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    Great arguments against these f*cked up new rules.. :mad:
    I'm angry as hell while watching Club World Cup... that "golden" formula can't be applied!.. I'm curious who had invented it..ehh :serve:

    wow :D Unfortunately I don't remember this situation :( pity ...
    Yeah, Joana and Mari had a big flag with signatures of players (: and yes, they are real Brazilians heheh Great girls! :drink:

    I'm sure that I asked You ^^ It was pleasure to get a help from U :D

    hehehehehe, Yes...I born and raise here in Rio..hehe, was just spending some great time in Poland!!!! ^^ A pity we didnt meet here in the forum, we all could meet in there!! Was great to meet Justyna, and also other gilrs from the forum, Ying and hope to have more chances to come back to Europe...or you to come here to Brasil!!! :win:

    If You liked being in Poland - hope to see You again soon :D

    Hehe.. I think I saw You (Joana & Justyna) on Group Matches - Poland vs. Netherlands and Croatia vs. Spain :) Joana You were holding a Brazil flag with autographs on it, right? :) AND Justyna I asked You something like "where is 8th row?" and You told me where should I go ;) I was sitting about two or three rows below You (seat next to the Cameraman). At first I wondered whether the girl with flag really is from Brazil or just trying to be cool :P But You (Joana) have Brazilian beauty so than I just reflect if You traveled to Poland only to watch ECH and meet some friends (I admire that) OR maybe You have only Brazilian roots and You're living in Poland so it was obvious that You'll be at ECH. Now I know that the first option is correct, right? :)
    Sorry about my english (it isn't perfect, but I'm doing my best) ;)

    Go to

    There are or will be by few next days some interviews after matches (M. Kozuch in polish, M. Rosner, P. Makowski), important parts of closing ceremony (without "talking heads" in studio), interviews with S. Gioli (italian, polish), M. Flier (english, polish), A.Del Core (italian, polish) and more. You must see it in High Quality for better view. :serve:

    And that's what I've been looking for :)
    Thanks a lot! ;)

    i would reccomanded to all of u to download Ipla-that program showed EVERY match of Male ECH so they will probably show famele ones as well. the quality of broadcasting is AMAZING just like tv .
    it's polish program and it provide live stream from Polsat sport and Polsat sport extra at some times(mostly when something importand is going on like ECH ^^ ). if you have any problems with it ask here someone will help you to install/lunch this program :)

    Yes, it's a great program, but if you want to see all the matchs u better not rely only on Ipla, cuz there could be some server connection problems while EC (as for the rest programmes).. so try to find as many programs which will broadcast Euro as you can :)

    I had the opportunity to watch both matches (final and bronze medal) live in Izmir. Poland played like at home, they had so many fans and they never stopped cheering, so fantastic!!

    It's nice to hear it! :) At last we have Gold Medal!!! :cup:

    Poles comes for gold medals, they are celebrating and we can see Romain Vadeleux... no comments.

    I remember that.. I was about to swear. :mad: I hope that Turkey will evolve to a great team. They also played very well at this tournament.

    Hi everyone!
    Dig and Spike is quite old game, but there's a thing that makes it surely the greatest Volleyball game I've ever played! Namely, You can play D&S by Internet with Your mates :) So I invite You to register on D&S forum and compete with players from all over the world. Don't matter if You're from America, Africa, Asia, Europe or other parts of the world. We speak one language - Volleyball :)

    So here's link to GoogleTranslated forum:…=pl&tl=en&history_state0=

    And polish version: :)

    There's topic called English Forum in which we use only english language, so it won't be any problem to communicate :)
    I'm waiting for Your opinion about it! Maybe we'll make International League.. :) How do You feel about it?

    Did anybody record interviews after match Poland - Japan? I'll be very thankful if someone will upload them here. Especially interwiev with Mariola Zenik. Cheers! :)