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    Polish team couldnt still do the right things at the right time but they have set a good, kinda stable team play in VLN so far..this is good for them

    That's true but the problem is it has nothing to do with a coach.... What is the coach responsible for- tactics, block-defence system, substitutions- this is all not existent for Poland. They are just playing like they met yesterday just some kind of will and skills help them play not so bad.

    I wonder where all that praise of Turkey game come from? Sorry they just beat Italian third team and they are more hyped that Germany for beating Brazil. Lets see what they can do against USA ...

    For the Polish players Im very happy with the way it looked considering they have not played a lot against top teams and we have new main setter and probably her connection will improve throught the tournament. Anyway USA is probably one of the hardest to beat in the VNL aprt from China and Serbia and for sure it will be easier next games.

    I wonder how Poland will play.... with Wolosz I would be really sure it will look ok- Wolosz, Witkowska, Kakolewska, Medrzyk and Efimienko are rather experienced and good players plus Smarzek is in good shape. But without Wolosz, I'm not so sure about it- hope we can get 5-7 wins at least.

    As for Budowlani, Brinker is not signed yet, they want Grajber (if she is staying) or Blagojevic, but not sure where Grajber would go- maybe Rzeszow or LKS? But anyway, they should have Trojan, Polanska and Stenzel so they need one more polish player. LKS with Efimienko, Kwiatkowska and Strasz also needs one, with Bociek they can have foreigners as OHs and Muhlsteinova. Not sure which Polish players Chemik will have besides libero :white:

    Fabris (FIPAV president) complained about the same thing. He said he a meeting with the presidents of the most important european Federations. It's ridiculus NT season lasts more than the club season. There is no rest at all. Injuries increase every day. Even the youngest ones aren't perfectly fit nowdays. FIPAV even wanted all the italian teams out of the CEV competitions for the 2018-19 if nothing changed... :whistle:

    First of all, at least for me the club season is too long, not the NT one. We have a bunch of really annoying events like World club championships. At least CL last shorter now. The NT season is not so long, it's just WNL and WCH which is not a lot, the case is, the WNL should start after at least one month break. If it was scheduled in July it would be good at teams would have a lot of time to prepare for WCH.

    Ok, I agree that she could be in the team instead of Baluk or Rozanski, but remember that only 14 players will play and not 21 so she would not make it anyway.

    Anyway I think winning against Belgium, Argentina, Korea, Germany, Dominican Rep and Turkey should be plan. Considering many teams will rest the players before WCH I hope we could do a little more.

    Once again our clown is cutting off wrong players...Damaske was much better than Mucha, Różański and Bałuk, like wtf?! :gone:
    Mucha is extremely overrated and inconsistent, Różanki did not play almost whole season and Bałuk is too young and inexperienced. Thanks to Damaske Legionovia stays in the league :mad:

    Sorry but Mucha played in NT two years ago in WGP finals and was leading player. Then she saved Bielsko alone in the league making 20-30 points each match. Ok she got injured and maybe this season was not amazing, but still whole Bielsko team played rather poorly and they had financial issues. While Damaske for me is rather inconsistent and has much worse reception. And on the top of that, Damaske is playing good against Kalisz or Bydgoszcz. She is useless in matches with better clubs while we all judge Twardowska by her performance in key matches and not against weakest teams.
    So i understand this decision.

    So I have not idea who Imoco should sign then. Rabadzieva is good receiver but so-so attacker and Imoco needed a lot of points and spikes from Bricio. Maybe Vasilieva and De Gennaro would cover her a bit. Or any Cuban player maybe with good attack. I thing defensive player like Grotheus is not enough even if they play fast and with good passing.