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    I thought the same.

    But I guess more tournaments, more money from everywhere. Just imagine that for organization of OQT each federation had to pay 500.000$. So it is not only about sport but about business.

    :wall:Where did you get this information?

    If this is true, Polish federation paid 500K $ for organizing of tournament with no chance to beat Serbia yet they rejected Guidetti to be NT coach few years ago because of money :white:

    It is all FIVB fault. Why not use VNL as Olympic qualification? It's the same formula as WC basically. Or play WC insted of VNL year before Olympics. With 6 teams advancing plus Japan plus 5 continental champions (or next teams) to advance. You get rid of qualification tournament with drawing of lots which is unfair anyway and WC which doesn't make sense to play...

    And VNL plus continental championship become real tournaments not friendly games..

    Volleyball changed a lot and is always in a prgress of changing. It cannot be a coincidence that we had a lot of players who were all around players in every element. You cannot find such players in this time..

    They are power/defence specialist, attacking/blocking specialist or receiving/digging specialist, which is kind of sad.

    Yes I miss this too although I think the same refers to men volleyball which is all about power as well now.

    Looking at the 2008 or even 2012 Olympics teams they were much stronger than now... I feel like now only 3-4 teams are really strong and the rest is just average. Back to 2008 there were 4 really strong Asian teams (Japan, China, Thailand, Korea), Brazil, USA and many great teams like Cuba (the roster was just... Ruiz, Sanchez, Carcases, Carillo, Calderon, Stanos, omg), Russia (Gamova, Sokolova), Serbia (Ognjenovic, Citakovic, Brakocevic, Nikolic), Netherlands (Flier, Stam, Visser, Wensink), Italy (Del Core, Picci, Aguero, Lo Bianco), Poland (Glinka, Skowronska, Zenik, Swieniewicz), Germany (Grun, Beier, Brinker), Turkey (Neriman, Neslihan) all really strong teams.

    There were so many great players that for example in Poland Dziekiewicz, Swieniewicz and Jagielo didn't make it to the roster for Olympics...... and now they could play starters in almost any top team. There is probably no team now besides Serbia and Belgium which has better roster than back then. Teams with great players even could not get to play Olympics (like Netherlands, Germany, Turkey or Poland in respective years). Just each top 12 team in the world had 3-4 big names and now the team rosters sound like all stars. Now you can take young Turkish players and make it to VNL final which would be impossible back then.

    And how many great liberos and allround OHs were back then...

    Actually as for USA they cannot play with 4 OHs of Hill, Bartsch, Larson and Robinson so I think Jordan or Kelsey should play as libero since they are much better than actual liberos... Still USA is missing this classic OPP as Hooker has been. Until they find someone I don't think they will win anything big.

    Ranking system has been 4 year range for a while like 15 years. Since taking out the Continental Championships results this has been the system. In the past rankings had reduced percentage values each year, but since London 2012 everything is 100%.

    VNL results will probably be included this year, minus WGP.

    But this was different story back then.

    For this year WC '19 won't count (as states fivb) and VNL as well (at least still no news on it). So next ranking will be just OG + WCH (WTH !?!?) which is just 2 competition..............................

    This VNL is a nonsense since there are no ranking points and most of the teams cannot be relegated.

    What is point of FIVB ranking with WGP 2017 points included??? :white: Anyway I don't know what is the point of the ranking at all when Poland is at 26. place while Cameroon 17., Canada 16. and Argentina 11. :wall:

    Actually I think Japan will defeat Korea and Dominican Republic so I think they may even lose to Poland and advance. For Poland - even if they win against Japan I think Dom is hardest team to play for us. We never played well against them.

    So i would not say that tomorrow match will decide final tram to advance.