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    Im sure Egonu wants Olympic gold and she wouldn’t care much if this girl or that one will be in NT. If she wouldn’t care she wouldn’t have played ECH as this is currently non important tournament but she still was on the roster.

    I advise you to watch Cuba or China in OG2004/2008. Cuban serves and spikes were dominant at the time, while with China you can barely see where the ball is going as everything was happening so fast.

    Pools were always serpentine seeded. Host was in Pool A, #1 & #2 in Pool B, etc.

    The reason for the change is that more groups mean fewer matches in Pool Play, and shorter days for the staff.

    yes, but for this years events FIVB stopped using serpentine and they did the draw - for example for OG qualifiactions. So it might mean they will follow for next year but who knows.

    Hopefully the groups will be drawn based on seedings and not fixed using serpentine as this mean that the teams who didn’t manage to qualify are getting free pass to OG quarterfinals.

    By the way, why did they change the old system? It was much better and much more fair. Right now in 80% the groups roster will determine the outcome.

    TBH Italy will go to OG as well anyways. In case of Poland, they would need to still do well in VNL to succeed and you never know, injuries, some random things may happen and who knows. But maybe it will help to bring back Egonu to NT so it will have a good thing for Italy too.

    No idea if it's an unpopular opinion, but I think Karakurt is playing better as OH than OPP. I don't know if it's because she has "less pressure" as OH to be carrying the team, or if it's some Santarelli magic that made her improve from Novara times, but I am still amazed how comfortable she looks out on position 4 in such a short time :super:

    Well, when she was playing OPP in NT, she had two medicore OHs next to her so all pressure was on her. Now that 50% of balls go to Vargas and also each opponent is mainly focusing on blocking Vargas then it is much easier to perform better. Also she is covered in reception quite well.

    In order to judge this we would need to see club performance as OH otherwise….

    I genuinely believe that this VNL was just a fluke for Poland our level after that just got back to where it was.

    Poland had to peak in VNL due to their poor ranking. They had to rebuild it to have a shot at OG considering we have USA and Italy in the pool. So it was rational thing to do and now they are tired as they play almost every match with the same team.

    It is similar to what happened in Poland. When mens team was average, everyone was caring about womens team. But when men became top team, the federation didn’t care about women anymore. It looks very similar in Itsly right now.

    As I mentioned 2 days ago - when Vargas can’t score it’s a done deal for Turkey. Karakurt or Hande or even middles don’t have as much contribution to make a difference.

    And with a team like Italy or Serbia it means only Vargas can pull it off with sth like 30 points on 60% for Turkey.

    Ebrar had 14 points 48% and butthurt people are acting like only Vargas played good. :D I know y'all hate Ebrar but she is so good recently, her defense was so good and clutch as well. Hande and Gizem with the good reception. The only problem is our middles for full impact, Santarelli has to stop being scared of benching Eda and Zehra, other than that, I think the team looks so strong.

    how many of Ebrar points were during second part of sets? She can score when its 10-10 but after 20 point everything goes to Vargas.

    The thing where Ebrar helped was a service run in the second set but during this run all 7 balls went to Vargas as well.

    Well you know of course other players must score as well but similarly to Serbia when it all matters it comes down to how many balls Boskovic or Vargas will score.