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    How Poland can be on the same level that Germany when they won last couple of matches (like 5 or...) :white: I don't ever remember when Germany beat Poland last time?

    ECH '19 Poland wins 3-2

    VNL '18 '19 Poland wins both 3-1

    EO '15 Poland wins 3-2

    all friendlies won by Poland

    still Germany is better just Poland was lucky :whistle::rolll::rolll: actually Poland should win this 3-1 if they didn't let go their point advantage

    And if it comes to Russia - they lost to Germany so this is their fault to play Italy then :wavy:

    I didn't mean these smiles. I meant smiles of Sorokaite after 3rd reception error in tie-break, when Italians were gathering together and Mazzanti after service errors, especially Sylla's. Players doesn't behave this way when they loose points (except Efimienko).


    Traveling from Łódź to Bratislava is 1,5 hour flight "man..." and Italy would have loss 0:3 or 1:3 to get better drawing and stay in Łódź. After they won 2 sets they didn't care at all. If this ECH would be in Poland only and Italians will have to travel from Gdańsk to Kraków, they would have similar distance as Łódź-Brastislava so transfer argue is fully invalid for me.

    Had Italy won 3-2 they would have stayed in Poland too.

    But the signs you are talking about are normal - the match had no real point because both teams advanced so why should they care - they just played without stress, emotions what ever. Polish players also kept smiling to Italians especially Wolosz. IT WAS NOT THE FINAL men....

    If you have any valid argument, please share it because this loss caused:

    - need to travel to Slovakia for one match then coming back and then possibly flying to Turkey

    - getting worse draw in QF and SF

    Unless Italian players wanted to do sightseeing in Slovakia you are wrong.

    I wrote that I don't know the purpose. Maybe they wanted to push Poland to easier opponents, maybe they wanted to make happy the audience or maybe they interpreted the rule wrong way and were sure that they will avoid Russia in 1/4? I don't know. As I'm watching volleyball for so many years and know strengths and weaknesses of all of the teams so my personal opinion is that Italy lost 5th set for purpose.

    So I'm asking about your theory, why Serbia should loose to Turkey?

    My personal opinion is like yours - on purpose but I don't know why.

    They did not play 100% that's for sure because it was not semifinal, final or what but talking they lost on purpose is really strange. Against Belgium Italy played much worse and still won 3-0. They did not care about the match either and were doing stupid mistakes, just Belgium could not use it.

    You know, following your mindset Serbia could also lose against Turkey, they are not scared of any opponent so.................................... But for some reason they did not even if it is hard to say they played 100%.

    Poland plays this way all the time - they won 2 sets easily against Turkey, then easily lost, the same against Dominican Rep., Brazil, USA, Serbia, Thailand, they just have big ups and downs so it is not that weird that Italy won easy 2 sets - this happens to Poland all the time.

    This is all true but this is because both teams advanced earlier so you expected emotions like in the final or what? All in all they all made it to 1/8..

    All the people supporting Africa and Argentina in the OG are all the people that will be complaining when their favorite team is put in the same group with China-Serbia-Italy while Japan gets Argentina-Africa in their group.

    Yes I wanted to write this before, guess which 2 teams will join the group with Japan ? :dance6::whistle:

    I love Turkey so much and i am greatful that they are so into the sport that i love. But i do not understand why fivb need to change qual. for Turkey. At last 3 OG per tournament be 4 team from Europe. If Turkey can not beat at least one of 4 teams, IMO the did not deserve ticket for OG.And ofc that is not applies just on Turkey, Turkey is only an example as very strong team that failed to qualify for Rio 2016.OFC is much harder to Europe team to qualify and that is unquestionably but 4 teams is not such a small number.

    Yes but the problem is actually not 4 best teams qualify from Europe in this system (although many times it's true like in Rio), just it depends who they draw in world tournaments/on their rankings which is not even being updated nor makes sense. If Turkey played Korea/Netherlands/Poland instead of China probably they would advance too. You have also seen that USA almost lost to Bulgaria and Brazil to Azerbeijan which are not TOP4 maybe not TOP8 in Europe but still Turkey has to beat them in continental qualies and many other teams like Poland, Netherlands, Germany and so on.

    Actually, each continent deserves a place in OG - I don't disagree with that - but if you are then asking why volleyball is not popular then the answer is here. Because nobody wants to watch 25-10 * 3 match. Because nobody wants changing formula by host each time on big events (besides OG).

    Actually having weak teams in OG or WCH is killing the sport because nobody wants to watch any team beat african teams 3-0 lol And it's even worse in WCH where 1/3 of the tournament are random teams unable to win a set.

    If e.g. Tunisia has been to OG so many times why they should develop more? They won't get to the level of european teams anyway so development for them seems to be useless.

    Actually Smarzek has a really great thing of keeping the level she never gets under. So she is always around 40-60% in attack and rarely play worse (in NT I don't remember her having lower %). Skowronska or Zaroslinska are more of players who can sometimes play on 60-70% efficiency but next day they can do 20-30%...

    I agree that it isn't all the fault of Morrison, because the players aren't in great shape. But the technical plan has to be right. And you have to anticipate during the match.

    A large part of this is the task of the staff.

    Some part yes - but actually there is no way this Dutch NT does sth like 2016 OG - there are many better teams and players right now which was exactly visible on Sunday.

    Of course its olympic qualifier before the continental championship. U only hope for the schedules to be switched since turkey did not qualify. Its not the fault of other teams being in a location where teams are generally not competitive enough. u may encourage turkish players to prepare and beat other top teMs for the europe champ at your very best but not this kind of lowly tactic ha ha ha

    You know I also think it would make more sense. Because right know continental championship are useless a bit. The pressure and matches would be so much better there with Olympics place possible to get. And then, when you have e.g. Serbia, Brazil, USA, China and Africa team qualified from continental championship which is basically the same we have now except Russia. And now we would have intercontinental qualification. which could be much more exciting - because now it would only be exciting in Europe I guess..

    But I think the case is FIVB doesn't want to give CEV valid competition :D

    I don’t follow all matches of the NED team, but I think the problem is not just Morrison or the technical staff.

    When Netherlands was doing great at international competitions, Slöetjes was unstoppable. Buijs was also performing great, and Plak was also a good option. This season, Slöetjes was bad/unstable all season long, and the same happened with the NT jersey. Buijs barely played, and when she did, she was just awful. Plak was simply terrible this season, she played well in like 2-3 games and the rest was a huge mess. My point is that they underperformed under the supervision of great technical staff other than Morrison’s. In addition to that, De Kruijf was injured and Yvon was out for a long period.

    I think the same - I mean I don't say Morrison is great coach or sth but honestly all Dutch players besides Robin are in worse shape than in 2016 and 2017. Sloetjes, Buijs and Grotheus are not playing that well so it is a direct effect.

    Łukasik will play as OH probably, but anyway I’m so sorry for Ola Wójcik, she should be in the roster.

    Ola didn't want to play in Poland B team few years ago (and was right to do so) and now he is taking his revenge on her :wall::white: Just like case with Mucha...

    Please fire him finally Polish federation :wavy: