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    This is ranking of Osasco players:

    Fabiola 6 pts
    Sheilla 7 pts
    Jaqueline 0 pts( she arrived to Osasco from Italy)
    Thaisa 6 pts( that was her rank when she arrived to Osasco in 08/09)
    Adenisia 0 pts( she never changed the team)
    Camila Brait 0 pts--same as Adenizia
    Ju Costa 5 pts
    Karine 2 pts
    Ivna 2 pts

    Total:28 pts

    Some rumors from Brasil:

    Osasco: Hooker will leave, she has offers from Europe( Russia, Italy, Turkey), but I wouldn't be surprised if she had offers from AZE too. It would be interesting to watch her in CL next season.
    Tandara might leave for SESI. Weird but maybe it has something to do with infamous ranking of players.

    Unilever: Sheilla might leave for Osasco. Unilever's priority is to keep her but it's difficult and also she seems to have personal reasons to move to Osasco. If Bernardinho leaves, there would be one reason less to stay in Rio. But nothing is certain yet.
    Mari will play for Amil Campinas.
    Fernanda Venturini will retire-this time for good ;)
    Bernardinho might coach male team RJX next season.

    Minas: They are in trouble-lost sponsor, so their best players will leave.Ramirez-(Campinas,Russia, AZE,), Herrera-(Villa Cortese, Unilever)?

    AmIL Campinas; Lots of rumors but nothing concrete yet. They tried to bring Sokolova but didn't succede, tried Kim, Havelkova... lets see what will come out of it. There were rumors about Fofao but they signed Fernandinha. Mari and Fabiana are supposed to play there.

    I am tempted to say something about this Teodosic-Ognjenovic situation , but I will restrain myself and will only say that it's sad how little she appreciates her talent and her carrear.

    but why she dont play Olympic Quali as well? She would be a great help...of course Serbia already have so many great opp. Brako and Starovic, maybe he though they were in better shape...Djerisilo did injury in end of I guess that is that.

    Actually we don't know what she will play, if she will play. There will be two teams, one for WGP and the other for EL and according to Terzic they will be of similar quality.
    About her not playing Olympic qualies, I don't know , maybe it has something to do with her shoulder injury status.

    Final Series (best of 5)

    First match: KGC - Hyundai 3:1

    Top scorer for KGC: Montano 33 pts, attack 32/49=65.31%
    Top scorer for Hyundai: Mihajlovic 23 pts, attack 21/40=52.50%

    Second match: KGC - Hyundai 0:3

    Top scorer for KGC: Montano 22 pts, attack 20/47=42.55
    Top scorer for Hyundai: Mihajlovic 19 pts, attack 15/29=51.72

    Mihajlovic doing really well. It's a pitty she is not yet eligible to play for Serbian NT. We could surely use her.

    I don't believe Terzic seriously counts on Djerisilo, Spasojevic and Starovic. I'm not even sure they want to play for NT again. Too much water's passed under the bridge. About Starovic I know that last year he called her but she declined the invitation. Maybe they agreed to be on the list just for emergency case, if there were injuries to other players.

    That are some rumors here in Brasil that some cuban player might come to Unilever next season. It is just rumors and know one knows witch player would be for sure (people talking about Carcaces or Carrillo)

    That would be great! And signing foreign players is definitely the way to deal with the mess created by Ranking. After Fernanda was promoted to rank 7, Unilever will have to let go one of their 7 players.

    :what: Oh my goooooood Havelkova and Guidetti

    this news got me a heart stroke !!! unbelievable. sooo life is full of surprises :lol: :lol:

    I know that Ze Roberto was in love with Costagrande. Some were saying that here ?!

    It was not Ze Roberto but Angelo Vercesi ,and the girl was not Costagrande but somebody else. See what happens when people start gossiping? :lol:

    I think It is more due statistics faults then Dani's actually..hehehehehe. I think Dani is not making a bad season, but statistics in setting area takes in consideration the spikers performance, and SESI has been making to many ups and downs in that area. They dont have a so powerfull trusting spiker, though Soninha has been one of the most scorers in the league. I would not blame Dani, she has been playing well. It is a not a truth, we could put like that, this 8th rank for her. Brasilian statistics can be quite confusing sometimes, we dont understand properly how they do it..hehehehehe and also a lot of people believes that is a lot of "politics" behind these statistics.

    Anyway, Fernanda has been our best setter indeed. She makes some mistakes sometimes, but no setter here can play as fast as she does. Her age has not been a problem, specially now she is in better shape than in beggining of season. Fernanda is definetly an outstanding player, and one of the best in history.

    I would like to know what they consider ''successfull set''. The stastistics show that SESI's attack is actually better than Dani's setting. And in absolute numbers, Dani has 395 succesful sets And SESI has 993 successful spikes. I am trying to understand this but I am not doing a very good job. It's either that brasilian statisticians are very strict about what they consider successful set or SESI's spikers are doing excellent job with Dani's ''bad'' sets. I guess it's the former.

    Anyway, another weird thing: Thaisa not being in Top 10 blockers. I see that they use different statistics than those we are used to but at least blocking statistics are not difficult to comprehend. And players like Juciely and Adenizia would still be among the best even if it was expressed as number of blocks/set. So is Thaisa not having a good season or is she allowed to blame statistics ? (must blame somebody, right?) ;)

    What happened to Dani Lins? She is only ranked as 8th setter in the league. That's kind of pathetic of a NT setter. Ok, leaving Unilever and Bernardinho didn't do her any good but still...and SESI's coach is former setter, right?

    Fernanda Venturini still the best brasilian setter. That's astonishing.

    Lets hope Modena's spikers have a fantastic day.

    BTW, I read that starting from next season there will be only 3 foreign players per team in A1. I don't know if it was already written before so I want to ask if that's official or is it something Fipav is just considering. That would be terrible for italian clubs.

    Hm, the bad thing is that in play-offs they probably will meet Sesi in the 1st round , and it is really bad opponent for Uni...

    Yes, they've proven to be quite troublesome for Unilever, but I would choose them over Osasco and VF any day. So I hope Uni can finish regular season on first position. I don't want any surprise semifinal pairs, like Unilever vs Sollys :white: