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    Neighbour snatches the setter Halkbank desires. Ankara’s strong representative Halkbank misses setter Lukasz Zygadlo who was snatched by Greek Panathinaikos. Halkbank is still looking for a setter that made a bid to Arslan Eksi. Upon this player’s contract extension in Fenerbahce, they tried to understand with their old setter Łukasz Zygadlo. However Polish setter preferred his old team Panathinaikos. Zygadlo played in Italian Itas Diatec Trentino last season and has been the Champions league championship. And Tuomas Sammelvuo singed a contact with Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle

    Telekom leaves Bahar. Türk Telekom Women’s team leaves Captain Bahar Mert. Türk Telekom explained about the issue even though their contract between the club and the player continue, they accepted the player’s request for leaving:’’Although we have one more year contract, we leave our player Bahar Mert who has been playing in the team for 2 seasons. We thank to Bahar and wish much success in her sport life then’’

    what would you say about Frauke Dirickx? do you think she will be more useful than oxana parkhmenko(fenerbahçe's ex-setter)

    Fenerbahce Coach's De Brant is believing her. So Parkhmenko didnt play in this season. I think, Dirickx isnt better than Parkhmenko. This club couldn't transfer Naz Aydemir. But no other options for Fenerbahce Acibadem. Frauke Dirickx is a good setter, too. I hope, she is useful for her club. So Parkhmenko can go to another club. Because, if Fenerbahce Acibadem play with Parkhmenko & Dirickx; foreign rights, will be used in setter. This situation is not wise. Wait and see ;)

    SGK searches in Finland. Finn player flow keeps on after Arto Hanni, Mikko Oivanen and Urpo Sivula. Sosyal Guvenlik Kurumu settles with Finland National Team player Tuomas Sammelvuo after Arto Hanni. Arto Hanni was transferred to SSK in 2004-2005 season and had played for 4 years in Ankara team. After 1 year interruption, he returned back SGK again. 1973 born 1.90m. tall Finn setter settled with SGK for next season. Finland National Team Captain Tuomas Sammelvuo has been the second Finn player who says yes to SGK. Sammelvuo had a bright performance in Olympic qualification tournament at İzmir, also he has played in National team for 210 times. 32 year old spiker played for Vibo Valentia in Italy last season.

    FIVB confirms Women’s Jr. Worlds a go, Beach tourney a no in Mexico

    The FIVB confirmed today that the 2009 FIVB Women’s Junior World Championship scheduled for Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico would go ahead as scheduled from July 16-25.The FIVB’s crisis management unit has been closely monitoring the situation regarding the H1N1 virus, or swine flu, in Mexico and elsewhere around the world and ultimately decided the health and safety of the players and others involved in the tournament are not at risk.The crisis management unit will continue to keep abreast of the situation and initiate appropriate measures should unforeseen developments warrant them.In an unrelated development, the FIVB confirmed that Mexico has declined to host the SWATCH FIVB Men’s and Women’s Beach Volleyball Junior World Championships (U-21).The FIVB is looking for alternative sites to stage the event, which was slated to take place from September 2-6, with a number of interested federations already expressing interest.The first edition of the highly successful World Junior tournament took place in France in 2001, and was last hosted by Brighton, England in 2008.

    Belediye renews the contract of Barış Özdemir. Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi that saves the most of its squad, renewed the contract of Baris Ozdemir. Successful player has played for IBB for 4 years, also he was selected as the best libero last season.

    Roland Garros is starting on Sunday and the draw was released today.It will be interesting to follow since nobody is dominant at the moment and even Nadal is not secure to keep his trophy.I am hoping for Nadal-Djokovic final(with Djokovic winner).In women's competition, since the queen is no longer on tour , anything is possible(including Ivanovic-Jankovic final :) -well,one can dream,right?).

    I hope, Williams sisters will play final (If they don't match) and I'm waiting Fedex-Nadal final in Roland Garros. I think, one of Willams sisters and Federer will be champion. But this is sport. Never know. The good player will win :win:

    ı guess CEV probably will give TURKEY 2 more wild card.but to whom :what: eczacıbaşı (finalist of play off but 3 place in regular league standing) vakıfbank güneş sigorta(leader of regular season) telekom (second place in regular season) ı gues one will go to telekom because it is a ankara's team (cev wouldn't let 3 club from the same city-istanbul-) what about other wild card? (of course if cev would give, ı just suppose) to vakıfbank or eczacıbaşı?

    I think, One of the will cards goes to Eczacibasi. Because; Mirka, Gulden, Esra will play in this team so Eczacibasi Zentiva finished 4th IECL Final Four, 3rd place in regular league standing and finalist of play off. And CEV, is aware of this issue. Additionally, this team are protected most of the staff. And Eczacibasi will a good team with a few very good players trasfer. I hope, one of the will cards goes to Eczacibasi. The problem is that; Will Eczacıbasi want wild card? :huh:

    When she was in VGS ı always wanted to see her playing and ı was curious about her performance. Because she was the best scorer of the Cev Cup 2004-2005 and gave me the impression she was a good player. Unfortunately Buzayev gave her almost no chance at all either in league matches or IECL.

    Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta, very unlucky in coach topic. Already, Buzayev couldn't manage well this team. Guidetti, too. 8)

    I was astonished to youth policy. But I hope that this policy works. As a result, Germany, a successful country. I wish Dumler had played in this team ;(