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    Is Natalia expected to come back for play-offs? Without her Unilever's chances to take the title are slim to none, imo.
    If Hooker is out for the season things will become very interesting and unpredictable in Brazilian league with no clear favourite.

    Finally first win for Pesaro! A clear 3-0 victory over Pavia, with great stats from Klineman.

    Urbino played without Djerisilo (why?), but they still beat Foppa on their own court. Jelena Blagojevic stepped up, nice to see.

    She was injured last wednesday in return match of CEV cup against VFM Franches-Montagnes (SUI).

    Jelena Nikolic is dating Petar Nenadic (Serbian Handball NT).

    It's very good that she is not following him all over Europe, cuz in Denmark they don't have very good volleyball league.

    He says their long-distance relationship is working out really well.

    Yeah, I've just studied the rules regarding ranking points more thoroughly and did the calculations, and I came here to post the same things although my numbers are a bit different, Russia stands at 131.25 points, I think you subtracted too much from their points.

    That is quite a relief for us, but Germany needs to finish 4th to overtake Russia.

    You are right, Russia stands at 131.25 :thumbup:

    Not only points from Olympics but also the points from WCH should be removed(25%). At least that's how I understand what's written on FIVB site:

    ''Olympic Games - included for 4 years -25% reduction each year''
    ''Senior World Championships - included for 4 years -25% reduction each year''

    When everything is calculated Serbia should have 145 points, Germany 138.25, Russia 118.25.

    In this case Serbia and Germany are pretty much sure to be in London and Russia must win European qualies to get there.

    The atmosphere in the hall was excellent! I wanted Poland to win 3. set so that we can stay there longer :lol: It's a pity everything was finished very fast.
    All Serbian players played well, and Maja Ognjenovic is a pleasure to watch when her head is in the game. Unfortunately Poland's performance was disappointing. But Skowronska was amazing, this was the second time I watched her play in Belgrade with Poland NT, she is fantastic player and a real lady.Too bad she didn't have support of her team mates.
    Tomorrow I expect very tough match with Turkey.

    I watched match and .... agree Germany was much more motivated but please read what said Terzic :

    "Maybe it’s good
    for us that we lost, because now we can focus on the match versus
    Romania and, hopefully, versus Poland in the semifinals; I think we have
    a good chance to win."

    That's what's written on CEV site. But that's a shortened and not very accurate version of Terzic's speech. Terzic's point was lost in translation and they made it sound like he was making connection between losing to Germany and (possibly) playing against Poland in QF, which is not what he was saying.
    What he actually said you can hear here
    Terzic said that Serbian players were under pressure on and off court, and that maybe the defeat to Germany was good thing, that could help take the pressure off of the players and make them realise that it's all part of sport and that you can lose even if you are a host.
    Than he said:"The path we must undergo now is maybe more difficult, maybe not, we must play against Romania and if we win we will meet Poland on our road to SF.On one hand it will be difficult to beat Romania and especially Poland, but on the other hand, these are teams we'we been beating often lately, so I don't see why we couldn't beat them now. ''

    I really don't understand the theories about losing on purpose to Germany so that we would get to play against Russia in SF. We are not through to SF yet and Poland is more difficult opponent than Czech Rep. would be in QF.And the way we are playing, we could very well lose to Poland and ''go home'' before semis. I am sure Terzic 's not thinking about SF. He must fathom how to get us through QF first.

    Thanks for the answer DEMIR17 and StarNight!

    Congrats to VGSTT and now, after having eliminated FB I hope they will win the whole competition!

    I like the FB team, all these world stars seem to get along really well, but, like somebody already said , I also don't want them to win everything. I hope their fans are not too disappointed.

    Thanks for the interesting sum-up and congrats to Unilever! :)

    Did you take some photos with Unilever players?

    I don't want to comment on Poland receiving Wild cards for various tournaments, because I did it before.

    But in this particular case, when we are talking about DOL for EC 2011, I must agree with Konrad. I think Poland was simply lucky. I mean, come on people, you don't believe that DOL was just a farce, do you?

    But there is something else that's bothering me. The host countries are given too much power.Not only that they create competition formula(well, at least in that part the power was not misused by the hosts of EC 2011) but they also can directly influence the composition of groups.
    Somebody asked why Russia is seeded and not Netherlands(silver medalist from EC 2009). Well, it's because that's what Italy decided. According to rules of CEV, the host countries have the right to choose one team(any team that participate in competition) each, to be seeded in their respective country. So, Serbia chose Poland as a seeded team in group C in Serbia, and Italy chose Russia as a seeded team in group D in Italy. Now, why Italy didn't choose Netherlands?
    The answer is simple: Italy don't want to meet Russia before finals.
    If Netherlands were seeded, the groups would probably look different.
    That's what is bothering me.I wouldn't give this kind of power to the hosts. Seeded teams should be determined by the ranking in the previous EC.