense! And all this arrogance coming from an Argentinian - a country with 1 or 2 bronze medals in the entire history of international volleyball! Argentina have very often been to tournaments just because there were quotas for South America to fill. For your information, when there was volleyball in Bulgaria and West/East Germany, Argentina knew only about football (brought there by Europeans but that's a different story). So treat the rest of the teams in the world with the respect they deserve! Maybe you don't care about Europe or the European teams/quotas but a knowledgeable volleyball user, especially here, would find their presence in a major competition interesting, no matter in what form or whether in crisis. The same way I, for instance, have enjoyed the young and less dangerous Argentinian squad from 12-14 years ago or the super exciting Venezuelan team from the 2006 WCH/2008 Olympics. Even Cuba and Mexico in the last Olympics, they are not to blame that they got a chance to be there.

    So yes, there are people who care even if you don't. Also, relax, you probably won't watch many "boring" European teams anyway because the format won't allow them to be there.

    Congrats to team Russia! A great tournament for them! Oleg Stoyanovskiy beat the record set by Andre Loyola 2 years ago in Vienna and is now the youngest ever world champion. Krasilnikov has been one of the top defenders in the Tour and now finally won a major title in his career. Russia also won the World Championship for the first time, beating their previous best - silver by Kolodinsky-Barsouk in 2007.

    As the podium was all European, the European Championship next month in Moscow promises to be really interesting.

    The World Championship started already! Carambula-Rossi have entered the competition in the last minute, following the travel issues of the 45th-seeded Kamara-Bangura from Sierra Leone. The Italians will take their place in Pool D.

    And as is often the case, late arrivals usually do great. Carambula-Rossi enjoyed a great tournament and reached the quarterfinals.

    Great beach volleyball in the semis yesterday. The "giant killers", as Thole-Wickler are now known due to their impressive run against much more decorated pairs in the tournament, did the unthinkable and eliminated the super favourites from Norway. Although, I have to admit, I think there was a brutal referee mistake at 12-11 in the tie-break. The 24th point was granted to the hosts but it was a massive carry. Still, it doesn't diminish the amazing job the Germans had done. I thought Norway were still in control of that tie-break, but Wickler was decisive with his aces.

    Speaking of aces, this is one of the greatest weapons of Oleg Stoyanovskiy. The Russians are tough to beat when the offensive specialist serves like that. They should've even closed the first semifinal in straight sets but an unpredictable blackout by Krasilnikov brought, I think, 5 points in a row for the Americans and helped them reach the decider. Bourne-Tr. Crabb may not be the most spectacular team out there, or even in the semis, but they have had a very decent season, so their WCH placement should not be touted as a real surprise.