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    I think Gałkowska would be a better option.

    Anyway, another big chance for Sobiczewska. She used it well in ŁKS when she suddenly had to be the first OPP and she should be starter in NT. If she can’t handle it, then we should think about playing with receiving OPP.

    I mean if you expect a player benched by Diouf who didn’t play half of a season and is 184cm OPP to be Polish NT starter then we can even ditch VNL and WCH and go to some European League or whatever it is called now by CEV …

    Uhm, there are more variables that Karakurt and you did address your post directly to her?... The logic going as: ,,Novara was great last season overall and they strengthen their squad with much better opposite'' was correct, the problem is that Novara's best all-round player last season was its weakest point this year.

    So, first all of, there was no consensus that Novara will win Italian league (there were predictions that they'll compete with Conegliano on regular basis, and that was totally fair, even if incorrect from some time perspective), and more importantly - they didn't make it not because of Karakurt, because she turned out to be a huge upgrade over Smarzek, but because other parts of a team were not as good as a year before.

    And ... no one denies that Novara flopped this year, but it's quite illogical to bring Karakurt into this narrative individually considering she's one of the few Novara members that played the way we were all expecting. I don't see a clou.

    OK I’m not referring to Ebrar personally because I don’t like her or something. I just refer to many posters who hyped her transfer so much and I tried to say to them to stay cool and that Novara won’t win the league or even contest Imoco and Ebrar won’t become scoring machine with 50%+ attack and that they are unrealistic. But ofc maybe I should mention for example Hancock too that she is limiting Novara’s game. And I was attacked that I’m not right. I don’t really want to dig deep and look for these posts but there was a lot of hate and laugh on me.

    So I just come back to say that I was right - that’s all :lol: And I don’ say this is Ebrar’s fault personally just some people overestimated her trasfer a lot and thought she was going to be missing link.

    Context matters, she got over 70 sets from Hancock, against great defending team - she played well (maybe besides her service game), as in this semifinal in general. That's Egonu or Haak treatment if you expect her to cover all the weaknesses of her team and lead her team to victory on this level, but there's something between ''rather disappointing'' and ''she's not Egonu after all'', and that's a place where Karakurt right now is (very good player after very good season).

    If there's someone that perhaps should get more scrutinized while she's not, it's Daalderop, I didn't like her all-round game in these matches against Monza, but with Bosetti being out of shape, Hancock playing so-so, Chirichella being meh, and Daalderop being okay-ish - it shows the messiness of Novar as a team, I guess.

    If you read the transfers topic before the season and the hype there was about Ebrar, even that now Novara will dethrone Imoco thanks to Karakurt you will understand what I’m talking about. And when I said it won’t change anything I was attcked by number of users. Where they are now? :lol:

    So after all this hype I would be disappointed that they were supposed to win Italian league and they even don’t make it to the final.

    I agree, Novara did a good job last season. Their only missing position was a strong Opp since smarzek flopped which something nobody expected. This year they found a very good Opp to cover their only weakness however this season Caterina flopped badly and this is something Lavarini couldn't expect while forming the team since Cate had such a good performance last season

    Don’t you think that Karakurt with 36% in last match is a bit of too little to call it very good? I would say it is rather disappointing. She usually plays well against worse teams but in playoffs it won’t work against the top. I would expect her to lead the team to win after all guys here were saying how great this transfer is. But it shows it was not in fact.

    Looking for shape all OH called to NT I agree with you, but I hope other players will be back to shape on NT camp.

    For now the best are 3 OHs like you mentioned.

    Czyrniańska will be in U21 team and should join senior team later. She is the youngest but has real chance to be even starting on WCH in my opinion. We will see...

    Czyrnianska has better and worse matches in attack but she has a big advantage over others. She doesn’t turn into UE machine in recepion and attack, she is quite solid. Rozanski and Lukasik can play bith bery good or very bad :D

    Looking at current OHs list and their shape unfortunately it seems only Lukasik, Czyrnianska and Rozanski seem to be in good shape, Gorecka doesn’t play or is disappointing, Fedusio totally lost the track. Do you think Lukasik and Czyrnianska will be starters?

    Yeaaa, but why?? She played whole season as outside hitter and she was great, she should stay on that position PERIOD. Please stop those stupid rotations between positions which Nawrocki loved so much.

    Actually she is originally OPP and was moved to OH in the clubs :wavy: Stop making rotations:lol:

    I don’t say she should play as OPP, only in case it is needed for some reason she can play as OPP.

    And by the way, the last time we played some decent level, we did it with Stysiak and Smarzek on court. Automatically without them both on court we are just European 3rd league team. Although it is sad, I think guys you have to accept it and not expect Lukasik/Gorecka duo to beat Turkey or Italy.

    Cause she makes many errors and also her reception is shaky.

    If you will just look at the stats, you can find many better players.

    Plus, she quite short. She cannot block. And looking at her games, she doesn't bring any positive energy to the team, rather the toxic energy (as it was in Wrocław)

    But what stats? She played in Wrocław where she was only decent player so she will have worse stats than someone from top

    Short? Gorecka is the same height, Fedusio is 3 cm higher ….

    Since she moved to Radom she has great stats and not so many errors.

    That user hate anything related to Turkey. I can't decide if they are jealous or racist

    Jesus one even can’t express an opinion.

    I’m entirely against something like this and I don’t care if it relates to Poland and Leon or Italy and Juantorena or Turkey.

    NT volleyball is not club volleyball and ofc Carutasu knows she would achieve nothing with Romanian NT and she can later play as local in turkish league which boosts her value and possibility to play there.

    I can’t even comment on the fact she went to high school in Turkey, it won’t make her become Turkish nationality…. It is just a transfer whatever you want to say.

    I am happy because in my opinion we have good OHs comparing to the years when we had in NT players like Kaczorowska, Sieczka, Paszek...

    I really know that many of current young players have big potential and I hope that they can imptove with Lavarini.

    But none of them is ready to play in NT in this season.

    Why you guys are all missing on Murek? She was better than all other OHs in last few Radomka matches.

    We are in situation (finally) when we have many good players to choose, especially on OH position.

    I just hope that everyone will stay on their position, because there is no need to put Stysiak as OH:teach:

    Actually we have 0 OHs with good NT experience, just Lukasik and Gorecka with one season and not so good one. None of them is also playing great ATM, so I don’t really know what you are happy about. You sound like if we had Larson and Zhu Ting :white: And even Germany have better OHs than we do.

    Stats are important, but she fails in any match against good opponent. I don’t care if she is 60% against last team in the league. And Murek/Szlagowska play in much worse teams than her (since Murek moved to Radomka she has great stats an fee last matches with 40-50% in attack).

    S: Wolosz, Kowalewska, Skorupa, Wenerska

    OPP: Smarzek, Stysiak, Gałkowska

    MB: Kąkolewska, Wasilewska, Stencel, Witkowska, Gryka

    OH: Różański, Łukasik, Czyrniańska, Górecka, Murek, Szlagowska

    L: Stenzel, Szczygłowska, Łysiak

    For me Fedusio is terrible this season and was last year in NT.

    Malwina seems to be in good shape finally.

    i was watching this polish team and so sad we won't watch them at that level since the final of olympic qualifier

    They seem to be in a good path,i hope lavarini can do a good job cause now they have more players that can shine

    The point is after OG qualies there was no Wolosz, no Medrzyk and the main setter was sth like 5th setter of our NT :white:

    Actually Jordan was the only good player in Monza yesterday… so I guess she fully deserved her pay :)

    Don’t you guys think Monza is much worse with Mikasa balls? Also I am not sure why Davyskiba was benched while she is starter in Serie A?