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    One dream I had was first scene I was on a beach with Logan Tom and she was teaching me to skip rocks and we had so much fun. The next scene I was on a bus and all of a sudden Tayyiba Haneef-Park was calling out to me from another bus. The person sitting beside me said that Haneef-Park said someone had died. I wouldn't believe it so I went outside and got off. Haneef-Park got off, too.
    And she told me she was so sorry but Logan Tom had died.
    I was so sad but a couple of hours later the doctors were able to revive her or something. Lol.

    Another dream. Piccinini called me while I was on a bus and asked to meet me at a hospital here at 2. I asked my mom and she said yes. So I was going with my mom and she was going to drop me off. On our way, we passed some apartment buildings and then Piccinini was there. She started yelling my name and calling to me and I started to walk towards her. But then she was saying something important but three blondes, Anzanello, Guiggi and Ferretti, were pulling her so she was never able to finish her sentence and I never showed up at the hospital.

    Another dream. Lol. My sister and I were trying to teach our friends volleyball, it's hard because we're all kids. But anyway, my sister and I were extremely good at it and all of a sudden, these teams started watching us play. Like Brazil and Italy women's NT. And they loved my sister and me and my sister went with the Brazilians (I think she used to like them but now she's for Italy) and I went with Italy.

    Ummm, wow I wrote long. Haha. That's all. Thanks for reading my ridiculously long dreams. It took a lot of time to type it. Haha. There are more but tell me if you want to hear more. I dream A LOT.

    Let's play a game! I'll start by asking some question that starts with "If" and the person below me answers it and asks another question.

    First question:

    If they had Vice-Captains in Italy, which one would you choose?
    Gioli, Piccinini, Aguerro, whatever...

    WEll...when I talked to Piccinini, she still could understand something in Portuguese...but well..Italian and portuguese..have a lot things easier to compreend...

    Me and my sister wrote her a letter.....and we didnt know witch she would we wrote one in portuguese and other in English.....and she prefer to take the one in portuguese!!!hehehehe

    Omg, I'm so jealous! I would give a lot to talk to any players~!!!!! WHAT DID SHE SAY?????????????????????~~!!!!!
    Kkkkk I like her probably as much as LightMaster likes Debby and Manon....
    So Picci spoke English? Wow....
    did you get an autograph? Wow

    I think some people are mad at me... haha.
    But I think that I made this to try it out and it's a question who you find most interesting.
    More people voted for Manon, I think?
    But really, no offense to all Debby Stam and Manon Flier fans...

    I'm pretty sure it's her I have on Facebook...
    and it says she's married.
    To this guy named Nemanja Vasiljevic. I added that guy and it says he's married to her.
    I looked through both of their photos...
    And they're in each other's.
    So Jovana Brakocevic is married???

    My sister and I sometimes mocks the players.... :wall: :down:
    There is one about Scott-Arruda but It's a bit mean... (Maybe you can guess) :lol:
    Guiggi - bunny rabbit because of her teeth :aww: :thumbsup:
    Piccinini -- Peach or The Pomegranate (because of her book?)

    WangYimei- I don't know much but my sister makes fun of her teeth and weight

    By the way, why is Jacque the most loved and the most hated?

    Has anybody ever dreamed about any players? Haha.
    I have about 3 or 4 times... I've dreamed about............
    I'm embarrassed to say it........ Francesca Piccinini about 3 times...

    But anyway, has anybody dreamed about anyone? Including Picci...

    Not just players, now. Anything related to teams or volleyball.


    Lol, sorry. Favorite team ITALY... Brazil's second... and then Serbia. But anyway, Italy grabbed my heart first. Haha.
    Favorite player... Barazza, of course. But here's a funny story. A few years ago, it was Sokolova and Jacqueline who caught me, and then I forgot them. Watching Grand Prix 2008 later this year, before the Olympics, Japan vs Italy 3-0, Italy grabbed me. Haha. And maybe like many people, Francesca Piccinini IMMEDIATELY caught my attention. So it was Italy team and Picci player favorites. However, Sheilla and Paula got me soon. But Picci was still top. And then Jacqueline entered AGAIN. And then so did SOKOLOVA. It was during that time that I got bored with Picci and paid attention to more people. Guiggi and Lo Bianco and Anzanello were very pretty, I thought and they were quite good so I liked them. It was then that I heard about Picci and the inappropriate photo shoot.
    :aww: Then I sort of stopped liking her. After that, Barazza was the player I sort of liked. Now I really like her. Sheilla is next except there's the possibility of being gay issue about her.
    So Italy is still my team, even though they dissapointed me so much in the Olympics.
    Barazza, Sokolova, Guiggi, Brakocevic, Anzanello, Sheilla are on my top. I'm still trying to decide whether I like Piccinini or I hate her. But for some reason, I can't help but care about what's going on with her.

    To me, watching female's is better than men's...
    Yeah, men's are very powerful (spikes)
    and women's are so interesting...
    maybe more because of the players... :dance6:
    I'm not as excited watching Brazil Men's as I am about Brazil women's or Italy men's as Italy women's.... :what:
    And I don't know, I just feel sort of weird when guys hug each other after a score... it's a bit awkward