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    Poland finishes the vnl preliminary round with the standing no.1:win:

    And as a prize they get to play Germany instead of Italy or Japan :white::wavy:

    Can’t wait for the tie break with 15-15 in the fifth:lol:

    The idea of the ranking is OK as previous one was even more unfair in terms of keeping the points for 4 years or giving points for advancing to events where teams outside Europe had it much easier.

    FIVB just gave VNL too much importance, of course they want to push the teams to bring all best players, but having the points factor of 40 while WCH are 45 and Olympics 50 made this bit of a mess. If it was more like 30 or 25 it would work much better. As for now VNL match is points wise just like WCH which is nit good.

    Naturalized, migrant, not ethnically from this place, ethnically from this place but didn't grew up here :rolll: blah blah blah, I'm bored of any of these things being mentioned too much, there are rules to prevent it from being unfair for the most part, others are just natural migrations.

    It's 2023, just get over yourselves, you'll only see more of it every day.

    Rules like what? Tell me these rules. There is no rule to prevent it.

    It is a different thing when you are brought up in another country. You are a citizen of this country then.

    But when you are over 20 years old and did play Cuban NT in the past and get offers from Turkey and Serbia to naturalize you then it has MONEY written all over it.

    And I don’t care which country it is or is it Vargas, Leon, Leal or whatever.

    If they could play for Cuba they would do it. They left because they want to play other leagues not because they love other country so much.

    Don’t know about money, but tbh Poland is the most prospectful team in the world right now. Stysiak is only 22, Lukasik 23, Rozanski 26, Stenzel 24 for example. They can still all play in 2028 OG outside of Wolosz. And still we have other players like Gorecka, Czyrnianska, Druzkowska, Borowczak and others. The only question mark is the setter in 2-4 years.

    I don't get the big fight over sytsiak. It is not like she is having a great season 🤷 I guess it is because there are not many good established opps besides top 4.

    How is smarzek doing this season? I haven't watched her yet, is her shape back to elite level or still bad shape as in Novara?

    She was amazing in WCH and almost beat Serbia alone in QF. In most league matches she is good/great but it is hard to build anything when one week you are starter, do 62% in attack, get MVP and you get benched next week for Thompson who must play because they spent a lot of money on her… no offense to JT - she shouldn’t be happy with not playing as well

    TBH what IOC says that athletes don’t choose passport is laughable. When a country starts a war it just has to accept all the consequences. It’s like saying you have no choice if you are born rich or poor. Actually you don’t but you have to live with it. And here it is the same. The Russians have just to live with it.