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    Orro is simply terrible. She did like 3 UEs on her own plus the sets are terrible and all to double block.
    Egonu is maybe used too much by Wolosz but she has often no block or single one…

    According to GLP, CEV wants to ditch the superfinals (cause its too hard to find a host/they're asking for too much money) in way for a traditional home/away finals.


    the CL knockouts should be pure single elimination imo.

    They could just lower the price :D

    She said she wants to play OG finally so I guess we will have her until we fail to qualify :lol:

    BTW what a performance by Gryka & Rozanski yesterday…

    Lavarini said that the most important thing in game is reception, so I doubt that Stysiak will play as OH. Smarzek is not as good as before, so for me she should be substitute for Magda.

    I think Różański will be a starter or at least will get more chances this year. She + Stysiak are enough, when it comes to attack.

    Smarzek is not so good but Magda is sitting on bench to Van Hecke… so how she will perform after such season? She only played as OH is some matches due to injuries.

    Rozanski is good only against weaker teams, yesterday she got Chemik and had 20% in attack.

    Could you please explain what you meant by “partly Glinka times”? Is it because she played OPP for some time?

    Yes that’s what I mean, that she was not originally an OH. And for me she should have been always an OPP…

    Please no more Stysiak as OH. It made sense when Smarzek was a beast in NT but she isn't now. Also we don't have any good defensive OH that could play next to her outside of... maybe Grajber and I'm pretty sure that no one want to see her in NT again :rolll:

    What other choice we have? We have no OH with NT experience - only Lukasik and Gorecka who played one year last season. And both are not in good shape to say at least…

    And just to add, Stysiak is not even a starter as OPP in her club.

    For me Łukasik, Różański , Drużkowska, Czyrniańska and Dudek have big potential. Lavarini must show this potential. If you not we have Stysiak in OH,but Smarzek must play good in OPP.

    Yes but at this years WCH we won’t go out on court with 2 OHs without any NT experience. So this is more of the future plan.

    This year we should stick to Stysiak as OH it is the only way we can get far. And have 2nd more defensive OH like Gorecka.

    As for MBs Kakolewska and Witkowska are the best in the league as of now. And Stencel is doing nice job.

    Łysiak is better overall for me but lately after she was injured she needs some more time I guess.

    I would wonder more who will be called as OHs as apparently we cannot raise anyone great since Swieniewicz/Rosner/Jagielo/Werblinska/partly Glinka times. In my eyes even Skowronska playing as OH was better than all current ones :wall:

    All of Lukasik/Gorecka/Fedusio/Rozanski/Murek are so up and down. Potentially Szlagowska/Orzol but it is still long way and it won’t happen in WCH.

    I would love to have Santarelli as 1st choice but looking back at what we have since 2008 one cannot complain no matter if this is him or Lavarini….

    NT wise Lavarini did better but also had better team so hard to say.

    Heynen said in the interview on that he will not apply. So it seems there are only 3 candidates by now.

    Wow, sounds like news from other world or definetely not Polish federation :lol:

    Whatever choice it will be, I am 99% sure Ola wouldn’t choose Nawrocki so I’m happy ..

    Yeah, the silence was literally like a scream, it was so awkward, but so good at the same time. Skowrońska even commented it in an interview.

    Skowronska has a pretty good experience with NT coaches as well so she knew what she was talking about :lol::lol::lol:

    Niemczyk almost tried to hit her, Bonitta kicked her off because she went to Agata Mroz funeral and Matlak didn't take her to WCH because she was 'out of shape' :white:

    Next year Glinka is publishing a book about her career and I think if Skowronska does it I will be first in the queue :lol:

    I hope that as an ex player he will have some dialog with current players and much better understanding of some cases.

    I loved Malwina’s interview after ECH when she was asked about the coach

    - (15 seconds of silence) i don’t know, nobody cares about our opinion anyway…


    Yes the funny thing is Poland in theory has no great OH right now but has around 10 young talented girls who can make it. While other big teams like Serbia, Turkey and many others have totally none young OHs to be ready in let’s say 2 years to be in NT.