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    The Teams from the FIVB Ranking from 60 to end play the tournaments too but noone writes or interestings about it.
    In Africa will be friendly tournaments because of All African Games and African Champions Cup.
    They must play friendly matches because They must prepare somehow.

    I never knew this. I guess teams have to train somehow even if they get no attention. Maybe this tournament can give confidence to Ethiopian team.

    Interesting tournament. And I agree the selection of the four teams is kind of odd. Is Ethiopia even a good NT? I thought Portugal would have done better than 1-3.

    I think Chicago Sky just beat the China NT in basketball. The score was pretty lopsided. The Sky won by 30 or 40 points I believe, around 80-40 or something like that. So it goes to show the ladies in the WNBA really can play. :D

    Avital wanted that ,but the olther clubs decided that he couldn't be headcoach of NT and Dela Martinus. Dela wanted to sponsor Martinus but only with Avital as coach,so THAT was the problem.
    Problem of not having sponsors is problem in whole sportsection. I don't think it's because of the Dela Martinus project,with all the NT-players in the team.
    Other clubs always say that Avital and Nevobo are working together,but years ago more clubs , then only Martinus , had the chance to participate in the Dela project. But they don't want the project. Martinus stapped in the project and that's why there is always a special band with avital .
    But players of other clubs then TVC were also invited for winterprogramm,so are welcome to join the team of Avital.
    Last play-offs we didn't get any help from NEVOBO , for moving matches to other data, or more like that. TVC had to play a play-off match on Thursday evening!!! If I tell you ,that's 2 hours driving for the team AND supporters,it's really sad NEVOBO made such a decision. Other teams could play their match on saturday or sunday,that's what TVC also asked to NEVOBO.

    I see, thanks Marieke! :D I believe it was really foolish Avital was not allowed to be NT and Martinus coach. Too bad they made him choose one or other. Obviously he wanted to be NT coach. I understand what you mean about sponsorships. It is too bad money has to control everything. :tzz:

    But don't the NT dames wear "DELA" logo on their shirts? So does DELA sponsor the NT right now?

    Message from Chris for Fenerbahçe supporters:

    I want to send this to all the supporters of Fenerbahce and i hope u can help me: I want to say thank u, thank u for all, it was an amazing year and i never saw supporters like u. I was really proud to play for u and i feel absolutly sorry and sad that i'm not able to play for u another year. I have to go because the Club chose another way that i can't follow. I think u heard already a lot and I don't want to make excuses. If I stay in Istanbul only because i have fallen in love in this town and its people. I'm thankful to got the possibility to play one time for u and I hope u believe me. I wish all the best. Your Chris

    Class act right there. This is how ALL professional athletes should act. :D

    Can I play? :D

    Pool A

    5/27/11 - Spain 3 France 1
    5/28/11 - Spain 3 France 2
    5/27/11 - Serbia 3 Greece 0
    5/28/11 - Serbia 3 Greece 0

    Pool B

    5/27/11 - Israel 3 Hungary 1
    5/28/11 - Israel 3 Hungary 0
    5/27/11 - Czech Republic 1 Bulgaria 3
    5/28/11 - Czech Republic 3 Bulgaria 2

    Pool C

    5/27/11 - Romania 1 Croatia 3
    5/28/11 - Romania 2 Croatia 3
    5/27/11 - Turkey 3 Belarus 1
    5/28/11 - Turkey 3 Belarus 0

    Well, many clubs have said they can;t find sponsors since 2004. Because since 2004 (Avital Selinger's NT-project, sponsored by DELA) DELA/Martinus roster was much too strong for the League, so the other teams particpated only for second place. Sponsors weren't interested to sponsor for second place anymore. The tragical thing is, DELA stopped sponsoring Amstelveen, only continued sponsoring NT, a few years ago, so even Amstelveen got in financial problems the last few years..--> therefore they founded TVC, but there are still financial problems..
    Besides that, the other clubs have accused the Dutch Federation for many years, of giving too much power to DELA/Martinus, by giving their permission for Avital Selinger's project.

    I think the clubs are right, for a big part, but I think that's not the whole story.

    Thanks, that is very helpful post about how DELA Martinus went to TVC Amstelveen. That makes sense about the sponsorships. So why exactly did the league not allow Avital to coach Martinus any longer? I understand the top players of Martinus - Flier, Stam, Staelens, etc - left because they wanted more money. But also why could not the NT players play on Martinus? Was the Dutch league against them for being so good and dominating?

    Ah, the WNBA. Unfortunately, WNBA is not regularly televised here in USA. Sometimes they show games on tv, but maybe a couple per week. The most fun game to watch in my opinion is the All-Star Game. As I am sure you know it's usually high scoring and we get to see the best players compete!

    I think the problem is that it is really expensive for the clubs, and CEV dont do anything to help. They dont pay for anything, clubs have to pay all!!!!! :S

    I mean, its CEV competition, I think they should be helpin! They only demand! They demand clubs have this and that, and let the gym like this, and bla bla bla, but they dont do anything to help clubs to participate! :S

    So most clubs dont have conditions to be part of it, cause there are all this travels and everything. It is not worth it. So there are a lot of good clubs, but indeed Champions is becoming a tournament of money, for those who have money and can aford it, they play...

    You make good point, Joana! :D All CEV, like most organizations, cares about, is making money. As long as they can get clubs to pay the fee to join the CL, then they are satisfied. I really believe they don't care which clubs or from what countries different teams can participate.

    I think the league should be based on the competitive nature of the clubs. That way the most talented players and teams would be able to participate. And they wouldn't necessarily make big $. I certainly think it would draw more viewers if the top clubs participated, but oh well, this is the world we live in. ;(

    Exactly. It's all about money. Participating in CL, costs too much money for clubs in The Netherlands..they can't afford it.. :(

    It's too bad this is the case because there are some pretty talented teams from smaller countries, such as The Netherlands and Germany. My opinion on the CL is that it should be based on qualifying where $ does not play a role. That way the BEST teams and players would be able to participate. But at the same time I understand if the CL does not get its $ then the league could not exist. Touchy subject.

    As for some of the teams, RC Cannes is a regular, as with Volero Zurich. I agree with you guys above it would be nice to see a team from Germany too.

    Hello Bartek! Welcome to Inside Volley! Cool that you are from Poland. Help me practice my Polish! hehe :D

    Interesting that Czech Republic will field a team and Atom Sopot will be from Poland. Sad to see no team from Netherlands, Spain or Germany. ;( But I guess when a lot of the process is about bids and money, it kind of makes sense.

    Yeah you are right. If it would be possible to have more than one NT, i think the USA could make 3 teams. They got a lot of players. But i also think there are two classes of young players. I don't mention Bown, Sykora and Tom, because their success speaks for it self.
    And then there are Alisha Glass, Destinee Hooker, Megan Hodge, Foluke Akinradewo, Jordan Larson, Alix Klineman, Christa Harmotto as the standouts of the rising players.
    And you are right there are more talented players who need a chance, but i think they are a step behind the girls a mentoined above ;)

    They could make multiple teams, that is a good point. So many current players and talent that has yet to come. :olympia: Obviously, all the players you named were GREAT in college. I just want to see if they can take it to the next level, playing for the Olympics. It is good the USA has the veteran players it does so that these young ladies have the opportunity to develop into the next generation of USA Olympic volleyball players. Given that, I don't really expect them to be at the top this or next year. I would honestly be surprised if they win a medal in London in 2012. They came from out of nowhere in 2008, that was AMAZING, but I don't think one can expect that will happen again. Once these young ladies develop at the international level, I can see the USA being one of the top teams in the world. :D But give them some time.