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    If you are interested, yesterday during the presentation of the championship, it was said that Eurosport2, will broadcast live every saturday evening a match of Findomestic Volley Cup A1 (but not in Italy). Also on the internet the site will broadcast online 2 matches from our championship. While italian Raisport will broadcast all saturday night matches, play off, italian cup and supercup :thumbup:

    Great news!
    Eursoport brodcast women Serie A from 2 seasons, but in this year they start show men league, so I I wondered what will be with ladies :) Sky lost right to the broadcast for Rai?
    It's good for us, because Rai we can watch for free and not only in Italy :D

    So Italy are still in battlefield :) Great win against USA. :cup:
    I regret defeat of Turkey, but they played bad, even Neslihan :( Our girls lost, Russia definitely deserved on this win. They played much better. Very possible, that final will be Brazil-Russia.

    What do you think about the changes Poland or Turkey to get semis! I think if the both teams will win their all matches in group E they can play in F4..The first matches will show everything!! :whistle:

    Turkey had very big chance to reach semi-final, but this lost match with Korea unfortunately made this advance very difficult :( But in my opinion Turkey have better situation than Poland, because we have to beat Russia.

    Today Piccinini was excellent. I'm very glad, that Italy will play in WGP 2011. But I regret Turkey, especially Neslihan. She was amazing, played so good and despite this, Turkey didn't get the qualification :(

    Today we have surprise results -the defeat of Netherlands and Italy. In last match Germany played very good. Great defense and amazing entry Hippe in third set.

    Really can not believe my eyes!!!!
    Laura is better than yesterday,but she still has some problem setting to Huurman!
    Caroline Wensink is really one of the top MB in the world!
    Grothues,she use her action to catch everyone's eye!I like her soooooo much!

    Caroline is in very good shape. In last games she was the best Dutch players.

    We won the Tournament, but we didn't play well. Our girls must work very hard if they want play good in WC. Croatia made the great impression on me. Admittedly they are only in 3rd position, but played very well especially Usić, Popović and Jerkov. Moreover girls had a lot of fun ;)
    In Serbian NT, I hope that even Ognjenović will come back, Antonijević will be first setter because she played very well, she got award deservedly. Let's also remember that she had great season in Cannes.

    Very interesting :)

    S : Fofao, Takeshita, Lo Bianco, Sadurek, Antonijević, Berg, Feng, Staelens

    WS: Piccinini, Sokołova, Mari, Tom, Stam, Esra, Del Core, Jaqueline, Nikolić, Jagieło

    OPP: Aguero, Neslihan, Flier, Sheila, Gamova ,Wang, Glinka, Skowrońska, Kożuch, Ortolani

    MB: Ravva, Gioli, Guiggi, Furst, Thaisa, Carillo, Fabiana, Huurman. Bednarek, Wensink

    L: Cardullo, Sano, Fabi, Sykora, Zenik, Merlo, Maj, Tzscherlich

    Matea Ikić is in NT or not? I kown , that she is on the list, but now she practice in her club- MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza. So I don't understand this situation.