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    So why give any points for OG why they are about uniting nations ? :white: Don't they play for fun and enjoying other teams? Why Brazilians were crying after QF loss to China in Rio :lol: They should be happy, it's all about having fun by integration girls !!! They didn't get it somehow :whistle:

    Maybe in order to unite nations, culture and continents let's have Peru instead of Brazil, Jamaica instead of USA and Taipei in place of China. OK? Why not.

    In other sport nobody cares about equality and some other stuff. Why in track and field you have to reach minimum time/distance/height in order to compete. And the last one is why there can't be 16 teams while you introduce golf, basket 3x3 :lol:, u21 football :lol: and so on.

    It's just funny that FIVB cannot figure it out the way for teams to qualify. It's nonsense if Brazil and USA qualify to have another Argentina and so on.

    Yes, discussion was why Russia has so easy group. This is effect of their success from the past; they will have to work much harder in the future to have such easy way to get qualification to Paris.

    Russia is only 5th in the ranking, so in theory all above - Serbia, China, USA and Brazil should have easier groups but they all have stronger actually :)

    I don't understand your point. I meant in 2016, not 2012. I made mistakes. Anyway, Russia got silver medals in OGs in past. Probably you didnt watch 2004 OGs.

    Don't worry even without Kosheleva we will have life saver players, most things will depend on our coach staff. Last year even inexperienced Kotikova got 11pts against Turkey in WCH. It's 2019? Really? We better need to focus on OGQ and ECH, then discuss such topics. I dont know teams' capability in 2019. After ECH, World Cup we will probably see that. I didn't criticize Poland or Turkey but I think it's unfair to say Russia are weaker than them. 2013, 2015 champion of ECH, and they are definitely not weaker than them IMO. People say Russia doesnt deserve to play in OGs, tell me which team deserves to participate in OGs then?

    We need to watch ECH, World Cup, OGQ and then tell that Russia deserves or not.

    Our unsuccesful performances were relating to our coach, that's why after 2016, 2017 we changed our coach staff.

    Easy group? Why people started using it a lot? When we had hard pool no one mentioned about it. We have ECH, of course there are no easy teams there. If we get 16th place in ECH, you can say Russia doesnt deserve it. Watching VNL, and talking like that is pointless to me. We need to wait a bit. Even without Kosheleva, we have other options like Parubets, Voronkova, Goncharova, Kurilo, Kotikova, Kadochkina maybe Lazareva will be in future not sure. I didnt criticize any teams, I dislike seeing negative comments against Russia NT. Okay, let's wait and see what will teams do in ECH, World Cup and OGQ and then judge them, it is unfair to tell Russian NT is the weakest opponent bcz of VNL.

    2004 OG were great for Russia, but it was 15 years ago! That is what I mean that even 2013 or 2015 are long gone. Nobody says Russia is worse than Poland or Turkey, just that you really don't know what to expect from them. We don't know what shape they will be in. And you just talk about them like they are WCH or olympic champions, you cannot be sure if they would advance if they had Netherlands, Serbia , Italy, USA or China in their pool.

    Well, Russia NT never skip OGs even if they don't show anything special in OGs. 2008 we played in 1/4 final btw. I am not against Poland NT's improvement. I friendly approach them dont take my words personally. But the first Poland NT needs to take spot from Azerbaijan and Bulgaria in WCH and then OGs.

    Easy group? Okay agree but why? Because they played well and gained those points. Even if Russia played in the hardest group, they would have a chance in continental qualification. I want you to be honest, do you think Turkey or Poland or Belgium or Germany is better than Russia ? I don't mean in VNL. But don't forget European champion players like Parubets, Kosheleva, Goncharova. On the other hand, Startseva, Malova, Koroleva, Fetisova etc. We have ECH, we probably see the real power of teams there. We will have friendly games in Kaliningrad from 24 to 26 July against Germany, Poland and Belgium. But the real power of teams we will probably see in ECH. I dislike arguing about such topics. I admit that Serbia, Italy, China, Netherlands, Usa, Japan, Brazil are better than Russia according to last WCH, probably this year ECH we will see how many teams are better than Russia. Easy group? Come on we got the ticket in European continental qualification in 2012.

    Only I can tell you, Russia NT aim is not all about to participate in OGs. Even Karpol said that he would give advice to our coach if he needed, here our goal is all about to get medal in OGs. Participating in that tournament is not our main goal, medals are our goal. I read plenty of news about that, other place will not satisfy us, only medals.

    I don't take it personal, just I don't know why you criticize Poland and Turkey OG performance while Russia didn't win anything in OG as well. Actually Poland lost 2-3 to both USA and Japan and 1-3 to China and Cuba. 3 of these teams were in TOP4 with Brazil so I don't see anything bad in this result. Maybe they should defeat Japan, but still they would not get through QF probably. In 2012 Turkey won European tournament defeating Poland, Russia was not in the final.

    You forget that it's 2019 and not 2017 anymore and for now you don't know how good Kosheleva will play this year after injury.

    Why Russia? We still have a good chance to get ticket for OGs in international qualification. The rest of teams will have their chances to make it OGs. Poland in 2008, Turkey in 2012 played in OGs and we saw the results. Even if they got the ticket for OGs, they won't have good chance among strong NTs. It's quite fair, even when we had European Qualification in 2012, Russia, Netherlands and Italy got the ticket for OGs. We have one spot in continental qualification, even if Russia moves to Asia (which neither Russian fans nor our players will like that idea), Russia will probably get their ticket in international qualification, probably not participating in European Qualification. What will happen even if Russia moves to Asian Federation? Nothing they will probably get their ticket in international qualification and won't be barrier for teams which will participate in European Continental Qualification.

    Poland, Turkey, Belgium and where is Germany? They won the match against Brazil in WCH, they are quite unpredictible team IMO. Honestly, I'd like to see them in OGs, bcz they played in OGs in 2004 and won the match against Cuba NT.

    Actually since 2008 Russia didn't do anything special in OG just like Turkey or Poland :whistle:

    And in this year qualification tournament Russia got the easiest group - in any other they probably would have hard time to qualify.

    wow... no disrespect, but with this system, we're probably going to see BRA qualify as one of the 6 world qualifiers, which means ARG will go to the olympics again as the s. american representative. whereas from europe, teams like NED, BEL, TUR and POL will be fighting for just one spot! so unfair...

    In previous system we had WC and Brazil probably would advance there (like 75% chance). So the change is 0 for me.

    I watched last 3 games of Poland (against KOR, USA and BRA) and Stysiak played very poor in all of them. I don't know which games are you referring that she played amazing:what:.

    She could be promising as an Opp but as OH, she is only harming this Polish team. They were way more stable with Grajber on court. At least the passing and defense was better

    Matches in round robin esp. against Dominican Republic (24 points), Belgium (24), Russia (17), Turkey (17), Brazil (17), USA (13).

    Well Drews is 26 and did you see how much she improved in one season? 24 is not an old age to improve. On the other hand, Stysiak doesn't seem to be improving at all compared to other players from her generation such as Ebrar, Pietrini etc. She is a big liability at reception/defense, and still making too many unforced errors. Her attacking ratios are not very different than Grajber's. Since Poland doesn't have any good backup Opps, I think Stysiak should be considered as sub for Smarzek. I don't think she is adding anything to this team right now.

    Stysiak is opposite, she started to play as OH this season and played in this position around 10 matches in her life so it's hard to judge her performance now.

    However in few matches she was amazing - few of them were poor, overall I think considering her age and position change she played quite well. Don't know exactly how is her case similar to Karakurt or Pietrini.

    In this F6 tournament for Poland mostly connection with MBs was missing and Stysiak didn't play as good as in the round robin but still the matches were close. All players couldn't play well at the same time unfortunately.

    But still Wolosz didn't play much with a team so they need time together. Also Wojcik and Maj were missing but were really needed.

    I didn't watch, but in general, it actually is the referee's job to make sure that both teams are ready before starting the rally. If the time-out signal intervenes with his whistle, he should stop the rally again and if necessary give a yellow card for delay to Poland for requesting the time-out too late.

    Yes that's correct it's been always like this..

    It's not the referees job to make sure no player is lingering around when the game is going. No time out was called therefore it's the players job to make sure they're ready and paying attention to whats going on in the court.

    But how can they be ready when time out bell was ringing......

    Cmon guys it's not high school volleyball some kind of organizational level is required at this stage.

    I thought the same.

    But I guess more tournaments, more money from everywhere. Just imagine that for organization of OQT each federation had to pay 500.000$. So it is not only about sport but about business.

    :wall:Where did you get this information?

    If this is true, Polish federation paid 500K $ for organizing of tournament with no chance to beat Serbia yet they rejected Guidetti to be NT coach few years ago because of money :white:

    It is all FIVB fault. Why not use VNL as Olympic qualification? It's the same formula as WC basically. Or play WC insted of VNL year before Olympics. With 6 teams advancing plus Japan plus 5 continental champions (or next teams) to advance. You get rid of qualification tournament with drawing of lots which is unfair anyway and WC which doesn't make sense to play...

    And VNL plus continental championship become real tournaments not friendly games..