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    Tijana Bošković and Brankica Mihajlović also had a honorary reception in Banja Luka, the capital of the Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they were granted 10 000 euro each by the local government. Considering they got 20 000 euro each by Serbian government, this tournament was very good for them. :lol:

    Jelena Blagojevic,too. She was born in BiH. :D

    Per FIVB's decision, Ana Antonijevic is no longer suspended so she can play for Volero next season. They will forward their analysis to WADA who will make their decision later. :drink:

    No, that's not a joke. I can't find the schedule but there were some rumors that pool with Brazil, Netherlands, Poland and other team will be played in Poland.
    And Poland is going to fight to get the '7 years spot'.

    Btw, there will be 2 groups, not 3.

    I found the schedule but I am not sure the source is trustworthy as it was posted on Ig. But if the first team in the column is a host that means Serbia will host 3 weeks. :D

    That's the least important of them all. It's a glorified exhibition, basically. I'm sure players coudn't care less about not winning it as long as they won the CL and/or the domestic title, and the club owners must think that way too,

    Exactly. It's useless competition just like Grand Champions Cup for NTs.

    Looks like CL title is not in the cards for Maja Ognjenovic. I wonder what she will do next season since Eczacibasi won't play CL for sure. She wanted that title so much.

    I believe Maja will be there for Wch 2018 at least. Her boyfriend said that they won't start a family yet because ''Maja has a lot more to play''. I think as long as she plays professionally, she will be on NT too. Skipping Ech 2017 would be a good decision though.
    As for Jelena, I would be surprised if she planned to stick around. Probably she just didn't want to make a big deal out of her retirement by making the public announcement. She also probably knows what would be the reactions of serbian volleyball fans to such news.

    Congrats Brasil! I couldn't be more happy with the result!

    I've always felt for this team because they were so much criticized, especially in their own country, undeservedly. I hope that will finally stop now, for good.

    This result is like a miracle, something that only happens in Olympic games. When they were on the verge of elimination, in preliminaries, Sheilla said that if they manage to get themselves out of that situation and get to play-offs, they will eventually win gold medal. It was as if she had a presentiment and although it sounded ludicrous at the time I actually believed it. Yeah, it's as it was destined.

    I see a bright future for Brasil no matter how many of their veterans retire. They have young middles, they found the setter, they have a excellent young libero waiting, Garay, Natalia and Tandara are already on the team, just bring in couple of new spikers. Who knows maybe they manage to match Cuba's record of 3 consecutive Olumpic Golds.

    except sokolova DID say she'll trade her WCH gold medals for a single olympic gold. i don't find anything wrong with bruna's statements.

    Exactly, she said that to Ze Roberto. Apparently the two of them talked a lot when they were in Fenerbahce and Sokolova said that in one of their conversations. BTW according to Sokolova the relationship between her and Ze was perfect. Pity that Gamova left before Ze came on board. Who knows, maybe they would start to get along great when they got to know each other better. :S

    I have nothing against more than 2 Asian teams qualifying if they are all better than Serbia.