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    My favourite volleyball player is Maggie Glinka-Mogentale. I'm her fan since I was 8 years old. Now I'm 15, so 7 years...<3
    At the same time I became fan of volleyball. It all happened on 27th of September 2003, I remember :) Semifinal of European Championships 2003 in Ankara, Turkey, Poland against Germany. It's funny story, my father was watching this match in TV and I came into the room, when he shouted: 'Glinka!' and hit the floor with his hand ;), because she was attacking :D And I just sat down and started watching this match too. It was amazing and dramatic... Maggie was great - 41 points in this match and Poland won 3:2 :D
    Next day Poland won 3:0 with Turkey and for the first time in history won EC :D
    Since these EC I'm great fan of volleyball and Maggie <3 I'm also practising volleyball in club.

    I like many others volleyball players. I won't write, because surely I would forget about many ;)
    I remember when I was young and Maggie was playing in Asystel Novara and Dorota Swieniewicz, whom I very very liked too, I still like ;) in Despar Perugia, I loved their teams and players - for example Oliveira Walewska, Mirka Francia, Fofao from Despar <3
    I remember visiting their teams web pages every day. I miss these old days... :)
    And my favourite NT is of course Polish NT :) But I like few more also ;)

    There's thread in Women's Multimedia aboutMaggie, but here - in FP&Teams is no thread about her I think.
    Maggie's going to play in Vakifbank Stambul in 2010/2011 season, but she's not going to play in NT ;( But everybody hope that she'll come back to Polish NT soon :) I put some new photos of Gosia and her family in her thread in Women's Multimedia.
    Her daughter Michelle turned 1 year few weeks ago and on 26th day of June Maggie and Roberto got their 6th wedding's anniversary :)

    question: when will Gosia give birth to her baby??

    On the end of June.:)
    It will be girl - Michelle!!!


    I have got few new Gosia's photos.:)

    With Roberto

    I love her mine :lol:

    Those photos are from press conference of campaign - ,,Daj szansę swojemu dziecku. Nie daj szansy AIDS'' (in English it's something like: ,,Give chance to your baby. Don't give chance to AIDS''). Gosia is ambassador of this campaign.:)

    In Polish:

    Witam, przepraszam, jeśli był już taki temat, ale czy ktoś mógłby wrzucić wczorajszą (21 marca 2009) Krótką Piłkę z Gosią Glinką z Polsatu Sport?
    Z góry dziękuję.:)

    In English:

    Hello.:) I'm sorry, If someone wrote the same post as mine, but I'm finding ''KROTKA PILKA'' with Gosia Glinka (21.03.2009). It was on Polsat Sport.
    Can someone upload this program?

    Oh! Thank You for this 1st photo!
    I know this 1st (it's from Polish ,,Przeglad Sportowy's'' article I think), and 2nd too, but i haven't got this 1st on my PC.
    If You want I have 7 more photos from this sesion on photo number 2.

    Those photos are old, because they're from 2004, before Gosia Glinka's marriage.:)
    I've got magazine with those photos - it was in Polish ,,Tempo'' in May.

    Thank You very much! I'm really happy that You like those photos.
    I found those photos by accident, because everyday I'm writing in Google lots of phrases (in Polish language) with Gosia Glinka, Roberto e.t.c. to find new photos and informations about Gosia.
    So maybe learning Polish it's good idea, because most of informations about Maggie are in Polish media.
    But you can also check interesting phrase in Polish-English dictionary and then write it in Google and try to find something. It's not easy, but good luck!

    - Siatkarskie Plusy 2008, Gosia Glinka-Mogentale - the best volleyball player in 2008.

    - Siatkarskie Plusy 2008, minute of silence for Agata Mróz

    - Siatkarskie Plusy 2008, sweet :) :heart: , it's from PAP Agency, so it has got mark PAP (Polska Agencja Prasowa, Polish Press Agency)