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    Galatasaray found the setter. While seeking for a new setter after failure on Donald Suxho, Galatasaray found the new setter. Cimbom settles with Brett Alderman. 30 year old and 1.91 m tall player played for Ziraat Bankası in 2006-2007 season. After having Australian setter, Galatasaray comes to an agreement with Ali Peçen of Fenerbahçe in principle.

    Erdem Sonat in Besiktas. New team of the league Besiktas settles with Erdem Sonat who has played for Manavgat in 2nd league last season. Black-whites got Erman Gulcin and Soner Erol before, now they have 1983 born spiker too.

    12 June
    Italy - China 3-1
    Serbia - France 3-2
    Cuba - Bulgaria 3-2
    Venezuela - Finland 3-2

    13 June
    Netherlands - USA 1-3
    Italy - China 3-2
    Korea - Argentina 2-3
    Japan - Russia 0-3
    Cuba - Bulgaria 3-2
    Brazil - Poland 3-1

    14 June
    Netherlands - USA 3-2
    Korea - Argentina 2-3
    Serbia - France 1-3
    Japan - Russia 1-3
    Brazil - Poland 3-0
    Venezuela - Finland 1-3

    Apart from 1st and 5th set I am really happy with our team's performance. Kozuch was really wonderful, Ssuschke blocked like never before and our 18 year old libero Lenka Dürr played incredibly well too :thumbsup: In fact I believe she is better than China's libero who I don't like at all...

    I think, Germany NT could take 3rd set. if this team take to 3rd set, Germany could win this match with 3-1 scores

    gundars celitans in ziraat bankası, ı remember he is a good server and skorer players, can anyone give me some information about him?

    14 June 1985 born Latvian spiker is 2.00 tall and 95 kgs. While his spike height is 3.52m. block capacity is 3.30m. Gundars started his professional career in Latvia 2004. After playing for VK Lase R Riga in 2006-2007 season, he moved to France Pro A in 2007-2008 in order to play in AS Cannes. He scored 21.5 av. per match and went to Russian Lokomotiv Belgorod next season.

    Yes, there are some young players in the team, but it can't be an excuse. A lot of them are experienced in the NT, even if they are young. Maybe except Pykosz, Woźniakowska and Żebrowska. And Świeniewicz, Bełcik, Jagieło, Barańska, Żebrowska, Zenik or Sadurek are definitely not young. Of course in the sportive meaninig :)

    You are right. But the purpose is important in here. Poland are trying players and wants to build the best team for ECH and WCH. So Poland's coach made very substitution. China, installed to two-players (Ming Xue and Yimei Wang) to game. I think, this score isnt important. Because this tournaments for frienly match and I believe to Poland. And Świeniewicz, Bełcik, Jagieło, Barańska, Zenik and Sadurek are very experienced. I'm saying again "young players, can't be an excuse" but Poland are very good team ;)

    First Match: China - Poland
    I think, this match very easy for China NT. Because there are young players in Polish NT. Ming Xue and Yimei Wang played very good. These two players was effective in score. Poland's coach, tried every player in this match. Young players will be good in future time. I like Ming Xue and Dorota Swieniewicz in tihs match.

    Second Match: Cuba - Japan
    This match was very excited. The two teams played very well. Cuba, made very simple error but despite this situation Cuba won their first match. I think, defense of Japan with attack of Cuba very good. The best match of firsy day. Yanelis Santos, Nancy Carillo, Kenia Carcaces, Rosir Calderon, Saori Kimura and Maiko Kano played very well.

    Third Match: Brazil - Germany
    I think, this match very easy for Brazil. Because, Germany NT just like Poland NT and have got young players. Fabiana Claudino, Natalia Pereira, Sheilla Castro really played very good. Blocks or defence of Germany cann't stop this players. So Germany lost their first match. I think, Garmany cann't win to China match.

    Let’s make a classic start. Could you please tell us your story of starting this sport?
    I never imagined, even in my wildest dreams, to be a volleyball player. I grew up playing basketball. I was obsessed with basketball. Basketball was the first team sport to be introduced to the kids at my school so everyone jumped in. A few years roll by and volleyball is introduced to us in the 7th grade. My family took a vacation to Nigeria for almost a month. My parents would not allow me to participate in any extra curricular activities until all my schoolwork was made up and completed. So I could not play volleyball at that time. I did not really mind because I was so fixated with basketball at the time. My interest for volleyball skyrocketed the afternoon that my father took us to a sports restaurant to watch the 1996 gold medal football match featuring Nigeria and Argentina. The Nigerian team took home the gold medal and in excitement we stayed and celebrated their victory. While celebrating, the TVs switched to the volleyball gold medal match featuring Cuba and China. I could not take my eyes of the screen and I was absolutely mesmerized by the play of Cuba’s Mireya Luis! From that point on, I was dedicated to playing volleyball! Thanks to the valiant efforts of my coaches Pam Naffziger & Terry Quakenbush and the 1996 gold medal match, I love the game of volleyball!

    Did you play any other sports until beginning your career at Stanford?
    I was a serious basketball player until the third year of high school. I also gave track and field a try for a week. But when I entered Stanford, my heart was set on volleyball.

    North Americans start their professional careers many years later compared to Europeans or South Americans. What kind of impact does this have on your volleyball skills? Would you prefer making an earlier start to professional volleyball?
    In the US, our volleyball careers are extremely integrated with the school systems unlike abroad. As a result, Americans spend a lot of time with their academic endeavors. Also, the US supports an environment that encourages athletes to strive for academic excellence. When Americans initially jump into the international scene it takes us some time to adjust because of our lack of volleyball experience and skill level but with time we are able to catch up. The national team setting is the only setting where Americans are able to concentrate solely on volleyball. A lot of the American players blossom during their time with the national team and their professional teams. To be honest, I am very happy with my situation. I might have had a late start but I am so thankful for my academic experiences and opportunities. I believe in a well rounded individual. I believe that there is more to life than volleyball and that individuals should have a variety of activities that they are passionate about. Because of my approach to volleyball, I feel very fresh and excited to participate every time I step onto the court and I have a love for the game because it has not dominated my whole life.

    You graduated from one of the best universities in the world. This probably would not have been possible alongside a pro career. How much do your academic achievements mean to you? As far as I know, you had aspirations of becoming a medical doctor during your time in college. Do you still have plans to continue your education in the future?
    My academic achievements mean the world to me. I am so very thankful for my opportunities in the academic realm. I still have aspirations to continue my academic endeavors and one day I hope to be a medical doctor. That has always been a dream of mine.

    NCAA system has some different rules from the FIVB ruleset, such as the high number of substitutions. Do these kind of differences impact player development in junior ranks?
    It definitely sets back Americans from developing into internationally fit players faster. I believe that the rules for any federation or association should model that of the FIVB so that the transition is easier for NCAA athletes who wish to continue their career at an international level.

    You and your teammate Stacey Gordon were two of the most successful players of NCAA and possibly the biggest rivals of your time. Was there a rivalry between two of you indeed? How was it playing side by side with her?
    First off, Stacey is a phenomenal athlete and volleyball player. It was a dream come true to have the chance to play with her! It was a lot of fun. I do not see a rivalry between us. I do find a lot of similarities between us: we both like to work hard, we enjoy playing and we are competitive. I hope to play with her in the future! She is fun to play with.

    You played in Switzerland and Italy before coming to Turkey. Could you please compare your experiences in terms of the quality of the leagues, organization of clubs, support of the fans, etc.?
    Europe is a great environment for volleyball. I have enjoyed my experience abroad. It Italy, I learned a lot about the game and I had the wonderful opportunity to fortify my skills and play in one of the best leagues in the world. The fans are outstanding and supportive and the league was extremely organized. In Switzerland, I had the wonderful opportunity to play for a great club Volero. I had the opportunity to play with some of the best players in the world. The Swiss league is getting stronger and the league is also highly organized. I absolutely love playing in Turkey. I have enjoyed my experiences in Istanbul. The Turkish league is highly competitive, the fan base is outstanding and the league is also highly organized.

    Galatasaray has gone beyond pre-season expectations with eliminating hot favourites Vakıfbank Gunes Sigorta at the quarter final stage. How would you describe this season for you personally and for the whole team?
    Our team is an example of why no one should ever give up. Our team is an example of how hard work pays and how believing in yourself takes you to a higher level. Personally, I really enjoyed working with my teammates they are a wonderful group of women! Our coaching staff really helped to pull the team together. I am so proud of this team and I am so thankful for everyone’s efforts!

    Have you ever played against Turkish national team in big tournaments before? Are there any changes about your impressions for Turkish volleyball and Turkish players after this one year experience?
    Yes, I have had the chance to compete against Turkey. They have always been a strong team and they have great players. The future is extremely bright for the Turkish national team. With the league getting stronger and the experiences the players are gaining, they are only going to reach new heights!

    You have played in two different positions (opposite and outside hitter) both in the national team and club teams. Which position do you prefer considering your characteristics as a player and different necessities of two positions?
    I love playing both positions. I think it is very important for players to be versatile. So I am thankful for having the opportunity to learn both positions. I have a lot of work to do to improve and I look forward to becoming a stronger opposite and outside hitter.

    Are there any players you could mention as your idols? Which players do you enjoy most to play against nowadays especially in your position?
    My parents are my true idols but for volleyball it definitely is Mireya Luis. There are so many players that I love to watch play! There are too many to name seriously.

    You were a member of US team in both Olympic Games. How would you compare your time in Athens and Beijing both on and off-court? What were the highlights and lowlights for you?
    I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to compete in two Olympic Games. It is by far the highest level of competition in sport. At the Olympic Games, there is absolutely no time for vacation or sightseeing. The rules are even stricter and the determination and focus amongst our team rose to incredible levels. We all understood what it was going to take to succeed. The highlight was having the chance to compete in the gold medal match. Even though we lost, it was a great achievement for our team. I am so proud! The low light of my Olympic experience was the death of our teammate’s father during the Beijing games. We played for her and her family the whole time.

    You worked with two great coaches Toshie Yoshida and Jenny Lang Ping for two Olympic cycles. What can you say about contributions of these legends to you as a player and to your national team? Do they have similar coaching styles and volleyball mentalities?
    I am so lucky to have had the chance to work under Toshi Yoshida and Jenny Lang Ping. They both possess an extremely high level of knowledge and experience. It was an amazing experience getting the chance to work with them. They both taught me the importance of hard work, mental fitness and being competitive.

    What are your impressions about Turkey and Istanbul in particular? Could you please share your favourite places?
    Istanbul is by far one of the best cities in the world! I loved living in Istanbul. I loved going to the old city, I also enjoyed Bebek, Ortakoy, Bagdat Caddesi, and pretty much everywhere. The food is outstanding! I love Turkish food! It is absolutely delicious!

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