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    i kinda agree when both of you say team china is strong,
    but given the fact that ruirui just returned and a few weeks ago, she sprained her ankle.
    though she is now like 80% of what she did in 2003, she still need some time
    to adapt to the international volley game play, like she never plays with the current russian and italian team

    also, to harness the attacks by ruirui, china have got to have excellent reception,
    but reception is not really that stable,
    thats why i think china have to work realy hard so tht china can play against those 4 teams

    the big three:

    italy, russia, and usa

    italy represents the most consistent game play from last year, with the powerful player of aguero and the two amazing blockers italy has. barazza and gioli are the best blocking pair last year. with flawless defense, italy has more chances to fight back for each score

    russia was the champion of 2006. with only 2 hitters, russia was able to get a silver medal in the last OG. last year, gamova just recovered from injuries but now all the powerful players are back, assisted by the all round player artamonova for reception and defense, to me, russia is the only one that could rival italy for hegemony

    usa, needless to say, with the amazing Jenny, usa team is the third team that could beat brazil in 3 years. russia in 2006 led the trend, followed by italy and usa respectively. so, usa is ranked higher than brazil. now with logan tom back and haneef more powerful than ever, usa is on the way to collect her medal. and usa has just found new talents for the OG as well

    the next in the rank is brazil

    brazil has just recruited mari and waleskhina in the team, this brazillian team is the best brazil has ever had cos all the players are experienced but also very young. when blockers fail, waleskhina is there to play really fast and receive for the team, when brazil needs someone to hit the ball hard when reception is no good, there is Mari. and this is Brazil

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    the most fiercesome russia has formed, the arounded artamonova is back in the team and she could help reception and defense, the 06 champion is gonna be great

    currently, russia is the only team that could rival italy

    agree , just look at the defense of italy in the world cup, some unlikely balls were dug up and turned into counter attacks
    and the amazing fact is that their height is the shortest in the recent champions

    99-2000: torres 191, fernadez 187, regla bell 185, Yumika ruiz 179, Aguero 178, mesa 182, costa 176
    02 world champion: Togut 193, Rineri 185, centoni 187, Picci 180, Leggeri 190, Lo Bianco 178
    03-04: H. Yang 182, Lina wang 182, Fen Kun 183, Liu Yanan 185, Ruirui 197, Zhang Ping 187, Zhou SuHung 182

    the tallest champion
    06 championship: Godina 194, Sokolova 193, Gamova 202, Merkulova 202, borodakova 190,

    the shortest
    07 worlc cup: Picci 180, Del core 180, barazza 185, gioli 188, Aguero 178
    but in terms of defense, 07 italy was the most defensive among the champions

    Celso, the thing is that Ze seems to give up on Mari, then brazil need to have a better attacker to sub the place Opposite
    ----some agree that sheilla is good but not good enough, then the problem is who is the opposite in the brazil NT,
    so... will Natalia be the next super spiker that brazil needs badly ?

    if she comes back, the age combined is 75, fernanda being 37, fafao being 38
    with the remark ze roberto made a fews years ago, i think it is unlikely he will retake fernanda
    plus the fact that they are the same type of setters, brazil got to need a younger one of another type, ding :wavy:

    really nice to have this graph put here, the stats are useful
    but we cant see the changes of rules affect the winning team, like 15 points a set in the past
    but if we calculate the height since 2000---thats because the new ball and the rules changes, 25 per set
    then, what italy can achieve is extraordinary cos the previous winner russia
    was the tallest so far in women volley
    then we have to realise what is important is not height but the jumping abilities
    cuba in the 90s is equipped with best jumpers--torres, megalys, costa, aguero, izquero, fenandez, ruiz
    hardly unbelievable a 174cm tall mireya luis can jump higher than the 202 cm tall gamova
    the cubans simply pound the ball over the block
    maybe, we will ask what kind of technique will need if they can simply spike over the block, hehe ^^

    just read some news about brazil and the newspaper said fernanda sent an email to Ze roberto
    and she wants to come back

    i want to know if she really comes back or does brazil have no more setters,
    cos if she does come back, this will be her fifth Olympic Games

    the cubans have better reception and better sets, and the outcome is smooth attacks, just amazing in the first set, torres attack from the front and back rows and defense

    really thanks subzero for this, i want to see this match so much, im in tears ^^ happy tears, hughug

    given just one year, poland last year won 3-0 italy and 3-2 china, especially poland never did that in the past few years
    and bonitta is quite a remarkable coach and only in onths, he changed the team into a defensive and offensive team, the defense of poland last year is remarkable
    just give bonitta some time, and i think there will be something to show to the world

    Poland is a strong team now with powerful attackers Glinka,Kasia,Dcekiewicz(sorry if my spelling is wrong)Liktoras,Baranska,Podolec but what about reception? to have a good attack you first need to have a good you think Poland can handle it with Glinka?as much as ı see she is having a bit difficulty in receiving both in Murcia and NT.

    sometimes, you have to sacrifice some reception for some tall attackers, ^^
    but you see, poland now have three amazing players that can attack from any place on court, just imagine that...^0^

    Not of ALL teams...may I remind you of Brazil leading 2-1 sets and 24-19 in Athens semifinal and losing the match, and leading 13-11 in WCH final and then losing 4 consecutive points? :P

    i understand how you feel, thats why i am not so much into backrow attacks, unless the team, any teams, incorporate back row attack into a way of offense and with good sets...

    but girls and guys, do you think lowering the pressure is a good idea?

    this new use is really coming out in a haste, just months before the OG

    japan is not much damaged by the use of new ball, but if the future new ball is lowered the pressure, then i dont think it is a good idea

    thanks redhawkvb for the new reporting, that is the young american vs the young Tian Jin club

    the libero of the national team comes from Tinjian, the setter Wei and hitter li jian also from tinajian, since they play in the NT, Tianjin also tests young players for the national league though

    Jenny did talk about the brazillian team cos she sees brazil as one of the strong candidates for the OG this year and she did comment that brazil is a very good team

    as for team USA, she said she is not so confident after her players play in leagues for a long time, so, she need to train some players for the future

    i guess the usa team will win some of the matches cos the team has strong offense power but not every club has the good defense of tianjin

    the new USA TEAM practiced in china for the first match with some club teams

    THE USA TEAM is young but very strong in both attacks and tactics

    Jenny Lang ping was satisfied with the team performence

    she said that openly maybe because there is not much chance to be in the team any longer

    remember what ze roberto said if she wants to return to the team, she has to understand how important team discipline is

    if undertsood this way, Mari could say this without fear though, just lets see if brazil will have her back in the GP 00