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    yes, i can understand that good teams will always be good, but like what is said by light master, spectacular float serve like those by poland and italy will be gone

    it seems float serve has just been more popular for a year and then the new ball forces float serves into disuse

    interesting no one talks about the new ball
    the ball likes like any old balls, but new ones are made for better reception, arent people are worried that the new ball will make some changes that cant be forseen in the OG? ^^

    okay, i know some of you are really interested in this forum, so my moments to contribute for the forum here ^^
    first for armbell, you need to register first, then you have to reply in order to be recognised as friends of the forum and then the slots will be assigned to you for download-----but not all of the links are still available, some might have gone "dead" for many months

    and one more thing, since some links are from gogobox, a programme ysed by taiwanese fans, you also need to download some kind of plug-ins

    as for the thunder programme, thats the vbol forum in china. since the telecommunication is provided by local companies, you download speed might be very slow. you also need to register and get the "gold coins" by replying posts. the gold coins are for downloading all kinds of videos---videos from the 80s to the present spanish league and russian league, completely compressed files by the volleyball fans

    thanks so much, bluseter, really like this match, they were quite equal in terms of attacks
    aguero was so much better than the setters in the cuban team right now; and sokolova was really so much more powerful in her early days---i guess she was only 23 in 2001, really miss her power play ^^

    just a brief update on the last day of the tourney

    cuba had played 7 matches with china. it is very nice to see that the cuban team is determined to use jump serve to destroy reception in opposing teams

    after all the matches, there is one major question left for the cuban team---the team needs a hitter who can receive and attack well. barros was doing a okay job but her jump serve wasnt as stable as in the 04 OG

    how cuba get a medal in the OG is very easy---if the reception is no good, just use back row attack to get points, if reception is good, then 3 hitters are at the front row ---but since back row attack is not part of cubas tactic, it remains to be seen how cuba can solve this problem ^^

    very exciting game, thanks so much for the link samba :)

    cuba after the olympic games is still very balanced in both attack and defense, sanchez and ruiz as hitters, barros and fernandez as blockers and aguero and mesa as setters

    russia seem to rely on sokolova, but very good to have a best attacker in the game, ---- why she is not in the 04OG is a surprise, based on the game she played ^^

    again, thanks very much for this set, love to see the next two sets if that was a five-set game ^^

    since cuba is trying out new blood in china, maybe i give an update on this
    cuba surprisingly uses 5 players will jump serve ---- this is really powerful, carrillo, sanchez, barros, santos, and silie
    they almost destroy the chinese reception

    1st, beautiful barros plays hitter most of the time except carrillo is at the left wing and she is in the middle; barros is really amazing cos she is very stable, compared with carcacess

    2nd, the new setter is quite good and she really adjusts tactics according to the levels of the game, she varies her sets smartly

    3rd, mesa is back, and the cubans seem to have an easier task of playing as reception improves
    don't know if calderon can play in the starting line up though ^

    i watched some games, what matters is that both teams are training
    cuba is determined to use sanchez, and barros and wing spiker
    what is very good to cuban fans is that at some rotation

    there will be Two super hitters at the front
    when Carrillo is on the left wing, barros in the middle and the setter at the right
    and Carrillo plays outside hitter while barros will be back to play blocker and middle hitter

    seems the new coach has something to try out ^ ^

    yes, ziola barros, the 32 years old veteran, yesterday played hitter for the cuba team, i guess , for the sake of reception

    currently i am also waiting for videos ^^ true that sanchez and carrillo played blockers, and TONIGHT, there will be another 5 sets in China

    PS: carrillo looks really happy very time she plays :)

    actually, calderon and ramirex didnt come,
    ruiz and barros played hitters, sanchez and carrillo as blockers, santos and salie are setters
    5 players now use jump serve, only ruiz uses float serve
    super strong serves cause unstable play by china

    after the 1st 3 sets, the invited guest played two extra sets with china, which end with 22-25 and 15-17 to china
    tomorrow, cuba will continue to play games in the southern china ^^

    a moment ago, the cuban-chinese game just finished, china won 25-18,25-21, 25-12

    line up: cuba = ruiz, cacarses, salie, sanchez, carrillo, santos

    china: ruirui zhao, feng kun, zhou su-hong, yi mei wang, xue ming

    really like the semi final , thanks mireya ^^
    torres was amazing, three players jumping high to blocker her, but her spike was too penetrating to stuff
    really miss the high balls she played
    wonder what if she comes back to play this year, cos she is only 33 and Barros is also 32 ^^
    ps: also thx bluseter, the pool play russia was amazing to win 25-12 against cuba, thx

    guys, to you who will be this years winner ?

    will the GP Queen Brazil take the title as usual?

    or the new World Title Winner italy take the honor?

    or the new Rising Force of poland?

    or the offensive usa will come back again?

    will cuba retore their honor for the 3rd time?

    or china will step further to take the lead?

    which team will be your favourite? ^^