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    hmmm, ok, I understand. but, do you think that being popular is as important element as reliable worth to show how player improved?
    look at Lemay, he wasn't as good as he become in Roeselare. and he wasn't popular. he is a contrast to Nikić or Rouzier.
    they've got some class.
    so I can make a conclusion that this club helps players grow up "from zero to hero". How does it look with others?

    now we can only cross our fingers :)

    for me Lemay is a good libero too.
    I do not know what you mean by: "so good/popular". could you explain?
    should we ask Rouzier, why he has chosen Roeselare? It's a good idea ;)
    I become hopeful. :win:

    as a result: :drink:

    <wall> OMG
    yes our discussion is out of range :P
    you don't understand what i'm saying. you will always defend belgian volleyball.

    firstly: IT IS MY OPINION!!!
    secondly: i didn't wrote that it is "a stupid team", so do not lie!

    by the way: I know who Julien Lemay is:)

    unjust nationalist...

    you also must see that Roeselare is a very good step for Rouzier. :teach:

    in my opinion it is not :teach: look at whole league in Belgium. playing whole season with teams on lower level than majority "basic" leagues is not the best way to increase in volleyball maturity.

    and this argument about playing after Roeselare is nonsensical...
    and by the way: Jastrzebski, not Jasztrebski :P

    I know. I've seen them many times in champions league.
    but apart from Roeselare are many, and many, much better teams in french, italian, russian league... hm?
    I'm supportin' him soo much, so I think that he could choose more interesting and valuable team. :super:

    The French team, guided by Philippe Blain, arrived last Thursday with a team without setter Pierre Pujol.

    pujol will be replaced with le marrec he is also very good setter,

    but i think we are in wrong topic,
    it should be in WL not friendly matches :teach:

    how could it be without Puj' if he's on pics from Caracas? hę?

    :teach: yes dear teacher, you are right :)

    France should win in Venezuela, but Exiga is injuried and will be replace by young Rowlandson.
    I don't know if other important players will miss the game, but I think France is able to win theses games.

    And I think that France will win the game against Netherlands. At least I'm pretty sure they won't lose ...

    oh, shit! Exiga is out?
    I hope they win this games. They HAVE TO!!!
    I'm not on time so I'd like to aks: why Granvorka is out of range?