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    yeah...poland out of the top 10 :cry2: . but im happy for russia anyway... Serbia made a giant leap from 30th to 8th wow... and germany 13th, closing in on Poland hehe

    haha, i am kinda expecting the OG to come
    now women strong teams, we have russia, brazil, serbia, italy, china, holland, cuba, germany, usa.....the first time to have such amazing teams in a year

    in the past, only 4, cuba, russia, china and excited to see more surprises :D

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    You can easily change the font size in your browsers config menu.
    and the font size does not affect the browsing speed.

    thanks humbert,
    i tried the large font and the huge font,
    i select
    see if this time okay :D

    Asian Game which is held every 4 years this year is held by Qudar in the west side of Asia. volleyball is one of the sports there

    many volleyball teams from less known countries also compete for gold in Qudar. less well known teams include:
    Tajikistan, Mongolia, KazaskhtanLebanon, Kuwait, Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, isreal and many more

    for women's top 4, thailand, taipei, china and japan will run for the gold
    while men's teams have china, japan, Kazakhstan, isreal and korea are into the top 8, one quota is open for matche tomorrow to decide the last member of top8.

    this yeas Asian Game has more participants than ever, currently have more than 40 countries into the big event.

    hi gais,
    i would like to know why the font is a bit smaller here?
    is it make the computer to load the content easily and the speed a lot more faster?

    cos sometimes the font is quite small
    if this is 7, would the speed the same if the font is 8?

    PS: i think i know why i did not volunteer to be a staff member though i have that idea in mind :love:

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    First 3 teams will be qualified to pools E and F.
    Pool E: teams of pool A and C
    Pool F: teams of pool B and D

    except for japan arranged their team in a weaker pool
    i think WCH06 is a good way to do volley

    but i think Fivb shoud stop holding all the matches in japan lol
    FIVB need to promote volley over the world
    in germany, brazil, poland, holland, cuba, Qudar in middle east

    qutar is realy rich and this years Asian Game is so beautifully organised with good courts, i must recommend this
    they invest 30 billion us dollars into facilities each year :shock:

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    Poland on 11th place :( In this year polish women's nt played very bad.
    But... :D

    Sooo near to 3rd place 8)

    wow, poland is really closing in lol
    i was amazed at their blocks, in the match against china,
    poland had that 5 times efficiency of china in blocking
    thats the key in mens volley 8)

    i can sure that poland and bulgaria into top 3 in world cup
    i see so much potential
    their bodies are light, --look at those supermodel legs---made for higher reach and killer block
    so happy to see your NT play

    brazil with GIba and Dante, lots of experience, i must say
    italian players dont understand how did they develop those juicy chest, <--supermodel chest :mrgreen: while most teams dont have that????

    wow, germany and hetherland in same group
    really like to see how spain and france play too
    thx for the news, justyna

    hi, gais thanks so much for starting such a beautiful forum
    i enjor it greatly

    russia is looking for the grand slam, 2007 world cup, 2008 gold after making to the fina but did not have the luck since 2000

    russia go go go

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    I think Mari, from Brazil, is prone to be one of the greatest players ever

    hey, gais, news

    04 olympic attack zhang ping of china is in danger

    since her knee problems did not get proper attention and the head coach overused her in training, she might never walk after she is in her 30s

    head of china NT said he heard grinding sound from her knee when zhang ping plays the ball ......thats so horrible