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    I don't get the big fight over sytsiak. It is not like she is having a great season 🤷 I guess it is because there are not many good established opps besides top 4.

    How is smarzek doing this season? I haven't watched her yet, is her shape back to elite level or still bad shape as in Novara?

    She was amazing in WCH and almost beat Serbia alone in QF. In most league matches she is good/great but it is hard to build anything when one week you are starter, do 62% in attack, get MVP and you get benched next week for Thompson who must play because they spent a lot of money on her… no offense to JT - she shouldn’t be happy with not playing as well

    TBH what IOC says that athletes don’t choose passport is laughable. When a country starts a war it just has to accept all the consequences. It’s like saying you have no choice if you are born rich or poor. Actually you don’t but you have to live with it. And here it is the same. The Russians have just to live with it.

    I dont even understand why people are complaining about this, it's been said 1 million times. but only 1 naturalized player can play for the team at the same time anyway. Jack married a Turkish guy, she is a local bcs of this reason, not because she is bought, she won't get an NT call either.

    Vargas is the only one where you can say she got ''bought'' indeed but as people said she got banned from her local federation and she is one of the best Opps in the world, she would never get a chance to play for int. competitions otherwise and Turkey became her second home.

    Alexia also wasn't bought at all, Romania tried so hard to keep her but it was her personal decision to switch federations. She didn't feel happy with the Romanian NT/federation and she has been in Turkey since she was a teenager (and even before that she was scouted) even learning Turkish and really adheres to the culture.

    I know only 1 naturalized player can play at the same time but the whole idea is stupid for me. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Leon for Poland, Leal for Brazil or whoever in Turkey. Basically if your Cuban and can’t play for your NT for any reason, then I get it might be upsetting but getting any nationality to play in OG or WCH or whatever is a joke.

    Daalderop is bad/average in all her matches since WCH. Ok she was great in Novara but now this is gone. Also against much weaker teams than Imoco. And Bajema is just in the wrong place. Her reception is all over the place and she suffers in attack as well since WCH. But in general she shouldn’t be a part of any top team. A player like Frantti deserved it much more for example.

    Egonu will always be Egonu. I can’t see her being super consistent but when she is on she is unstoppable. Boskovic and Haak are definetly more reliable with a little lower peak but remember what Boskovic did in WCH… while Haak could prepare to the season normally unlike other two. But still I love Wolosz Haak connection and happy for Conegliano.
    Both Vakif and Ecz are missing good OH who can score. Bajema or Daalderop won’t make it. They will be so desparate go bring Zhu back.

    It was kind of a monster match for Gorecka, Maj, Witkowska and Alagierska. They all did so well. And considering how reception is judged in Polish league, 62/38% from Maj is exceptional.

    Monza has the best MBs in the league, but what if the rest is a mess 🙄

    Then they should put emphasis on their reception rather than making too offensive roster. Jordan Larson should help with passing but then they must change OPP or make Thompson score with better %.

    Monza Milano This Mess doesnt deserve Jordan coming to save them lol

    Monza is creating the problem for theirselves with this lineup. Only MBs make any sense there. Let’s face it again, Stysiak is not the same player as OH and Thompson is too weak as of now in attack. It is just another match confirming that.

    Monza is so underperforming. Still don’t know what they are trying to do. Stysiak is not OH, JT is not performing well and Sylla seems to be past her days. Bring in Larson and move Stysiak to OPP otherwise there will be no change to their game. It just doesn’t and won’t work. Orro is another topic but there is no other choice here.

    Guidetti made Turkey relevant despite the lack of relevant players and they fire him :white: what did you expect? That he will magically create new players or? Karakurt and Eda cannot win on their own against top teams, I’m so sorry.

    When Carcaces is Novara’s best player, it tells how bad they are.

    How bad all the players must be if Carcases is the best on court and she was bronze medalist in Athens 2004 :white: and her peak were somewhere in 2006-2010 :lol:

    They should play with Davyskiba and Sylla plus Stysiak as OPP. But they need to put Thompson on court because they paid for her :lol: Anyways JT shouldn't be an OPP in the first place.