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    thank you Trento, you always show how big your fair play is and how ridiculous you are!!! They don't let our team train in Trento's hall, they let us train onlly sunday morning. The reason? Because we wanted to train our serve cause the light and the measures in PalaTrento are different from Palabanca's ones....and Trento, full of fear, denied a thing which is our right. Ridiculous club

    FINAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!! :super: :super: :woohoo: :woohoo: mamma mia now i can only say let's have fun guys......Trento is stronger, but also 4 years ago they was it............we are a group, we play a spectacular volleyball, fantastic to see and to admire, we have 2 monsters as middleSblockers, an amazing setter, Zlatanov and Papi, the name says already all....we are in a great shape....let's have fun, then we'll see.....thank you so much for these supreme semifinals!!!

    live from the bus of the supporters!! :lol: we are drunk....totally drunk thanks to thin game...what a strong feelings!!!! A heartbreak game...simon completely destroied them, we suffered a bad Zlatanov but our middle-blockers are 2 gods. I still have doubts on game 4, but right now we have the best shape of the 4 teams in these semifinals. And thanks so much for all the people supporting us here, i love you :) :drink:

    amazing night....i don't have many words, but we started to play from the second set...and since that moment, for macerata there wasn't nothing to do!! We also probably have the best italian opposite of the future, Luca Vettori, only 21 years old, he outclashed Lube at the end of fourth set after we risked to throw it only regret is that we have to play more games away than at home, because our arena is the 7th player on the field, and it can really make a lot of pressure on our opponents. Let's see what will happen on saturday, i feel magic in the air, as in 2009......

    let's charge with all our strength c'mon!!
    i believe in the final, even if we'll start 0-1 if macerata will beat latina(as i think)
    go guyssssss go Piacenza!!!
    moreover because, as in 2009 when we won the title, we faced perugia in the quarterfinals, macerata in the semis and, if..........., trento in the final 8o 8o 8o
    destiny....who knows..... :whistling:

    Perugia-Piacenza 1-3, Holt......... :obey: :obey: :obey: 14 points with 5 aces, but in general his serve everytime created big big troubles in Perugia's defence...let's close it on monday at home, and focus on Macerata, even if Latina...... :whistle:

    always great respect for vlado nikolov....always.... I hope you're right dear raylight, but for the title i think we can't compete, the final should be macerata-trento. In that case, we are anyway sure to play in champions league next year, so that we can build an even stronger team and fight for the best trophies!

    so proud of my team! I think if we would have been in champions league this year we could have reached the final four.....anyway, sunday i'm sure it will be more difficult, Ufa has nothing to loose so they'll play at their best, but i'm confident that my team will again beat them, also with the help of the passion of 4000 supporters!!

    hi everyone, i re-write here after a long time ;)
    we are doing everything we can for Simon, every match is full of songs for him and banners too...
    yesterday we covered all(and i really mean all) the field with 16 banners in which we wrote FIVB SHAME, and also Papi and Tencati refused to serve the first two serves.
    you can find all the videos on you tube (search for "Protesta Papi", "Protesta Tencati", "Protesta lupi per Simon" and so on)
    i don't know if Molinaroli's speech on friday was fo real, to be honest i don't think he'll retire the team at the end of the season.
    Also because the italian federation cannot loose the best arena of the league and the best public with 3500 spectators in every match(when for some other teams is hard to have 1000(!!!) spectators), and cannot loose a team who wrote some pages of history of the italian volleyball league.
    let's see what will happen, for sure we'll continue to protest in every match as we are already doing since the first match of this season...and let's hope that this shit of Fivb will take the right decision...considering that Leal is playing in brasil!!!!
    anyway, we are ready to travel to Lausanne to make some noise in case things won't go in a good way for us!

    No, he called 2010/2011 and 2009/2010 nightmare seasons ;)

    exactly! ;) the season after italian title was horrible, and last year was a real nightmare. This one seemed another hell until january, but then we saw heaven!! :obey: hey, so any news about the teams of this competition? ;) only Ufa and Bydgoscsz sure to be part of the Cup?

    i confirm :lol:
    but i hope it'll only be the first step to come back, maybe already next year, in champions league, and fight again for the title as in Lodz 2008.
    anyway, it's important after 2 nightmare seasons, to have gained another season in a european cup

    just back from Cuneo ;) we did what we needed to fastly, 3-0 in 1 hour loosing as few energies as we can. I'm only worried for tomorrow about our phisical condition, because if we won't suffer the fact that we played today, we are now in abetter condition than Cuneo. I believe in the semifinals!! Great Zlatanov, absolutely impressive...Nikolov almost perfect too. Congratulations to italian volleyball federation, today there were more or less 400 spectators, and 70 were our supporters...organise these pools during easter's days it was a totally idiot decision and moreover, why people of cuneo should spend easter watching piacenza-vibo??? Or people of trento watching roma- san giustino???

    Vigor played for us from 2003 since 2009...
    yesterday we could not support the team for the first 5 minutes, something like a wall blocked us..even Cuneo's supporters did the same..
    you'll always be with us Vigor....R.I.P. ;(

    trying to talk about volleyball...if we are able to win in Cuneo without Zhekov and Holt i really start to have strong good feelings for the playoffs...
    one particular note for our block: 20 blocks.....