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    i haven't posted here for ages, but seeing how amazing Poland is right now i had to write down something :P
    the match with Italy is tprobably the most difficult one in a group stage, considering how much we struggle everytime we play against them. i was bit worried and nervous cus Italian serve is one of the best and when its on theres very few teams that can hadle it. but honestly i could never imagine we can play so well. everything is working amazingly serve attack block defense , Anastazi turned us into the mosters and now we are the favourites to win cosndiering our previous wins earlier this year.
    first set was shaky but half of this team never played on the olimpics so they are excused the rest iof the match was just beautiful :)
    keep it on guys and we will have a turrific summer :)

    wow, Atom has finally exploded better late then never. great performance by Polish team, superb Hodge she lead the team to the win and what's the most important her reception was so steady , she was the best receiver in Sopot team which doesn't happen to often :) i didn't have many opportunities to watch Atom this season but the matches i saw were awful no fighting spirit no will to win like they though everybody will bow down and hand them a match.... but yesterday it was all different good team spirit fight for every ball that's the Atom i want to see . i'm happy Kozuch has finally played good match-i was expecting much more from her before the season started she was underwhelming most of the time b ut against Rabita she played v well.

    however there are things that need improvement. setting is the main one. Glass is a great setter she showed that many times in NT but in Atom she is somehow under performing. her game plan is basicaly set every ball to Hodge when she is in front line and when she is not, ALisha will try to set to someone else mainy Kozuch and Ssoscke . i think she should use Fernandez more and defo she needs to improve her setting to Corine.

    still think Rabita will advance to the next round because it's highly unlikely Hodge will play such an amazing match again plus Rabita will play much better in front of their supporters...

    I fully agree about coaches, that would be exactly my 3 choices: Alekno, Velasco and Kolakovic! I thought Poles know the game pretty well to at least beeing objective fans, not just nationalists, but it turn out not to be truth. Very dissapoinitng :down: . They can just give Anastasi the trophie since the majority of posters here are Poles.

    you are putting Velasco in top 3 and not Anastazi, both coaches did exactly the same thing to their NT - they improved their game by a lot , Poland has better players and that's why they won 3 medals this season. we are the only team along with Brazil who won a medal on EVERY tournament they played in this year and Brazil doesn't have to face the best teams in the world in their continental championships. just because most Poles are choosing Andrea Anastazi as the best coach doesn't mean they are not objective, let's not forget we didn't have our best players at disposal almost entire season and we still manage to win 3 medals! before Anastazi started to train our team we won 2 medals over 30 years, he won 3 in one year. and Kolakovic...yes he won ECH but he also failed at WL and he humilate Serbia at WC. Alekno is the only contender IMO but with that kind of rooster he should be dominating volleyball world

    i'm not pleasded with the way we finished this tournament-we shouldn't let that happaned. from 14-9 to 15-17? really? but i'm not gonna complain too much i just want to enjoy the fact we are second in such a big tournament with the very best teams around the world abd can't wait for the awording ceremony and see our boys with silver medals hanging on their neck :super:

    i want to thank our boys and the entire stuff for amazing effort in this tournament every one of them contributed to that silver medal. we had such a strong rooster with valuable players on every position , and this team is fairly young so i can't wait for the future tournaments and with such an amazing coach like Andrea Anastazi we can archive big things and my hopes for OG are skyhigh right now :D

    what a year that was for male volleball-3 tournaments 3 medals fantastic performances throughtout with great atmosphere and chemistry between our players-no drama no pathetic defeats with weak opponents solid as never. keep it up guys :cup:

    so Italy stays ine the competition-they do need some kind of miracle but Brazil is not playing well in this tournament so everything can happen. i hope Italy qualify cus although they play one of the most boring game in this world cup i like them a lot and it'd be a shame if Lasko's effort go to waste.
    their match against Japan was so bad, they should buy a big pepperoni pizza to Shimizu for giving the victory away. and i always wondered why Berruto is not using Parodi more
    So Ganbate Nippon tommorow :super:

    get ready London here we comeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :olympia: :olympia: :olympia: :super: :super: :super:
    i'm so proud , they lost-yes but they acomplished what they came here for a ticket to OG. first time in 10 years time a can say we were better and Brazil was very lucky-when we played focused and with everything we've got Brazilians just couldn't respond to that-1st and second set was just...furious and so brutal from our side, then we completly stopped playing at 13-8 in 3rd set, we lost our focus we got blocked so many times even on single or running block
    i want to see Poland from first and second set tommorow and if we play like that the entire match we are going to win the whole thing

    shame Italian prob won't make it, i really doubt Japan will take any points from Brazil now, 3 european teams on the podium of WC would be something amazing!

    funny thing is in women competition Italy who received the wild card won, and now 2 wild cards will be and the very top :lol: FIVB got it right this time :D

    :super: :super: :super: :super: :cup: :cup: :cup: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4:
    MY HEROES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm so happy and proud , these boys are amazing i love this team so muchthe last time i was so proud of my team was in 2006 in the match against Russia.
    it wasn't perfect match in any volleyball aspect we played very avarage game, we struggle a lot with our game and our opponent like we always do against Italy but this time Poles showed whole lot of character and heart , they fought for every ball and the most important never gave up and believed that they can finally break the "curse" called Italy volleyball NT in big matches

    Italy was freaking brutal in the first 2 sets their service and offensive power was just too much, they have great team and i hope they will qualify from this tournament somehow instead of Brazil.

    i hope tommorow we will break another curse called Brazil :D

    PS what happened after the match? i couldn't watch the studio cus as soon as the match finished here in Scotland the strong wind blew and i can't catch the signal

    damn we are so close to qualify ... if i calculate right we need 1 win against either Brazil or Italy and it will give us a ticket to London, we can lose all 3 matches but we need tie breaks in each one of them and then set ratio would decide ( i don't think Italy or Brazil will lose any points/sets against Iran/japan)
    however tho we haven't won with Brazil for 10 years and no matter how well we play and how bad they are we always lose, Italy is our worst european match up i remember only one win against them over the last couple of years and it was way back in 2007 BUT we actually receive so well that we might nulify their biggest weapon -service. if we receive well and we stop Lasko we will win if not it will be 4th defeat in a row against them . i think the biggest chance we have against Russia it's always very even but we will be more motivated then Russia since they would prob have a spot on podium already .

    Oh my, seriously that was without a doubt the best performance of Polish NT in this tournament, we just blew USA away with our great offensive game-deadly service(yes, me too can't believe what i'm saying) and very good % in attack, was quite suprised with Bartman he didn't srew anything up and he finished 12 out of 16 balls which is great+ 3 aces? pfff i need to criticise him more cus more i do so the better he plays:D now we have doors to olimpic qualification wide open we "just" need to win with Italy/Brazil and i think that would easily give us at least 3rd place...

    Cuba is quite a beast right now, winning against Italy and Brazil back to back is something, i'm really happy we have our match with them behind us . tommorow if they win against Russia in a tie break i will be overjoyed :D

    PS Lasko's Accent is quite sexy to be honest aahahaha :lol:

    Cuba takes 3 points :super: great stuff from Cuban spectacular Hernandez and Leon, really stable reception and very good defense - i had a feelig they might puul off some suprises and everybody score them out after very first perfomrnace against Poland, good stuff we Poles are greatful for taking 3 points away from Italy :D now win with Russia and i will be overjoyed :D

    Cuba-Italy 2-1
    very good match from both sides but Italy's offensive game is so predictable everything goes to either Lasko or Savani, Cuba reception is really good considering how strong Italians serve is. one more set Cuba :super:

    we won, and that;s pretty much the only positive thing about this match(+Kuba Jarosz performance) i'm so annoyed by the way we played with Asian teams, it cost us precious 2 points against Iran , luckily we haven't lost any points against China and Japan.we were unfocused , we underestimated our opponent for the 3rd time in a row we showed like 60% of what we were showing at the beggining of this tournamnet. in the first couple of matches the difference between best scorer and the worst scorer was like 5 points max, and now we are back to our boring game called "let's set everything to the wing spikers who cares ,we have Kurek" we played grand total of one ball throught the middle in counter attack which was blocked anyway, we cannot play like that. we absolutly need Nowakowski in the rest of the matches and for god sake set every possible ball to him he is clearly our best player in this tournament.


    now let's go Cuba help us a little bit :D:super: :super:

    i ca't fucking belive it, did we actually lost to Iran? after all of those wins with top teams we lost to Iran... if we would be 2 points short on olimp[ic qualification i will be fucking raging at the end of the tourbnament. i support this team for 10 years now and i don't know why i haven't got used to those kind of situations....

    seriously someone should tell my parents to stop stressing me out!i needed to leave my house after 3rd set(was actually pissed at our guys cus of that 1st set, Serbia was playing so bad and we let them win it should have finished in 3 setter)so when my father picked me up from work i asked him about the score , he said 3-2 for Serbia 20-18 in the tie break(he was VERY convincing)didin't want to believe him at first but when i got back home my mum said they lost but they were fighting so well (my mum NEVER ever lied to me in such a serious matter) so i was really sad and pissed , after like 2 hours i opened up the internet and found out we actually won :lol: was never so happy about volleyball score as this time ! :super:

    i so don't like Serbia i actually hate loosing to them cus the way they celebrate is just annoying and i find it kinda disrespectful toward the opposite team. thankfully they didn't have opportunity to celebrate today :box:
    after 2 matches with strong opponents we have Max points i can't ask for more :super: keep it on guys. tommorow definitly hard match BUT i honestly can't remember the last time we lost to Argentina it's just really good match-up for us and i hope it won't change tommorow :D

    very solid stuff from Poland and precious 3 points against strong opponent. we played good match and Cuba helped us a lot with countless mistakes in service and attack. we had fantastic reception(for a change :lol: ) so Zagumny distributed balls really well lots of points throught the middle and our MB were unstoppable especially Nowakowski who is in fantastic shape lately both in NT and in Plus Liga. Winiarski was our best wing spiker very smart play, he rarely spike with full power he likes to play with block tip the ball over and his technique is one of the best in the world, beautiful at the reception really good effort by him. was a bit dissapointed with Kubiak he didn't contributed as much as in previous matches in NT but he was stable at the reception which helped the team a lot-needs to work on his service we need it against stronger oppenets. Bartman was really bad dunno why he was chosen MVP of this match, very soft attack too secure for my taste, ive never really liked him as a player he has some good moments sometimes even he plays well throughtout whole matches but overall i find him as the weakest link in our team.

    about Argentina i was not suprised by their win AT ALL(maybe by the score in each sets)-this team improved tremendously over the last 2 seasons and they are force to be recon with. i havebn't seen the match but by the lookof the score Argentina is sending clear message to all other teams to not underestimate them.

    i watched some bits from Italy Russia(shame this match started at the same time as Poland -Cuba) and boy how horrible Travica is. he is not fast nore accurate he is soo avarage and it's a shame that there aren't better players in Italy than him. if his tactic is to send preatty much all thge balls to Lasko then let it be it but someone needs to remind him that he has really good MB in his team and it's OK to use them a wee bit more