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    What about Stenzel - Polish NT libero. I hope she will go to Italy as she is a decent player and constant over time. I remember last year she decided to resign from her management agency and do not know how many offers you get without your managers' support to be honest.

    I think she will move to Chemik Police as they parted ways with their libero.

    I agree, i don't see why she is getting so much hate here:down:

    It’s not hate. It’s just opinion about her game. Everyone is so excited about her serving while her sets are quite bad. If a spiker gets 5 balls and most are different from each other, it is rather poor setting quality.

    Who have said that Ebrar is equal to Boskovic (Serdar misspelled his post FYI, what's quite obvious from a context of his writing)? Basically, you started a discussion about Ebrar by saying that some people expect from her to shine like Egonu, while in reality I don't think that even Ebrar's family expects that she will play on a level Egonu, like, ever (no disrespect). :lol:

    People's claims that Novara can do great things next season are strictly based on a fact that Novara is a top team this season in Europe (CL SF and probable final in Italian league) despite playing without a proper opposite for a full season, because Smarzek (again, no disrespect) is that bad. If Karakurt plays very good, Novara may be much more dangerous team (considering great trio on OH position with valid contracts) than this year. That's it. If she turns out to be a disappointment, Novara next year will look for another opposite and we again will claim that Novara with very good opposite can improve much further.

    But all Novara players except Bosetti are playing much worse than they possibly can so they do not only play without opposite, they have terrible setter, Herbots who has ups and downs but against top teams she is non existent, medicore performing middles... Novara has great names on paper but they are not a great team. So I don’t see how it will change when you switch 1 player.

    But if you want to know exactly who stated what start reading the thread from beginning esp user crovolley...

    I don’t say it is bad transfer. It can turn out to be great one. Just her current status in volleyball? she is 2nd opp of Turkish NT to Meryem Boz and opp of decent Turkish team. So we cannot just assume she will do much better in Italy while she has to go abroad, cope with huge pressure and play in CHL as well which is together not easy.
    So when users here say Novara will do great things next season and Ebrar will shine and Ebrar is equal to Boskovic - for me it is too much and based on nothing.

    Guys but everything we talk here is POTENTIALLY and not in reality. In fact Novara made SF of CHL and probably will make it to the final of Serie A. So please don’t expect any better as they won’t beat Imoco or Vakif or even maybe Fener/ECZ and other Italian team next year depending on rosters.
    But what I can read here is that you expect them to do really well because they sign Karakurt. In fact she is not even OPP no 1 in Turkish NT and has many ups and downs in Turkish league. She has similar percentage of attach to Smarzek in Italy so only there is potential for her to do better. Smarzek also did great in NT and it didn’t translate much to her play in Italy.

    It is just so funny how you think Ebrar will improve Novara. She is talented indeed but she will not carry Novara with 50-70% attack and I don’t know why you think she will be next Egonu. Possibly only Boskovic or Haak could help Novara but still it could be too little to beat Cogneliano.

    Ebrar did nothing amazing in NT or Turkish league so where does this expectation come from?

    Look at Novara how they are performing now without her. And Zanette is not high level OPP.

    They performed quite bad while Imoco was doing stupid mistakes. But anyway if you need to see the same disaster next year just with Ebrar, you can wait.

    With an exception of Bosetti maybe, I agree, Novara looks out of shape for a while.

    Bosetti in general plays well this season, but this match also isn’t her best. Herbots had great first part of the season and now she is getting worse and worse.

    6-15 and Smarzek already subbed out.

    Who would have thought.

    Funny thing is if you exclude Sansonna nobody is playing good there. Reception is terrible, Hancock is terrible and middles are useless. But always Smarzek is THAT bad person. I don’t claim she is playing well but the whole team is playing really bad for their abilities. Sorry but I doubt any other OPP than Egonu would help them and even then I’m not sure they would manage to win.

    After Liktoras (completely untouchable on first place) Podolec is my favourite Polish player, i "fall in love" with her after amazing performance against Serbia on World Cup, truly after that i didn't get a chance to watch her many times, but she stay my fave.

    Best wishes to her :rose:

    I loved Podolec in WGP 2007 match against China when she won it really alone with 30 pts and 60% in attack while nobody scored more than 10 pts after her and I thought then, a star is born. But then all these injuries...

    In general I am sad that Poland had so many good players at the same time, with OHs like Glinka, Podolec, Werblinska, Rosner and Swieniewicz for some part. Playing in OG with Glinka, Podolec as OHs was a big part contributing to bad result. But I guess Bonitta was scared to put Skowronska or Podolec on bench ..

    Please consider how lucky the team was to have only 7 good players and use them almost 4 years in all conpetition without injuries. Many too teams have at least some good replacement on the bench if anything happens, Ned did not but managed to be on top few years.