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    Heynen said in the interview on that he will not apply. So it seems there are only 3 candidates by now.

    Wow, sounds like news from other world or definetely not Polish federation :lol:

    Whatever choice it will be, I am 99% sure Ola wouldn’t choose Nawrocki so I’m happy ..

    Yeah, the silence was literally like a scream, it was so awkward, but so good at the same time. Skowrońska even commented it in an interview.

    Skowronska has a pretty good experience with NT coaches as well so she knew what she was talking about :lol::lol::lol:

    Niemczyk almost tried to hit her, Bonitta kicked her off because she went to Agata Mroz funeral and Matlak didn't take her to WCH because she was 'out of shape' :white:

    Next year Glinka is publishing a book about her career and I think if Skowronska does it I will be first in the queue :lol:

    I hope that as an ex player he will have some dialog with current players and much better understanding of some cases.

    I loved Malwina’s interview after ECH when she was asked about the coach

    - (15 seconds of silence) i don’t know, nobody cares about our opinion anyway…


    Yes the funny thing is Poland in theory has no great OH right now but has around 10 young talented girls who can make it. While other big teams like Serbia, Turkey and many others have totally none young OHs to be ready in let’s say 2 years to be in NT.

    In general if we want to have a good result in WCH we can only go back to Smarzek/Stysiak on court because we have nothing better. Gorecka is not ready yet (but will be starter anyway because Medrzyk has a break), Fedusio fell apart in NT, Czyrnianska is too young and Szlagowska didn’t even play in NT. Łukasik has too many ups and downs.
    Różański could potentially solve our problems but she didn’t get too many chances in NT. She could receive 1.5m and play former Stysiak role.
    And until WCH we won’t probably have it sorted out unless one of them becomes great player in one season and gets a chance in VNL and suceeds.
    But after WCH I have very high hopes for Szlagowska, Czyrnianska, Wasilewska and Stencel in NT.
    Let’s pray Stenzel is healthy and Wolosz will try last time to go to OG.

    Because Italy is the best european team right now. They can lose a game or two to Serbia here and there but in fact looking at the rosters Italy is clear number 1 although they lost their OG change in a very poor manner. The only knock is probably Serbia „bad” level when they have a bad day is higher than Italy meaning Egonu or Sylla can turn into errors machines while for Serbia they are usually much more stable.

    If Polish federation wants someone not working in a club, then I guess it's just a gossip. It's dumb tho if this prevents from hiring a coach like Lavarini.

    They want someone not working in a POLISH club. Working for foreign club is not a problem.

    Lavarini, Antiga, Akbas would all be fine for me.

    General public is proud of girls but volleyball fans are ANGRY. Especially at Gui. For obvious reasons

    I think until Turkey manages to have at least one great OH it's almost impossible to succeed more.

    I really dont know how Polish fans have stood Nawrocki for so many years. Really, he is just unbeareable...:pinch:

    Poland NT hasnt created an "identity" after so many years. It is just a bunch of players thrown there and playing, just individuals.

    Im not saying his is the only guilty one, there are more factors. But he hasnt made any change in order to try to "turn" this around.

    Just painful. Not a QF level match (as well as the previous match).

    We just don’t lol 😉 Considering that without him we would have at least Wolosz is enough.

    If Poland had the same team and shape as in OG qualifications I would bet my money on them today against Turkey. But since we have no Wolosz, Medrzyk and additionally Stysiak and Smarzek are far from their shape, I would say it will be easy 3-0 for Turkey,

    This is totally different team now, basically with two 20-year old OHs and a 1st league setter with no experience. But let's see who will be playing next year. If Wolosz and Medrzyk come back (or maybe Kowalewska too) + Smarzek and Stysiak are back in shape + potentially Stencel and Wasilewska joining Poland might be really strong in WCH.

    Yes, there are a lot of rumors about it. Nawrocki said on interview last week, that as for now he focus only on National Team. He also admitted he received many offers from very good clubs... but NT is priority for him.

    There is another rumor, that he will get permission from federation to be both, coach of Chemik Police and National Team until 2022. And after WCH2022, he will resign. (There is ban from polish federation to be a coach at the same time in national team and polish club, but they will make an excuse for him).

    Plus, some players from current national team will join Chemik e.g. young Czyrniańska.

    My God what a tradegy for Chemik and Polish NT. So he will resign right after the most important tournament for Poland? 😂 And then resign to leave the mess for Olympic qualification? Wonderful idea!!!!! Did they hear abour 4 year period to prepare or not?

    Erdogan will invite one of them to his office first:rolll:

    Poland right now: "where can I get one of them USA OH's"


    Actually Turkey needs OHs even more... how many points did they score today?

    The only positive thing for Poland is Smarzek with better % and efficiency than Karakurt, good she is back. With Wolosz, Wasilewska and Medrzyk it would have been much closer match.