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    Poor Wolosz. She has to deal with poor teammates. Turkey isn’t spectacular. Its just two bad teams fighting hard.

    Actually from all Polish players besides Smarzek who probably had her worst match of all time Wolosz was second worst. Even with this bad reception her sets were terrible tbh especially 1 m too narrow set to Smarzek on match point.

    The only weak teams in the Tokyo Olympics are Argentina and Africa. The rest can easily stack up with any of the European powerhouses.

    Korea and Thailand could do that few years ago but now it is rather not possible for them to beat strong Euro team.

    yeah such great euro teams like CRO, AZE and BEL are missing from the OGs ... how they’ll be missed. what a joke you are.

    Still Belgium is better than KEN, ARG and maybe DOM an THA/KOR. But this is not about Europe has to have most teams. Just the qual system is failure.
    The most justice would do to have continental qualification at first and then international ones. Not the other way.

    I think 100% is something we shouldn't use simply in this tournament :lol: I think the fact Turkey lost once vs Germany is actually what is an advantage for Turkey vs Poland in a possible final. They already saw some great strengths of Germany live, Giovanni and co. will be more prepared. Just look at the Belgium match, without the friendlies the first match might have ended with a Belgium win but thanks to those friendlies that didn't happen in the tournament. Same can happen in group stage. I looked at H2H, Turkey 13-5 Germany and Poland 12-5 Germany. Same kind of record.

    Like I said though, Germany showed best volleyball imho. They are still the favorites against anyone in my opinion.

    But what h2h? From 200x years? These players are retired already. At least since 2015 Poland always defeated Germany.

    Hmmm... Let me guess... Is it maybe bcs ur Polish?


    Turkey has a good record against Germany, but to me at this point Germans are equal faves against anyone because of this amazing game.

    No. It is because Poland has perfect record against Germany. So before the match there will be other mental attitude. If it is Turkey, Germany showed they can beat them few days ago. But for Poland... I don’t even remember when Germany has beaten Poland last time but for sure it was long ago.

    Poland's reception line is vulnerable with Sytsiak as OH and this will be easily exploited by good server teams such as Turkey and Netherlands. I don't really consider Poland with a realistic chance of qualifying

    That is true but Ned team with Meijners and Daalderop is not any better :white: The same relates to Italy , Serbia and so on, it is common now teams use 2 OPPs or offensive OHs.

    I would still say Turkey and Netherlands are favourites. Poland is more of the 2-years tale, they have probably highest potential to grow and in 1-2 years time probably will be strongest of the 3. Also I think Poland has highest chances to cause an upset to favourite like Brazil or Serbia of the 3.

    But considering the formula of the tournament and that of the 3 Poland is the youngest team I would say The Netherlands will make it unless Sloetjes is really bad. Turkey will be worse than in ECH and their OHs and Karakurt are really unpredictable.