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    Lube Banca Marche Macerata - Portol Palma Mallorca 3-0
    Beauvais Oise - ACH Volley Bled 1-3

    Domex Tytan AZS Czestochowa - CSKA Sofia 3-1
    Fenerbahce Istanbul - Iraklis Thessaloniki 1-3
    Noliko Maaseik - Vitoria SC 3-1
    Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice - Dinamo Moscow 0-3
    Crvena Zvezda Beograd - Knack Randstad Roeselare 1-3
    aon hot Volleys Vienna - Trentino Volley 0-3
    Panathinaikos Athens - VfB Friedrichshafen 3-1

    Zenit Kazan - Copra Nord Meccanica Piacenza 1-3
    Piet Zoomers/D Apeldoorn - Paris Volley 0-3
    Iskra Odintsovo - PGE Skra Belchatow 3-1

    CSKA Sofia - Domex Tytan AZS Czestochowa 1:3
    Iraklis Thessaloniki - Fenerbahce Istanbul 3:1
    Dinamo Moscow - Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice 3:0
    Knack Randstad Roeselare - Crvena Zvezda Beograd 3:1
    Copra Nord Meccanica Piacenza - Zenit Kazan 1:3
    Trentino Volley - aon hotVolleys Vienna 3:0
    ACH Volley Bled - Beauvais Oise 3:2
    PGE Skra Belchatow - Iskra Odintsovo 1:3
    Vitoria SC - Noliko Maaseik 1:3
    Portol Palma Mallorca - Lube Banca Marche Macerata 0:3
    Paris Volley - Piet Zoomers/D Apeldoorn 3:0
    VfB Friedrichshafen - Panathinaikos Athens 2:3

    Good work Justyna!

    Only Gerrit Zeitler (GER) is not playing at Maaseik, he wasn't good enough. Now he has a 2month-testcontract with Halen, but probably he won't stay there because they can't afford him (they have to find him an appartement too).

    Yes, i read that too. Maybe it's because not the whole team was present. They still have Sartoretti as opposite. We'll see within a few weeks. Honestly I hope he becomes opposite

    If you got married to your ex, would you be happy?
    I have no ex :)

    What did you do this afternoon?

    When do you plan on having kids or your next kid?
    I think I'll still wait 10 years

    When was the last time you smiled?
    This morning

    Where were you when you lost your first tooth?
    I have no clue

    Were you a hyper or mellow kid?
    hyper I think

    Why did you throw up last?
    Euhm few months ago :whistle:

    Can you do a cartwheel?
    I don't know what a cartwheel is :lol:

    What are you watching?
    South Park

    Who will you be with tonight?
    Me, myself and I

    What kind of mood are you in?
    Study mood!!!

    Are you in anyone's wedding this year?

    What did you last drink?
    Aquarius Red Blast

    Do you still talk to your ex?

    Have you hugged anyone recently?
    Yes, my GF

    Where did you last sleep?
    I'm my bed

    Do you have a best friend?
    I do

    Where do you keep your money?
    Wallet or pocket

    What did you last eat?
    Eggs & Bacon

    Who was the last person to call you pretty?
    My GF

    Ever have a sleepover?
    I don't think so

    Where were you at 2:02am?
    At home, sleeping

    Last place you took a plane to?
    New York & Chicago

    How do you feel about the person who texted you last?
    Oh I love her :roll:

    Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot?

    Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
    Yes, when I'm going to be to late for practice :)

    Do you have unlimited texting?

    When is the last time you took a nap?

    Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?

    Who do you tell the most to?
    To my best friends or my GF

    What are you looking forward to in the next month
    2 weeks vacation after my exams! And also our first competition game

    Is the sun shining?
    Of course not, this is Belgium :D

    What are your plans for later?

    What are your plans for tomorrow?
    Pass my exam :teach:

    Are you happy with life right now?
    I think so

    Would you ever smile at a stranger?
    Yes i would

    Do you wish you were someone else?
    Maybe just because I'm curious

    Would it hurt seeing someone kiss with the last person you kissed?
    I'm quiet sure!

    According to your ex you are?

    When is the last time you showered?
    Yesterday after volleyballpractice

    Have you ever cried and didn't know why?

    Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a J, M, or R?

    Yes, J

    Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
    Warm: :obey: about 25° C

    1. The singular boring question: What is your name?: Joren

    2. If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been?: Lieselotte

    3. How easy is it to make you laugh?: It's not hard

    4. Do you laugh at jokes you know you shouldn't?: It depends

    5. Do you ever dance to music when nobody's watching?: Offcourse!

    6. What song(s) are constantly in your head?: At this moment = Justice - DVNO

    7. Do you agree with the idea that sequels are always worse than the original?:Not always

    8. When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness?: both

    9. If you knew exactly what went into Chinese food, hamburger meat, etc., would you still eat it?: Yes i will

    10. Do you ever feel guilty eating meat?: no

    11. Do you find you're different talking through IMs than face-to-face or on the telephone?: I don't think so

    12. Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender?: Yes, both not more then one day

    13. Do you sometimes see a movie or watch a show just because a good-looking celebrity is in it?: jup!

    14. Have people ever said you looked like a celebrity, and if so, who?: Not really but I heard that my volleyballstyle is nearly the same as Robert Horstink :)

    15. Do you think the opposite sex finds you good-looking?: my girlfriend does!

    16. What song makes/made you cry?: Nelly Furtado - In Gods Hands


    1.) What curse word do you use the most?
    I think that will be 'fuck' or 'putain'

    2.) Do you own an iPod?
    not yet, I'm waiting for my iphone 3G

    4.) What time is your alarm clock set for? Depends when I have a class, in weekends or holidays i usually get up at 11

    5.) What color is your room?
    red- grey

    6.) Flip flops or sneakers?
    flip flops in the summer!

    7.) Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?

    8.) What was the last movie you watched?
    The mummy 3

    9.) Do any of your friends have children?

    10.) Has anyone ever called you lazy?
    yes, my mum!

    11.) Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?
    Yeah, when I was on the plain to NY

    12.) What CD is currently in your CD player?
    Culture Club (It's a Belgian nightclub)

    13.) Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
    I love chocolate milk!

    14.) Has anyone told you a secret this week?
    not really

    15.) Have you ever given someone a hickey?

    16.) Who was the last person to call you?
    a friend

    17.) Do you think people talk about you behind your back?
    i'm quiet sure

    18.) Did you watch cartoons as a child?
    jup! but i still do. love south park and family guy

    19.) How many siblings do you have?
    a little sister

    20.) Are you shy around the opposite sex?
    sometimes i am

    21.) What movie do you know every line to?

    22.) Do you own any band t-shirts?

    23.) What is your favorite salad dressing?

    24.) Do you read for fun?

    25.) Do you cry alot?

    26.) Have you ever farted in public?

    27.) Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

    28.) Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoo?
    i would like a little tattoo on my right foot, but maybe when i'm a few years older :)

    29.) What is the weather like?
    cloudy, 20 degrees Celsius

    30.) Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos?
    never say never

    31.) Is sex before marriage wrong?
    what a stupid statement :) of course it"s not wrong!

    32.) When was the last time you slept on the floor?
    few months ago

    33.) How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
    to function 8, to function well: make it 10 :)

    34.) Are you in love or lust?

    35.) Are your days full and fast-paced?
    yes: every single day

    36.) Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages?
    only when i'm preparing for the season

    37.) How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

    38.) Are you picky about spelling and grammar?
    not really

    39.) Have you ever been to Six Flags?
    yes, in belgium

    40.) Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex?

    41.) Do you like Cottage Cheese?

    42.) Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?
    between side and tummy, always on my pillow

    43.) Have you ever bid for something on eBay?

    44.) Do you enjoy giving hugs?
    yes i do

    45) What song did you last sing out loud?
    counting crows: mr jones

    46) What is your favorite TV show?
    i never watch tv, but if i do: south park

    47) Which celebrity dead or alive would you want to have lunch with?
    adriana lima

    48 ) Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
    5min ago?

    49) What one thing do you wish you had?
    couple of centimeters taller! I would like to be 2metres :obey:

    50) Favorite Lyrics?
    And I'd give up forever to touch you
    Cause I know that you feel me somehow
    You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
    And I don't want to go home right now