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    It's said the new ball is heavier than the old ball.

    I'm afriad it'll slow down the speed of ball.

    And it's confused~

    I don't know if the Europe country have adapted the new ball.

    But it may have a great influence on China.

    Best Wishes!!!

    And I'm curous that how do you spent your birthday in the western countries?

    In the past 10 years east Asian country people like to eat noodles on their birthday.It stands for longevity .

    But now we also prefer to eat the bithday cake!

    Yuyuppi! WCH in Japan! There haven't been any volleyball event in this country recently!Children shouting: "Nippon!Nippon!" empty halls, no audience (except of Japanese matches) and longer brakes after second set only when host plays... No comment :roll: :white: Thanks God, that OG won't take place in Japan this year...

    Though I'm a Chinese,I'm sorry to tell you that Japan's organization level is higher than China.

    And Chinese female volleyball team is a special significance to the Chinese people.....

    So,,,the peoole in China prefer to see their mother-land team rather than other team,,,so are the Japnease. :)

    Lukily,I hear that the volleyball ticket sells hot~~~I try my best to get a semi-final tickets....

    I don't know if I can watch China's match..but I think it'll be an exciting match!!! :drink:

    german team isn't as good as usa team. and turkish team also beat the usa team. but turkish nt team has a experience problem. that's undeniable truth.

    Yeah,I konw.But I think the USA is not a stable team.

    Its level has droped since 2003.

    Though Lang has become their coach.

    Um,,,the turkey team....I still remember the beautiful player Neslihan! :rose:

    Well,Italy is really a strong team!!!

    When I watched the game,I felt that I can't breath!!!!!!

    But the 5th set China played very hard!!!

    And they're lucky to win the games!!!

    I hope to see them meet in the Olympic Games!

    Um,,,Italy's defense is mysterious ! :thumbsup:

    China win the game!

    But I think China didn't play very well ,and Japan played tenaciously . :thumbup:

    I think the Chinese players are so tired ,because their training is crowed.

    I hope they can have a good condition to play against Italy~ :drink:

    And I'm surprised with the Turkey team!!

    They beat the German!!!!U know German has kept the good display in the past matches! :super:

    Hello everyone!!!!!

    I'm a Chinese girl!~~~ I'm not tall,so I"m not good at playing volleyball~~~

    But watching volleyball game is my hobby.In fact ,when I was 5 years' old,I watched the first volleyball game in my life.

    I think that the European volleyball has the very high level .And there are many great players such as Artamonova, Flier.

    Glinka,Grun and so on.U know I like them very much.As an Asian,I worship the Asian team the tenacious attitude .

    Japanese team and Chinese team,their fast sharp attrack.

    My favourite player is Ruirui Zhao,I think she not only makes use of her height,but also have the talent to play volleyball.

    Now I just graduate from the high school.(I just go through a test in China,) A friend of mine introduced me to come here.

    I hope to make friends with everyone!!!Though my English is not very good ~ ><~

    And........北京欢迎你(Welcome to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games!!!!! )o(∩_∩)o