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    Svetlana Kuznetsova CHAMPION in 2009 Roland Garros Championship. :cup:
    If Dinara Safina is real 1no, I'm Nadal, too. :lol:
    There is a another final. Men's final. Soderling - Roger Federer.
    I hope Fedex will be champion. Com'on Fedex :super:

    Results: 06.06.2009
    Pool A:
    Spain - Great Britain 3-1 (25-12)(25-21)(23-25)(25-20)
    Turkey - Croatia 3-0 (25-12)(25-19)(25-17)
    Pool B:
    Greece - Belgium 3-2 (25-15)(19-25)(21-25)(25-23)(15-11)
    Romania - Germany 3-2 (25-15)(22-25)(25-27)(25-18 )(19-17)
    Pool C:
    Austria - Belarus 2-3 (25-23)(16-25)(28-26)(22-25)(13-15)
    Slovakia - Portugal 3-0 (25-21)(25-20)(25-20)

    Results: 06.06.2009
    Pool A: Standings
    Serbia - Spain 3-0 (25-23)(25-15)(25-19)
    Greece - Bulgaria 1-3 (16-25)(19-25)(25-23)(17-25)
    Pool B: Standings
    Romania - Great Britain 3-0 (25-21)(25-17)(25-11)
    Turkey - France 3-1 (25-21)(24-26)(25-16)(25-18 )

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    click for stats of Pool A
    click for stats of Pool B

    Donald Suxho goes to Italy
    American setter Donald Suxho who settled with Galatasaray before, went to Italy because of a trouble in his contract.Declared that Danold Suxho comes to an agreement with Italian Taranto. Donald Suxho played in Erdemir in 2005 and has a championship, then he struggled for Arkas two years before.

    Turkey Women’s 1st League team Eregli Belediyespor will not be able to attend to CEV Cup 2009-2010 season by reason of financial problems.

    Zarechie Odintsovo in IECL. Thank You CEV :flower: But what about Eczacibasi and Galatasaray. Vakifbank out from semifinals in Turkey and with Wild Card?:gone:

    I think, one of wild card should go to Eczacibasi. But I heard, this team did not accept wild card. So I think Turkish teams dont succeed. Transfer period is not over but FB & VGS can not get good players for IECL. I hope my thoughts out wrong 8)

    Today, i listened a very good song from Saša Matic.
    I wanted to share with you. Lyrics, melodies... really perfect.
    I hope you will like it

    A part of Lyrics: Saša Matic - Kad Ljubav Zakasni
    Da imam pravo na jos jednu zelju
    Na onu koju zovu poslednju
    Po prvi put ja znao bih sta zelim
    Ja zeleo bih, zeleo bih nju

    Da imam pravo na jos jedan poziv
    Na ispovest pred Bogom poslednju
    Ja znam i koga bih da zovem
    Ja pozvao bih, pozvao bih nju

    Da joj kazem bila si mi sve
    Nisam znao tada, sada znam
    Kad prava ljubav jednom zakasni
    Druge nece doci nikada

    Dao bih joj srce svoje
    Neka ima srca dva
    Samo kada njoj je dobro
    Onda dobro sam i ja



    One more year with Duerden. Paul Duerden makes a new contract with Arkasspor who got a Challenge Cup Champion title in İzmir representative. 1974 born Canadian player came Arkasspor in 2006-2007 season, now he is ready to play in the team for third year.

    After leaving young Naz Aydemir, Eczacıbaşı Zentiva searches for a new setter for next season. Orange-whites now talk to Ukrainian National Setter Irina Zhukova, reported that they almost settled with the experienced player. Irina Zhukova was selected as the best setter of CL in 2004-2005 season under Foppapedretti Bergoma shirt. And Ozge Kirdar, who played in Eregli as a temporary player last season but belongs to Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta comes back to her club for the new year. Upon her impressive performance in Eregli, Ozge’s contract is renewed, then she will play for VGS now.

    That's a great thing for Fenerbahce and a mistake by Eczacibasi...for me Naz is one of the most talented setter we have in volleyball... :thumbup:

    These question is very important... Eczacibasi, which setter will transfer? Non-contract setters no in Turkey. So This team will loking for new foreign setter. Maybe Iryna Zhukova :huh: Which team she is play in 2008-2009 season? She played Bergamo in 2004-05 season.