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    Domex Tytan AZS Czestochowa - Fenerbahce Istanbul 3-1

    CSKA Sofia - Iraklis Thessaloniki 0-3

    Noliko Maaseik - Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice 3-1

    Vitoria SC - Dinamo Moscow 0-3

    Lube Banca Marche Macerata - Crvena Zvezda Beograd 3-0

    Portol Palma Mallorca - Knack Randstad Roeselare 0-3

    Zenit Kazan - Piet Zoomers/D Apeldoorn 3-0

    Copra Nord Meccanica Piacenza - Paris Volley 3-0

    Beauvais Oise - aon hotVolleys Vienna 1-3

    ACH Volley Bled - Trentino Volley 1-3

    Panathinaikos Athens - Iskra Odintsovo 3-2

    VfB Friedrichshafen - PGE Skra Belchatow 3-1

    Dinamo Moscow - Noliko Maaseik 3 - 0
    Crvena Zvezda Beograd - Portol Palma Mallorca 1 - 3
    Paris Volley - Zenit Kazan 1 - 3
    Iskra Odintsovo - VfB Friedrichshafen 3 - 1

    Fenerbahce Istanbul - CSKA Sofia 3 - 0
    Iraklis Thessaloniki - Domex Tytan AZS Czestochowa 3 - 0
    Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice - Vitoria SC 3 - 2
    Knack Randstad Roeselare - Lube Banca Marche Macerata 1 - 3
    aon hotVolleys Vienna - ACH Volley Bled 2 - 3
    Trentino Volley - Beauvais Oise 3 - 0
    PGE Skra Belchatow - Panathinaikos Athens 3 - 2

    Piet Zoomers/D Apeldoorn - Copra Nordmeccanica Piacenza 0 - 3

    Lube Banca Marche Macerata - Portol Palma Mallorca 3:0
    Beauvais Oise - ACH Volley Bled 1:3

    Domex Tytan AZS Czestochowa - CSKA Sofia 3:0
    Fenerbahce Istanbul - Iraklis Thessaloniki 0:3
    Noliko Maaseik - Vitoria SC 3:1
    Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice - Dinamo Moscow 0:3
    Crvena Zvezda Beograd - Knack Randstad Roeselare 1:3
    aon hot Volleys Vienna - Trentino Volley 0:3
    Panathinaikos Athens - VfB Friedrichshafen 3:1

    Zenit Kazan - Copra Nord Meccanica Piacenza 3:1
    Piet Zoomers/D Apeldoorn - Paris Volley 0:3
    Iskra Odintsovo - PGE Skra Belchatow 3:1

    CSKA Sofia - Domex Tytan AZS Czestochowa 3:2
    Iraklis Thessaloniki - Fenerbahce Istanbul 3:1
    Dinamo Moscow - Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice 3:0
    Knack Randstad Roeselare - Crvena Zvezda Beograd 3:1
    Copra Nord Meccanica Piacenza - Zenit Kazan 2:3
    Trentino Volley - aon hotVolleys Vienna 3:0
    ACH Volley Bled - Beauvais Oise 3:1
    PGE Skra Belchatow - Iskra Odintsovo 1:3
    Vitoria SC - Noliko Maaseik 2:3
    Portol Palma Mallorca - Lube Banca Marche Macerata 1:3
    Paris Volley - Piet Zoomers/D Apeldoorn 3:0
    VfB Friedrichshafen - Panathinaikos Athens 3:1

    CSKA Sofia - Fenerbahce Istanbul 3:1
    Copra Nord Meccanica Piacenza - Piet Zoomers/D Apeldoorn 3:0
    Beauvais Oise - Trentino Volley 1:3
    Domex Tytan AZS Czestochowa - Iraklis Thessaloniki 1:3
    Noliko Maaseik - Dinamo Moscow 1:3
    Vitoria SC - Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice 1:3
    Lube Banca Marche Macerata - Knack Randstad Roeselare 3:0
    Zenit Kazan - Paris Volley 3:0
    ACH Volley Bled - aon hotVolleys Vienna 3:1
    Portol Palma Mallorca - Crvena Zvezda Beograd 1:3
    Panathinaikos Athens - PGE Skra Belchatow 3:1
    VfB Friedrichshafen - Iskra Odintsovo 1:3

    Fenerbahçe Acıbadem ;

    Setter ; Oksana Guliyeva (Nisa Kuliyeva)
    Outside Hitters ; Vesna Tomaseviç – Anja Spasojeviç
    Middle Blockers ; Eda Erdem – Çiğdem Can Rasna (Duygu Sipahioğlu-Ergül Avcı)
    Opposite ; Seda Tokatlıoğlu

    Libero ; Valeriya Korotenko

    Marina Tumas (Out.Hit.),Necla E. Güçlü (L)

    Türk Telekom ;

    Setter ; Bahar Mert
    Outside Hitters ; Natalya Mammadova – Melis Hemşeri (Güldeniz Önal)
    Middle Blockers ; Nilay Konar (Özlem Özçelik) – Maja Poljak
    Opposite ; Taismary Aguero

    Libero ; Funda Bilge

    Eczacıbaşı Zentiva ;

    Setter ; Naz Aydemir
    Outside Hitters ; Esra Gümüş – Mirka Francia
    Middle Blockers ; Gökçen Denkel – Vesna Çitakoviç
    Opposite ; Nancy Metcalf (Neriman Özsoy)

    Libero ; Gülden Kayalar

    Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta ;

    Setter ; Elif Ağca (Arzu Göllü)
    Outside Hitters ; Gözde Kırdar (Deniz Hakyemez) – Jelena Nikoliç
    Middle Blockers ; Bahar Toksoy (Duygu Bal) – Kinga Maculewicz
    Opposite ; Angelina Grün

    Libero ; Nihan Yeldan

    about Fenerbahce ,

    We did not start the league very well last season. We got bad results in Champoions League. We lost to teams which we could have beaten easily (Poland and Azerbaijan teams). This upset us and our coach stated that “our team is not ready.” He was correct and we corrected this in the second half of the season. Our performance was stellar. We beat Vakifbank, Telekom, and Eczacibasi. We beat Telekom in the playoffs and reached finals. No one other than Fenerbahce fans believed that we could reach finals. Unfortunately we could not win the championship.

    The series was 3-0 but in all 3 matched we served for match point. It was sad that we lost all three despite match point serves.

    For the years now we come really close to league trophy. Last year in men’s side we got both Turkish Cup and League championships (no one believe in men’s either). We hope to achieve this in women soon.

    We lost Dos Santos, Kimberly Glass and Pelin Celik from last year squad. Glass, even though she was very good in the second half of the season, played very bad in the finals. Along with Pelin, she was the weak link. Pelin did not play well all season. Dos Santos played well and consistent.

    We signed two Serbian hitter this year. I don’t think Tomasevic is a hi class hitter. I don’t think she is better than Glass. I hope I am wrong.

    Spasojevic is ver god hitter. Very ambitious and talented. Her motivation is going to make her a fan favorite. She already said on FBTV that she was a big fan of the supporters of Fenerbahce and Fenerbahce was her favorite club. She also watched the FB basketball championship match from the stands with out supporters. Also, at the last minute she decided not to go to Moscow after receiving an offer from Fenerbahce. She claims that she does not play in the national team as a personal choice.

    After all these, I think Spasojevic will be very very helpful to our team and she will be very successful if she doesn’t get injured. I hope she reached her consistent level of play with us. She is very talented.

    Our setter Oksana is a hi caliber player. She had to sit on the bench last year due to foreign national rules. She actually is much better setter than Pelin. She should be starting this year and we can also expect to see Nisa Kuliyeva.

    Our libero Korotenko is –as known by everyone- one of the best liberos in the world. She played fantastic last year. She will also play really good this year.

    In some matches we may see Necla instead of Korotenko. Our coach Ozdurak may play Kuliyeva and Necla instead of Guliyeva and Korotenko. We’ll see after the matched start.

    Our opposite is Seda Tokatlioglu. She is a star potential and Turkish volleyball expect a lot out of her. She is very talented and skillful. But I think she has not put her potential performance yet. She need to be more consistent. She plays really good one match and terrible the other. And she needs to be more ambitious. She loses concentration very quick. We need her this year. VGS and TT opposites are very talented and she needs to put out a great performance to match them.

    Our middle is Cigdem Can Rasna. To me she is the best middle player after Eda. Not a very hi class hitter, but she is better than any other middles in Turkey (Bahar, Duygu, Ergul, Gokcen). We also signed 2 new middles this year. Ergul Avci and Duygu Sipahioglu. Duygu is very experienced and if I am correct she played in Poland , but she might be on the bench this season. Ergul is young and talented and she plays in national team even though just a little. However, I don’t think she will be starting this year.It is a bit too early for that. She could be a good player in the upcoming years.

    Marina Tumas is most likely to sign with FB. But because we can only play 3 foreign nationals in the starting team, she will be benched. Also;

    In next season (2009-10) first time in Turkey , teams will only be able to play 2 foreigner in the starting team. This will make the native players more valuable. The team that has better quality native players will be playing for the top.

    Because we knew this we wanted EDA very much. (she is the next star after Neslihan)

    The team that will sign Eda will have done a great job since she is a native player.

    Let me elaborate:

    Istanbul has two sides. The Asian side and the European side. Fenerbahce is in the Asian side. Galatasaray and Besiktas are in European side. These 3 teams are big rivals. Their supporters hate to lose to one another. Between these 3 teams there are some transfers, but usually for not so important transfers for bench players. (ex. Fenerbahce signed Necla and Nisa from BJK this year). The matches they play are watched by big crowds and media. For example if Vakifbank Eczacibasi would to play eachother 2000 fans would watch the game, but if two of these 3 teams play at least 10,000 people would come to the game, and there would be people outside the gym not able to get in.

    Eda Erdem is very gifted. She is the captain of Besiktas and Fenerbahce and Eczacibasi really want this player. Of course if Besiktas would sell her, they would sell to Eczacibasi. They would never sell to Fenerbahce. The supporters would be very angry and upset. Both Eczacibasi and Besiktas fans mock us about her possible transfer to Fenerbahce.

    Both Fenerbahce and Eczacibasi offered $500,000 to Besiktas for Eda and Besiktas agreed to Eczacibasi’s offer. All that were left was Eda’s approval, but she did nto want to go to Eczacibasi. Besiktas manager Bulent Deris explained:

    “We gave Eda to Eczacibasi, but she said she would not play any other team other than Fenerbahce. Since we cannot force her to play, we had to give her to Fenerbahce.

    Eda said she had always wanted to play in Fenerbahce. All the Fenerbahce fans were ecstatic about this signing. Some even said they didn’t even get this happy when we signed Roberto Carlos. Signing Eda right next to young star Seda is a crucial move if you think about the foreign national rule that will come affect next year. Eda signed the contract for 3 years.

    Even though BJK supporters were angry, Eda was with FB now. Fans love Eda. Fans think FB management did a fantastic job signing her.

    This was the story behind the transfer. I just wanted to share this with you.

    Basically, Eda is the flash transfer of the year in Turkey.

    Because Turk Telekom, I don’t think we will become champions this year, but I think our management did the best they could by signing Eda. Most of our fans were angry that we refused to enter Champions League, but they got content with Eda transfer.

    CEV gave Fenerbahce W.Card, but Fenerbahce refused to enter the Ch. League. For that CEV gave W.Card to Vakifbank.

    For the last two seasons we are becoming second place consistently even though no one believed in that. I hope we can become champions this year.

    If we can become a good team we can get some good results. I hope we can have a hi class league with all the teams.

    Lars Louchek


    Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta - Tenerife 3-1 (26-24, 25-22, 30-32 25-22)

    Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta : Arzu, Gözde, Duygu, Bahar, Deniz, Nihan, Elif, Maculewicz Tenerife : Neslihan, Romina, Sara, Paraja, Cano Belen, Stacey, Yasmina, Arkia, Barros, K. Guerre


    These presumptions have been done by a Fenerbahce Fan (ME)

    After finishing the season with 2 trophies, this year the league will be even tougher. 5 clubs have invested heavily and formed good squads. Fenerbahce, Ziraat, Halkbank, Arkas, Ist. Bld. (Although Galatasaray is inferior to these 5 clubs, they could cause some upsets. I still believe they will end up in the 6th spot.) Hence, finishing at the 5th place could be seen as “normal” under these circumstances.

    Even though I think there is a possibility of us finishing in the 5th place, there is also a good chance that we could still win the title.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, expectations from our mens volleyball team should not be extremely high because of the other teams’ high investments this year. We could end up in any of the 5 top spots this year.

    Besides each teams strengths, there are also some weaknesses. Such as;

    Ziraat Bankası ;

    Setter ; Selçuk Keskin
    Outside Hitters ; Leandro Maly-Salmon Riley
    Middle Blockers ; Zafer Paşaoğlu-Yasin Sancak
    Opposite ; İvan Contreras

    Libero ; Akif Gürgen

    Ziraat’s starting squad is extraordinary. But their subs are very weak.They will especially be very strong from outsides and opposite. Contreras is as strong as Gomez.They do not have any depth to their team so we’ll see how will they do in the lengthy and exhausting league. If they can finish strong, they are one of the favorites to win the title this year.

    Halkbankası ;

    Setter ; Nikolay İvanov
    Outside Hitters ; Todor Aleksiev (Todor Baev)-Mustafa Kavaz
    Middle Blockers ; Kemal Kayhan-Alper Güllü (Murat Çağlar)
    Opposite ; Danail Milushev

    Libero ; Hasan Yeşilbudak

    Halkbank’s three Bulgarians are very talented, but their Turkish players are weak. Even after 3 Bulgarian player, they will went ahead and signed another 4th Bulgarian Todor Baev. Because there cant be 4 foreign players in the starting line up at a time, they will have to choose between the two, or simply sub each other.

    Their coach Stoev is ver well respected in Bulgaria and as well as in Europe.He is my favorite coach along with Demeter.

    Arkasspor ;

    Setter ; Hüseyin Koç
    Outside Hitters ; Piotr Gruszka-Suela Mendez
    Middle Blockers ; Ahmet Toçoğlu-Gökhan Öner
    Opposite ; Paul Duerden

    Libero ; Nuri Şahin

    Although Arkas’s squad is very good and well balanced, they just cannot play good together. For example, Fenerbahce killed this team last season, but if we look at the players individually, this shouldn’t have been the case. This shows me that they do not play well together. Let’s see what they could do this year.

    İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi ;

    Setter ; Ulaş Kıyak
    Outside Hitters ; Jeroen Trommel -(They will sign another foreign player unless Sacchi has stayed.)
    Middle Blockers ; Ryan Millar-Özkan Hayırlı
    Opposite ; Volkan Güç

    Libero ; Barış Özdemir

    Belediye is a strange club. They sign high caliber players every year, but they cannot achieve any good results. This has been the case for a few years now. Even though they have signed Volkan, Ulas, and Millar, I think it will be the same this year and they will not win the title.


    Setter ; Arslan Ekşi
    Outside Hitters ; Tomislav Coskoviç-Vladimir Grbiç
    Middle Blockers ; Barış Hamaz-Fatih Ulusoy (Hakan Fertelli)
    Opposite ; Brooke Billings

    Libero ; Ali Peçen

    Let’s see our team’s situation. Last year we had Gomez. Whenever we needed a sideout, he would kill the ball. He also hit the ball really hard. We lost this guy. Instead we signed Billings.I don’t think Billings will be as good as Gomez. I hope he will be consistent. In all honesty, the other 4 teams’ opposites are better than Billings.

    But, this does not mean that we cant win the title this year. Especially because we have Gyorgy Demeter. I love his work ethic and system play.

    When Demeter signed with us last year, I was ecstatic. He is one of my favorite coaches. He has brought the system that won us Turkish Cup, and much un anticipated League Trophy. Even though we have been eliminated from the European cups at the beginning of the season due to an unfortunate loss to Halkbank, he has brought the team’s morale and reflected that into the season.

    You know there are some teams and coaches where they start very strong but they cant finish strong. We have the opposite with our coach.

    Our biggest loss was Gomez, but one of our best side is our coach and our incredible fans. Our fans that support and cheer for their teams non stop, started to show their help in volleyball matched after football and basketball as well. They are firing up our guys when we play and become a factor on the opposite team players. Some other team players have mentioned that these fans can “wake the dead from their grave”

    With Fenerbahce’s investment on volleyball and our success fans are becoming more interested in the volleyball matches. The numbers have been growing very fast and I hope that this year it would be even more. Especially against Halkbank in the finals, their support was one of the major factors of winning the title.

    Lastly, this year the league will be very tough. Fenerbahce may finish at the top or at the 5th spot.

    Let’s see what the regular season and the playoffs will bring. But something is certain that it will be a very exciting league.

    Lars Louchek

    Setter - Guliyeva (Aydemir)

    Outside Hitters - Gamova , Jaqueline (Spasojeviç-Tokatlioglu)

    Middle Blocker - Poljak , Ravva (Çitakoviç-Gioli)

    Opposite - Aguero (Grün)

    Libero - Korotenko (Kayalar)

    My favorites ,


    Melissa-Elle , Soprano-A La Bien , Sinik-De tout la haut , Shy'm-Oublie Moi , Kenza Farah-Appelez moi Kenza


    Kıraç-Razıysan Gel , Kıraç-Yalan , Teoman-Aşk Kırıntıları , Tarkan-Unut Beni , Tarkan-Salına Salına Sinsice
    Enrique Iglesias-Bailamos , J.LO-Ain't it funny , Chayanna-Salome , Diddy-Last Night , Mr. Big-Shine

    Les équipes turcs ont faits de très bon transferts cette saison. Poljak , Nikolic, Francia , Grün... Moi j'ai surtout aimé les transferts de Grün , Francia et Poljak.

    Aguero a prolongé son contrat avec Telekom. Donc les super stars comme Aguero et Grün vont cette année jouer dans le championnat turc.

    J'ai appris qu'il y a jours Korotenko et Guliyeva sont venuent en Turquie pour prolonger leurs contrats. (je ne sais pas si c'est exacte)

    Mon favori dans le championnat turc est Turk Telekom.J'aime bien la formation de Fenerbahçe. Spasojeviç,Guliyeva,Korotenko,Çiğdem Can,Tokatlıoğlu sont de très bon joueurs.

    Selon moi, la saison se terminera avec le classement suivant.

    1-Türk Telekom Ankara

    2-Fenerbahçe Acıbadem İstanbul

    3-Vakıfbank Günes Sigorta

    4-.E.Zentiva İstanbul

    La final de Play Off sera selon moi joué par Telekom et une des trois équipes suivantes : FB, VGS, EZ et le champion sera a mon avi Telekom.

    Mes favories pour la ligue des champions sont Türk Telekom et Scavolonu Pesaro. Pour la coupe CEV mon favori est Fenerbahçe Acibadem Istanbul.

    Lars Louchek


    Turkish teams made really good transfers this season; Poljak, Nikolic, Francia , Grün…

    I liked Poljak, Grün and Francia’s transfers most.

    Aguero has extended his contract with Telekom. Therefore two super stars –namely Aguero and Grün will be playing in Turkish league this year.

    I have heard that Korotenko and Guliyeva came to extend their contracts at the end of June (not sure though)

    My favorite team to get the Turkish Champion title this year is Türk Telekom.

    I also like Fenerbahçe’s players. Spasojeviç,Guliyeva, Korotenko, Çiğdem Can, and Tokatlıoğlu are very good players.

    I am expecting the following ranking for Turkish league this season:

    1- Türk Telekom Ankara

    2- Fenerbahçe Acıbadem İstanbul

    3- Vakıfbank Günes Sigorta

    4- E.Zentiva İstanbul

    Final of the play off will be played between Telekom and one of the other teams in this ranking (FB, VGS, EZ)

    My favorite teams for Champions League are Türk Telekom and Scavoloni Pesaro. For CEV Cup my favorite is Fenerbahçe Acıbadem İstanbul.

    Lars Louchek

    This pictures is beautiful.You have nice eyes.

    1-Basketball (NBA , WNBA , ACB , Türkiye BEKO Basketball League , ULEB Euroleague , Russia A Superleague -(women) , FİBA Euroleague (women) , LFB (France Women League) , TBBL )

    2-Volleyball (CEV İndesit Champions League (Women-Man) , Türkiye Aroma Volleyball League (Women-Man ) )

    3-Football (Premier League , La Liga , Serie A , Bundesliga , French Ligue 1 Orange)