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    I haven't figured out where to watch full games yet. So far with the clips of JT's highlights I can't say that I like Momii's toss but I'm excited for her and Hayashi. Hayashi is fast, agile, good spike height for how tiny she is and an overall good reception too.

    Wasn't Tanaka JT's ace before Hayashi came along? but Nakada never liked her and opted for either Osanai or Watanabe instead.

    Tanaka has been selected in 2016-2017 NT list. She was a lineup versus Thailand in WGP 2016 in Kyoto, as I remember.

    And this is Momii's full games in a normal view.

    JT vs TORAY Final [21/2/2021]

    Schedule Remote Match : 2 (sun) August 2020

    (Japan Standard Time)


    14.00 | Start Live session >> 17.00 // Warm-up + Practice

    14.30 | Women's National Team Red vs Blue (3 set/ match)

    After match - 17.00 | Interview Event with athletes


    18.00 | Start Live session >> 21.00 // Warm-up + Practice

    18.30 | Women's National Team Red vs Black (3 set/ match)

    After match - 21.00 | Interview Event with athletes

    2020 Japan National Team Remote Match

    Women's players

    [Team A] Uniform Color: Red

    Setter : Seki Nanami

    Outside Hitter : Nabeya Yurie, Koga Sarina, Yoshino Yuri

    Opposite : Nagaoka Miyu, Hayashi Kotona

    Middle Blocker : Araki Erika, Akutagawa Aika, Irizawa Mai

    Libero : Inoue Kotoe

    [Team B] Uniform Color: Blue

    Setter : Sato Miya, Tashiro Kanami

    Outside Hitter : Ishii Yuki, Ishikawa Mayu

    Opposite : Kurogo Ai

    Middle Blocker : Okumura Mai, Watanabe Aya, Yamada Nichika

    Libero : Kobata Mako

    do you have video to watch again? :)

    I also can't find any video, still waiting for it too. Here's the result and Japanese Line Up of day 3

    13/6/2013 [Vrije]
    00.30 - Japan 1 - 3 Netherlands 17-25/25-20/11-25/16-25

    Shimamura/Fujita/Koga [L-Yoshida]

    Japan will send the Universiade team for this year tournament. More Information from the Japanese list above.

    Yamaguchi Kaname 170 S JT
    Oumi Akari 171 OH NEC
    Yoshimura Shiho 167 OH Ageo
    Satoh Arisa 164 L Hitachi
    Nakamura Ayumi 177 OP JT
    Okumura Mai 177 MB JT
    Takahashi Masami 172 OH JT
    Yamagishi Akane 164 L Ageo
    Matsuzaki Mika 175 MB NEC
    Terai Yumi 181 MB Kaetsu University
    Tanaka Misaki 171 S Kaetsu University
    Ietaka Naoko 176 MB Tokai University
    Kawashima Rika 172 OH Chukyo University
    Nakaoji Ayano 168 S National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya
    Watanabe Hisae 175 OH Tohoku Fukushi University
    Hattori Ayuka 177 OH Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
    Immamura Yuka 175 OH Aoyama Gakuin University

    Is there any livestream for this match?

    I can't find any livestream of this matches.

    Here's Line Up for Japan day 2

    12/6/2013 [Arnhem]
    Japan 3 - 0 The Netherlands 25-19/25-22/25-14

    Otake/Fujita/Takahashi [L-Zayasu]

    Netherlands - Japan 3-1 (25-17,24-26,25-22,25-22) The game was held in Zwolle. Rematch tomorrow in Arnheim at 730PM CET

    Japan Starting Member 11/6/2013 [Zwolle]



    I didnt hear anything about it, and honestly I think is hard at this point, unless someone important in one of the big teams get injuried...but we are already almost in half leafue, so I dont anyone talked about that.

    I just know that before the season had started, november, Unilever was interested in Takeshita as setter, cause the team had lost Dani Lins, but eventually they signed with Fernanda.

    Only Osasco, Unilever and Volei Futuro are teams for her...honestly I only see Osasco in need of a OH maybe, but I dont know if they would sign with her...probably all this is just a rumor.

    Thank you so much Joanamss. I do believe that's a rumor too :obey:

    I just heard some news from Saori Thai Fan Club, but it could be a rumor or even a made up story. They told my friend that..Saori will joy Brazilian League soon!!

    But V-league not even finish a regular round or the Japan National Team doesn't announce members for WOQT2012. :sos:

    SO ..I'm kind of confuse about this but believe that Saori will not play overseas for her career.

    But if this is a real news .. Would someone confirm me about this please?? Thank you so much :flower:

    From my understanding, the 8 teams that advance to final round will split to 2 pools.

    Each Pool will have 4 teams that play round robin before the top 2 teams from each pool crossover for the semifinals.

    So the first 3 days of the final round will be round robin and the next 2 days the medal round.

    Just Like World League Final round, am I right???

    Thank you so much :rose:

    According to this…alRound.asp?Tourn=WGP2011

    After three rounds of pool play consisting of 24 matches per week, the top seven teams and China will fight it out in the grand finale of the FIVB’s premier annual women’s event with a Round-Robin system.

    Round-Robin system - that should be 4matches a day. Each team play once a day and 7 matches per team in the grand finale in macao. But the final's schedule is 24-28, which just only 5 days. That suppose to be a week, am I right??

    Is that possible to play the final round like WL 2011 Final round system??

    But FIVB Web said that "the grand finale of the FIVB’s premier annual women’s event with a Round-Robin system"

    Confuse :what: Wanna waiting for FIVB but really wanna know :cheesy:

    It's hard too say because we have only a results and few informations. It was big problems with reception in this set. That's why in 3rd set Kaczorowska and Kasprzak was replaced by Kruk and Kosek.

    Thank you so much for your updating. You so kind :rose:

    Hope you guys will update the result again tomorrow.