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    Is there a way to watch the matches live? I know there are some streams on youtube but they don't always work for me..

    Difficult to say. I am only doing fine because I got FIVB's special package where you pay once for the VNL, the BVB WCH, the Olympics qualifiers, the World Cup, and the Club World Cup altogether. It was a good deal, I believe. No idea how the situation with the live streams looks like, though.

    Polish newspaper reported that Silviano Prandi removed 6 players from NT, these names are: Bratoev brothers, Nikolay Uchikov, Vlasidlav Ivanov, Nikolay Nikolov and Teodor Todorov. Reason were bad relations between coach and players.

    That was the initial information, correct. However, Teodor Todorov is in the wide list of players Prandi will practice with and choose from for the Olympic qualifer. The list:

    S: Seganov, Stankov, D. Dimitrov

    OPP: Sokolov, Parapunov, Kadankov

    OH: Skrimov, N. Penchev, R. Penchev, Atanasov, Shekerdzhiev, G. Petrov

    MB: Yosifov, Gotsev, Todorov, A. Grozdanov, Georgiev

    L: Salparov, M. Ivanov, Karakashev

    Prandi knows best what the form and the motivation of his players are, hence I trust his judgement. He has introduced some important players to the NT during his previous tenure (Sokolov and Yosifov, for instance), or retired those he didn't need (Konstantinov). I know that his vision is not just the qualifier in Varna but also the next 1-2 seasons. A squad rejuvenation is not the worst idea ever. However, Seganov alone is clearly not enough, Bulgaria will struggle on that position. Nikolov might've helped, too, although his constant injuries could've created trouble. Obviously, Prandi needs 3 new faces to test more intensively during the next month. Petrov doesn't have enough experience and will surely be cut off. Dimitrov was never a great setter, so his selection is a slight surprise (I hope he gets cut off, too). And we arrive to the greatest surprise of the year for the NT - Kadankov. Why the hell Prandi called up the useless, long-forgotten freaking Kadankov?!? A guy who never was a decent volleyball player. The only reason is for Prandi to test him, but why Kadankov? Not that he has a chance of replacing Parapunov, but still...

    The reasons for the decision to cut the more experienced ones are said to be purely sports-technical. I don't think there are issues inside the team.

    The 2019 Challenger Cup participants are clear and the draw for the tournament in Ljubljana, Slovenia, looks like this:

    Pool A

    23px-Flag_of_Slovenia.svg.png Slovenia

    23px-Flag_of_Turkey.svg.png Turkey

    23px-Flag_of_Chile.svg.png Chile

    Pool B

    23px-Flag_of_Egypt.svg.png Egypt

    23px-Flag_of_Cuba.svg.png Cuba

    23px-Flag_of_Belarus.svg.png Belarus

    The event will take place in the week of 3 - 7 July.

    Assigning the tournament in Slovenia looks like a cheap excuse by FIVB for every decision they took concerning the WL/VNL format in the past few seasons which directly affected Slovenia. But it's still nowhere near certain whether Slovenia will make it to VNL 2020.

    The draw for the first round of the 2020 CEV Cup:


    The champions of Bulgaria and Greece have decided not to participate in the Champions League. For the Burgas based team the reasons are purely financial, it will also reflect on the team's roster (although it won't be that drastic). Now, both Neftochimik 2010 and Olympiacos with horrendous draws, facing Zenit SP and Modena, respectively. They would have surely had more chances in the CL and eventually as CL losers here in the next rounds of the CEV Cup.

    A little late but still on time. 3 debutants (bolded) and one 1 who has made his senior NT debut already this summer complete the Bulgarian roster for the travel to Brazil. However, this Bulgaria won't hope for more than some point(s) against Germany.

    S: Seganov, Stankov

    OPP: Sokolov, Parapunov

    OHs: R. Penchev, Shekerdzhiev, Atanasov

    MBs: Gotsev, Todorov, Georgiev, Kolev

    L: Karakashev, V. Ivanov, M. Ivanov

    I am exctied about all 3 of them. I hope they will be used at least in a rotation system.

    Bulgaria is such a mess:gone: Libero is non-existent.:gone:

    I only watched bits of the match (and the highlights later on), so I don't know which of the two liberos you were referring to. The starter, Vladislav Ivanov, who had been left to train with the smaller group while the rest of the team travelled, hadn't played competitive volleyball since the conflict with Konstantinov. He's been without a contract for a year, hence, although he may have been Bulgaria's best libero then, the surprise that he even started. You can't play competitive volleyball immediately when you practically had a year off. No wonder he did poorly and had to be taken out. About his sub, Petar Karakashev. I don't know how he did yesterday, to be honest, but he showed some great defence in previous matches and has potential to develop more.

    From the little I saw, it seemed like a very entertaining match. Australia looked more compact due to the time this specific group spent together already. I really liked Dosanjh, a very modern setter. Sokolov should quickly switch to playing rhythm again, it wasn't that long ago when he won all the finals with Lube and seemed in form. Atanasov started the match pretty well but was taken out, perhaps he also needs time. 2 other things I noticed. First, very little interest in Varna. The hall wasn't quite full even for the national team... I hope they sell more tickets at least for the Italy match (don't know what the prices are, to be honest). I hope the attendance in Plovdiv in the last weekend will be better, the men's NT has (almost?, no idea) never played in Plovdiv before. Second, some terrible referee's decisions and wrong video checks... And I didn't watch the entire match.

    The only thing I could watch to a certain extent was Portugal's match in Gondomar. Portugal are doing what they can and they did great against a confused Chinese team. Pity because with a normal coach this group of Chinese could've been a more serious threat. Although I still don't see Portugal taking more points than Australia for now, the sympathetic Portuguese played with heart and already left their mark in the competition. And thanks to the commentator, there is something new I learned last night! I had no idea Alex and Marco Ferreira are brothers! Ferreira is a common name in Portugal and I didn't know those two are actually related. Which might, after all, perhaps explain why Marco, the current captain and star player's brother, has been the starting choice over Valdir, for instance, for all these years.

    Russia roster ? Bulgaria and france?

    S: G. Bratoev, Seganov

    OPP: Sokolov, Uchikov

    OHs: Atanasov, Skrimov, N. Penchev, R. Penchev

    MBs: Gotsev, Todorov, A. Grozdanov, Georgiev

    L: V.Ivanov, Karakashev

    4 changes. Tsvetan Sokolov (OPP), Vladislav Ivanov (L), Martin Atanasov (OH), and Teodor Todorov (MB) have joined the team.

    Im just saying i'll be pretty pissed if i'm Australia right now.

    France is in no way shorthanded and they need not to experiment like most of the teams in this league. They chose not to play their best line-up possible even if they're available.

    If they wanted to win that game, they can easily replace underperforming players. Corre is the back-up of the back-up setter. And Louati is like what? Their 6th OH?

    Replace Corre with Brizard and you will get the very same line-up that won the match against Poland. But when they win it is totally alright, correct? Corre was not the problem for France at all. As a matter of fact, France possible underestimated Bulgaria, having taken the 2-0 advantage. Which doesn't mean they let Bulgaria win! Yes, Tillie could've played with Brizard, Boyer, and Lyneel in the tie-break, but what guarantees the result would've been any different? The line-up he has used during the past 2 weeks shows that, no matter if you will acknowledge it or not, Tillie is also experimenting with his options, while giving some key players the chance to rest. Yet, we still had Le Goff, Boyer, and Grebennikov on court today, showing France had taken the game seriously.

    Why should Australia have a problem with the outcome of the match? They are yet to play against the allegedly weaker opponents and they will get their points. If there is something to blame, that would be the ridiculous schedule, sending teams on numerous airports and continents, or the formula itself. But mostly, these professional teams (should) only blame themselves for the chances missed. Like Australia losing to Serbia's C or D squad. Or not taking advantage against USA in Poland last week, for instance. Blaming it, completely unrightfully, on Tillie's France is really ridiculous, as I said.

    yeah, yavor, you're just the god of volleyball. i forgot that.

    What you also forgot is that France are the real gods of volleyball! They only lose when they decide to, they cannot be beaten otherwise! They can only lose when they play with a B or C team. Or in the worst case, just to screw over Portugal (or anyone else), we know that Portugal would've otherwise stayed in the league.

    yavor, your statement is pathetic. POR the weakest team by far, and they still beat BUL...

    In a totally friendly-like atmosphere, Portugal beat part of Bulgaria's second team. Big deal! Bulgaria beat Canada, does it mean Bulgaria are the best team because Canada have also beaten everyone until now? Wait, alarm FIVB immediately! Canada lost to Bulgaria on purpose, thus giving them chances to stay in the league!!! Because they will be eliminated otherwise!

    Nothing else is pathetic but yours and that French guy's comment above. This is just gold!

    they played with a B team... POR is probably pissed right now.


    Yeah, I am sure Portugal are pissed because Bulgaria's youngsters beat France, not because Portugal are by far the weakest team in the Nations League.

    Guys, don't be pathetic losers. Bulgaria beat fair and square France in a friendly match, just what most of the matches in the tournament so far are.

    im pissed at Laurent Tillie. :mad:

    I have this feeling that they gave this game to Bulgaria :down:

    If i'm one of the challenger teams. I'll ask my federation to look into this.

    Yes, because that's the only way for France to lose a game, right? And what will their respective federations find?! Teams playing with B and C squads all over the world, experimenting and losing sets, points, and matches here and there. This statement is ridiculous.