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    In Volleybaldame IG, Netherlands and Japan play a practice match. Tanaka Mizuki was there with the team.

    So anything can happen like Japan men's Team, Yamamoto Ryu was named in the AG list for a setter, but right now he is in Okinawa with Men's A team since Asian Champs Camp in Tokyo. For Tanaka and Women's OQT member, let's waiting for official from JVA.

    JPN-NED Practice Match

    Here is the Asian Games 12 Member


    Iwasaki Koyomi (C), Nakagawa Tsukasa


    Shimamura Haruyo, Hirayama Shion, Ogawa Erina


    Sato Yuka, Nakamoto Minami, Tanaka Mizuki, Osanai Miwako, Nakagaya Miyu, Nishikawa Yuki


    Meguro Yuka

    Asian Games 2023 Japan Member

    Base on JVA, Tanaka and Meguro should be cut out from the OQT list. From the picture, this might be a member for OQT (already 14 girls but 3 setters 5 OH!?! Right now they are in Ajinomoto NTC, Men's team have a private camp in Okinawa) I really don't know there are anyone else or not because I saw just only them from JVA, FujiTV and TBS VDO.

    Japan member in the OQT camp

    Setter - Seki, Matsui, Shibata

    OH - Koga, Hayashi, Mayu, Inoue, Wada

    MB - Yamada, Irisawa, Airi, Watanabe

    Libero - Fukudome, Nishimura

    well, waiting for official update. I believe there will be very soon!!

    International Practice Match (Private Session)

    🇹🇷 TÜRKİYE 3 - 1 JAPAN 🇯🇵 15-25/ 25-21/ 25-18/ 25-18

    Starting Line-up:
    [L : Volkan/Berkay]
    Kentaro /Aki
    [L : Yamomoto]

    Best Scorers
    Türkiye 🇹🇷
    Adis Lagumdzija 23 Pts.
    Mirza Lagumdzija 13 Pts.
    Burutay Subaşı 11 Pts.

    Japan 🇯🇵
    Yuji Nishida 13 Pts.
    Yuki Ishikawa 12 Pts.
    Ran Takahashi 11 Pts.

    Japan make a lot of substitution in every set, All the plyers have a chance to play on the court, while Türkiye's substitution just only 2 time. It's a practice match, Japan should play and try their most fit strateg. Anyway congrats to Türkiye!!

    JVA said Japan will held the NT camp untill 15 August (to,orrow) and then will going to Urmia, Iran for Asian Championship. From JVA : Japan will play another friendly match with Egypt, but Egypt play with Türkiye today so maybe they will play tomorrow.

    (Türkiye 3 - 1 Egypt 23-25/25-22/25-22/25-19)

    Japan B team Start their NT Camp in North Macedonia. Meanwhile, A Team's NT Camp at Ajinomoto NTC in Tokyo. They will go to Iran on Sunday 13, and held a Training Camp in Tehran 14-18, then the Asian Championships will start on sat, 19 August 2023.

    Japan A Team are in Ataşehir, Istanbul. They will play Friendly Match with Türkiye. (guess on Sunday) Then they will going to Iran for a training camp after that. Very tight schedule.

    Japan B team Start their NT Camp in North Macedonia. Meanwhile, A Team's NT Camp at Ajinomoto NTC in Tokyo. They will go to Iran on Sunday 13, and held a Training Camp in Tehran 14-18, then the Asian Championships will start on sat, 19 August 2023.

    He is not from Team A to Team B. He is from Team A Being Kicked Out Team B.

    Why do you deliberately ignore that he was kicked out of the national team?

    He was the captain of team A, then was kicked out of the national team and didn't participate in the Olympic game. Philippe Blain openly criticized that his recpetion isn't good enough to be in national team. Then this year he got back to national team and becomes the captain of team B. Clearly, he was promoted back to the national team, not demoted.

    Yes, he was kicked out from A team since 2021 (but still in the 2021 wide roster). That's my false, I forgot to put it down.

    if i am not mistaken he was invited back this year

    From being not in the national team to back to national team is a demotion? You guys are so funny.

    Yes, but from A Team to B Team. B Team have just Asian Games to compete. A Team play VNL, Asian Championships and OQT.

    From first Press Conference (April 7, 2023), the Activity plan, Nambu Masashi (Chairman of the Men's Strengthening Committee) said he want high experiences players to bring the power of new gen players, gives his own experiences for them to grow up in international level. The Plan is training the athletes who can play an active role at the next Los Angeles 2028, so they have to strengthen and develop the team at the same time. (Target athletes for Los Angeles 2028)

    For A team seems like he was not in the plan, base on his stat from V-League, especially his block percentage, it's too low.

    Japan player at the airport (from Thai fans who been there)

    Nagaoka, Hayashi, Koga, Mayu, Seki, Shibata, Inoue, Yamada, Fukudome, Matsui, Airi, Mai, Nishimura, Araki, Wada. Many of Japan team staff. They arrive Bangkok about 15.30pm.

    Are they heading back to Japan or will they go straight to *Thailand? dropping Matsui and Nishikawa and continue making Airi their dollar a day translator

    ฺThey will back to Japan first then go to Thailand, it's from JVA.

    Ryujin Nippon at the airport. They go to France tonight for 2nd week at Orleans. From the pictures, all 14 member are the same as Nagoya round. (Sekita not in any picture but I believe he was there)

    From Ran's IG story >> Eiro, Ran and Masa already in the NT camp right now, since couple days ago Ran and Eiro post on their IG story seems like they had a dinner together at sushi restaurant and then yesterday they had dinner together again at yakiniku restaurant. (maybe in Toyama)

    Maybe Yanagida will be included for OQT? Anyway he's never getting back that ace title.

    From press conference, Nambu Masashi (Chairman of the Strengthening Committee) said "I expect him to be a driving force, using his experience. We would like Yanagida to demonstrate his experience and leadership in this national team and raise the young players. It is with such a strong feeling that I have been selected this time."

    An Activity plan for Ryujin Nippon 2023.

    A team will participate VNL2023, Asian Championship and OQT. B Team will go to China for Asian Games. So all member for VNL list have a big chance to go to OQT (and Asian champ). Maybe he will select as a team captain for Asian games Team to lead young Japanese member in this tournament.

    Still waiting for VNL's press conference, guess they will held very soon (scheduled : late May // maybe after friendly vs China) They will announce the member and staff for 2023 like women team. TBS sports should LIVE on YouTube.

    V-League Final Stage : Play off (Day 1)

    At the begin of 4th set, Otsuka tries to block Dima and landed on Dima's foot and sprained his right ankle. After that he have to go out for first aid and finally Suntory come back from behind and win over Panasonic 3-2 on their first play-off. His injured looks not that serious. After the game he can walk himself but wearing a splint. Tomorrow match with Sakai coach Thili might rest him and bring Kubiak back. (I guess)

    I never have see Angie Gromos's play but let's see how far she will go. Her height would be an advantage or make her too slow and can't fit in the japanese system, but I really want to see a more height of Japanese players even though she's not a 100% japanese.