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    Tonight (March 12th, 2011) there will be the match Dynamo Krasnodar - Dynamo Kazan.

    Would anybody know any way to watch that game live? Or any hints towards being able to watch it? I'd very much like to but everywhere I look I can't seem to find a way. Help would be greatly appreciated!! :p

    I don't know how to download from "torrents", is it possible for you to upload them on Megaupload once again ?

    Also, please post "RUSSIA vs Serbia" :obey: , its the last match which russia won !!

    Merku_love> I don't produce my own content unfortunately, I only take videos that are already in this thread and put them on torrent.

    Now for those wondering, even if I believe a simple google search would answer your questions, I'll explain how to use torrents. Torrent files are generally 10/15kb big, they are simply download managers that allow you to download the real file.

    So, first you download µTorrent and install it. The install is 260k big so it shouldn't be problematic. You then associate µTorrent with torrent files, and now you can download the torrents on the links I put here. When you download a torrent file, your download box should ask you if you want to launch them directly into µTorrent but if it doesn't, just download the torrent and then click and drop it into µTorrent. Then the real download starts. That's it.

    Now the MOST IMPORTANT : torrent is an user based community download utility. That means it's really important that you don't just download the torrent and voila. If you want faster downloads, you should let µTorrent run in the background so other people can download the file from you as well. The best is to let a file on µTorrent up until the "ratio" column is around 3 or 4. That means you allowed 3 to 4 people to download the same file as you.

    could anyone upload any of the matches on torrent? :D

    so that even if we turn off the computer; we can resume downloading. it takes forever for me to download the matches :(

    Hey there, I started uploading matches on torrent for those who don't like Megaupload. I only put the one Serbia vs Italy for the moment since I don't have much time but if any of you want some other match (that are in this thread) on torrent, just ask.
    By the way since several people have been complaining about the mp4 format I re-encoded it to divx, it's about the same size and still of pretty good quality. I hope you don't mind LighMaster.