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    Congrat SRB, NED, TUR :rose:

    I would like to congratulate our girls,also. At least they gave signals of coming back to international arena.

    Sometimes, I think AZE on purpose lose to TUR considering Faig Garayev connection with TUR federation.
    I mean how can you substitue Samadova with Bayramova? How can you receive with Mammadova and Bayramova. In the first match, the team started with them, but even HUN made easily points. I think it was wrong decision to substitute Samadova, maybe we could play with Bayramova and Samadova.

    What about setter Habibova? She didn't play all the tournament, how can you gave her chance in the most important match? She was not doing well, why not substitute her with Yagubova? Faiq Garayev already gave up in the 3rd set :wall:

    Probably, it was Valeriya Mammadova's last match in the NT. I'm happy she finished with award :heart:

    Congrats NED :)

    Well done, Azerbaijan girls! Well, I couldnt watch the game, only watched the end of tie-break.Personally, dont know why Samadova didn't play, but I know she has great potentioal and it was her first important Championship, she will get better. I dont agree that Azerbaijan has just 2 twin towers, V. Mammadova is quite good and experienced libero, Samadova is also good OH player, and we have avarege setter. Problem is our middle players :down:

    Guys, Poli just sent kisses, it is a good thing actually :kiss:

    In volleybal forum reading comments about president, presidnet's wife, president's daughter is really funny :lol:
    Guys, Is it so hard just congratulate Azerbaijan? I wonder what will be topic if AZE beat NED :)

    After 12 years, Azerbaijan is again in semi finals in European Championship. In 2005, Azerbaijan was 4th, but I hope this time we will get medal. Mammadova received better than Durr today, Samadova is the player we needed for so long and no words for Polina! Just Amazing :super:

    Tomorrow we play against NED the team which we won in World Championship Qualification, this will be extra motivation for NED, but I hope girls will not lose their concentration and get 24th victory in row. :super:

    When the matches are played out of Baku, there is always great interest. People who leave in other ragions are more curious in watching sports. I wish Azerbaijan hosted this championship alone and 4 group matches were played all in different regions.

    Games start time is very inconvinient. It starts at 18:00 local time, it is when work finishes and some master porgrames start at 19:00.
    As it was raining for 2 days, traffic is almost paralyzed :wall: Yesterday, there was first match of Garabag in Champions league in the other side of MGA.

    As a volleyball lover, I could go only 1 day to Gymnastic Arena :gone:

    There will be more people tomorrow for both matches and if Azerbaijan qualifies crowd will continue to come.

    There is a new champion in Azerbaijan Superleague 2015-2016.

    Azerrail is the champion. They won Telekom in three matches in a row.

    “Telekom” - “Azərreyl” - 0:3 (22:25, 23:25, 17:25)
    I “Telekom” - “Azərreyl” - 1:3 (25:23, 29:31, 20:25, 20:25)
    II “Azərreyl” - “Telekom” - 3:2 (25:16, 23:25, 25:23, 22:25, 15:13

    Lokomtiv beat Azeryol three matches in a row, too. They finished the league in the third place.

    “Azəryol” - “Lokomotiv” - 0:3 (17:25, 21:25, 16
    I “Azəryol” - “Lokomotiv” - 0:3 (16:25; 20:25; 23:25)
    II “Lokomotiv” - “Azəryol” - 3:2 (25:16; 21:25; 25:20; 23:25, 15:11)

    MVP – Madison Kinqdon (Azərreyl)
    Best Scorer – Anita Havlikova (Lokomotiv)
    Best Attackers – Yelizaveta Səmədova (Telekom), Stefani Niemer ( Azeryol)
    Best Blocker – Cessika Cons ((Susan), Azərreyl))
    Best Setter – Nutsara Tomkom (Azərreyl)
    Besr Receiver – Odina Bayramova (Azərreyl)
    Best Defender – Brenda Kastillo (Lokomotiv)
    Best Libero– Valeriya Məmmədova (Azərreyl)
    Best Server – Malika Kanzonq (Azəryol)

    There are rumours that Lokomitiv will not play next year in the league. They have confirmed rumours about the players' salary. Lokomotiv has around 800000 dollar debt. Officials said nothing is confirmed. Probably, they are looking for a new sponsor.

    Azerrail won 3rd match of the play-off and they will play a match for the gold medal with Telekom. Matches will be played on 5th and 7th of April.

    I match: “Azərreyl” – “Azəryol” - 3:1 (25:22, 25:22, 22:25, 25:15)
    II match: “Azəryol” – “Azərreyl” – 3:2 (22:25; 27:25; 29:27; 20:25, 15:13)
    III match“Azərreyl” – “Azəryol” 2:0 (25:19; 25:19, 25:20)


    1st matches:

    “Lokomotiv” - “Telekom” - 1:3 (16:25, 15:25, 25:20, 21:25)
    “Azərreyl” – “Azəryol” - 3:1 (25:22, 25:22, 22:25, 25:15)

    2nd matches:

    “Azəryol” – “Azərreyl” - 3:2 (22:25; 27:25; 29:27; 20:25; 15:13)
    Telekom - Lokomotiv 3:2 (25:21, 22:25, 25:20, 19:25, 16:14)

    Telekom waits its rival in final, Azerrail and Azeryol will play 3rd match on March 30.

    I'm not sure if the statistics is right , but I know many people from Azerbaijan following this forum who don't write because of language, time or etc. Football is the most popular sport in Azerbaijan. Individual sport- combat sports are popular too. I think as team sport most successful team was women volleyball team. It is generally popular in Azerbaijan, if you go and ask who is Korotenko or Mammadova on the streets most of the people will probably know. But fans are less, I mean who would like to go to volleyball matches , cheer for them, who interested in world volleyball.

    Well, I dont know how to begin... Azerbaijan itself has 1 million refugees ( 9 million population) who fled from Karabakh region during the war. We already know how difficult is the situation. Even they are native Azerbaijanis it was still difficult for them to adapt to the city, culture etc.

    U.S.A and leading European countries (+ their biggest supporters Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the region) began the war in Iraq, Syria and Libya ( however these countries were the most secular countries of middle east). They didn't approve the president and wanted to change it, just because of their wish. (They couldnt find any atomic bomb in Iraq, syrian opposite fighters are generally from different countries -like terrorist group). Those people were living in stable and peaceful situation.So, today I think who began the war they should take the responsibility. I have seen this on internet, if you dont want refugees to come to your country, then stop vote people who bomb other countries. This is it :!:

    P.s It is very strange suddenly only now refugees began to flee to Europe ( The wars began 1 year or more before) . I guess Europe needs working power ;)

    The direct translation is: f*ck your p*ssy, bit*h. In English, it does not sound so bad, but in Turkish, you would not say this to someone unless you hate them and ready for a fight :cheesy:

    Actually, we don't have such kind of swear in our language. Maybe she learnt it from her Turkish husband (Tunc Afshar) :rolleyes: I think probably broadcaster also didn't understand that, otherwise why they will show it on tv?

    Reading spamagnus commeny=ts how much hate can person have against NT? :what: It is just a game.

    And of course Idmantv speaker will support Azerbaijan NT. Azerbaijan is host country, Idmantv is Azerbaijan chanel and speaker is from Azerbaijan. Did you expect him to support Turkey?

    Not only volleyball players, but all atheletes in this games was promised some amount of money if they win medal ( not just gold). Azerbaijan girls play at home with local spectators, of course they will want to win.

    Azerbaijan Team win against Poland or Netherlands becasue we attach with 3 players. But in this match Jana totally sucked, aslo Zhidkova didn't play well. I know Oksana's sets are not very good, but still Polina or Bayramova can kill those balls. Jana also should try block out, she should play more clever.

    I think Azerbaijan NT can be very good place in world volleyball if these three things happen :
    1- Receiving with 3 players, or Bayramiva should be so good that 2 players can cover the whole area.
    2- Oksana's should make combinations, should play faster. Or we should ahve better setter than her :whistle:
    3- New head coach, all our coaches are form Soviet era. There should be coach who teachs our girls fast games. In end of the the last set Cervyakov substitute Bayramova with Kiselyova ( because of receiving) but in this case it is obvious we will attach wiith Polina, ther ewas turkish block in front of her.

    Overall, I think girls had good tournament, there is hope :super:

    I was in the hall yesterday. for the end of second set which was very crucial, challenge was due to touch, not outside or inside / but referees decided outside, even girls protest the referee finished the second set.

    I think there is no one else than Polina or Odina who can kill Oksana's ball. Her balls are very predictable and very bad.

    Azerbaijan is

    3 hours ahead of Germany
    4 hours ahead of great Britain
    3 hours ahead of Poland
    3 hours ahead of Croatia
    2 hours ahead of Turkey
    2 hours ahead of Russia
    3 hours ahead of Netherland.

    Do not forget to watch at Opening Ceremony today at 20.00 (local time). I hope it will be very nice show :win: