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    i wonder how the relation between Bonitta and his girls

    personally i think he is a talented coach, but his strict coaching method might get the girls mad

    how was the relationship between Bonitta and his italian female team while he was resigning?

    the same question between he and the polish females after olympics 2008?

    any girls left some comments about Bonitta coaching....thank him or bonitta pissed them off?

    Hello everyone

    myname is benjamin from hong kong 20 years old

    i really like volleyball and particularly i like itlaian female and male team, and polish female team

    i am going to montreux to watch the montreux masters 2009 and then going to turino

    i have been to europe before spain france italy switzerland germany liechenstein and austria

    i hope i can meet some friends here maybe join together go to montreux and the way i will stay in altdort ( near fluelen), SUI in june