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    since russia will nt participate in this years GP, i guess italy will meet russia in OG preliminaries

    Borodakova is just back, so, just watch out, cos her blocking helps a lot to russia ^^

    as some unknown source said guimaraes wants to use waleskinha

    i just saw some matches in which waleskinha played----she is an amzing jumper, her hands are completely up above the net when blocking !!! though she is onlty 180cm tall

    and the reason why roberto still wants her is her speedy attack ---obviously Ze wants to increase the attack speed --- she is so much faster than other middle blockers

    U are right, Feng and Zhao are still undergoing med treatment AT THE MOMENT

    but it seems they are recovering well cos they are in the team, thats all we know

    though RuiRui has been recovering for the past 4 years, it was until she got surgery in USA that gave her a spark of hope, so is the setter Feng Kun -_-

    PS: the pic was taken during their stay in Chicago

    this is an amazing match i would love to see, if anyone has this, pls, much appreciated!!

    Leilla Barros was on fire, scored 17 points , so is Erika, with 17 points, brazil almost took the match by 3-0

    but Torres in the 2nd set was on fire when brazil leading 16-9, with the amazing block from Torres, Cuba led 18-16 and won the 2nd set

    brazil took the 3rd set and cuba the 4th, and the tie breaker is amazing

    by Pereira you mean Natália? I'm not sure he's going to take her.
    he also mentioned Valeskinha and Renatinha as possibilities. I don't think he trusts Thaísa enough and most certainly won't take Carol.
    Sheilla is a good opposite but she's only one... still not enough for the team.
    He said also he'll use the Grand Prix to test some players then after it he picks the 12 that will be in Beijing.

    oh, i see, but i never saw him use natalia, he didnt give her a chance, maybe this gp?

    so, he is looking for a much more powerful player for opposite,

    if he is going to try sth new, we have wait it out ^^

    This week Zé gave an interview and said some things:
    He gives as certain Fofão, but mentioned that Paula, Jaqueline and Walewska are in great shape, then most likely they'll be on the team. He has doubts on the middle blockers and opposite, because he wants players that can play in more than one position. And he also has not very much idea who will be the second setter, but most likely Carolina.
    About Mari, he only said that she needs to understand how serious is to be with the National team, and to have discipline and will to practice.

    wow, it seems quite a problems that he said mari had to understand how serious to be with the team and DISCIPLINE, oooopp, sounds like Ze Roberto has given up on her

    i think Jac and Paula are very important to his team cos she shared reception responsibility, naturally ze would keep them

    as for the MBs, is he trying to replace one of the players, Walewska, Fabiana, Thaiza???

    but the opposite, seems Sheilla is one of the better players thru-out the world cup tournament, so, he is trying to find a new sub

    im also interested in how he will use pareira, will she be the new opposite ???

    thx sanba for your keen reponse :)

    Undoubtedly, samba, serbian trio is the new rising force in europe since 2006. there is no doubt they will succeed in the quali tournament in japan. the only worry is that serbia is not used to the quick play of japan and brazil

    as for Italy, the greatnes of this team is that they have strong reserves---Eliza Togut and Anzanello, and other less significant players

    i cant imagine if aguero plays outside hitter and Togut as Opposite, italy will have two powerful attackers to rely on, plus Gioli and Barazza to block

    as for the russian team, i guess it would be hard to Tichenko to find the way back to the NT cos Merkulova and Borodakova have occupy the blocker positions, her quick balls will only be in memory now :(

    i dont know if i am correct or not, poland seems to use rosner as a sub cos poodolec and glinka and skowronska are the new trio of the team----look, two best scorers in this team, so poland can be very offensive, two times european championship, once beat the italian team in GP

    as for usa, Lang Ping has recruited a number of new players as well as veteran players--seems to me that she wants to further improve the reception of the team---strong teams need to keep watch ^^

    as for brazil, mm, this brazilian team is so quick and so good that it has almost surpass the days when Hilma and Moser played in the NT ----any brazil fans have any updates on the Br azilian team or Marianne ????

    well, since there isnt much new threads after the world cup for discussion, i decide to add some interesting views on almost every teams in the international spot, especially at the approach of the very important new season :)

    so, i will start from the world cup last year--which seems a very long time ago already---but the impressive italians stuck in the heads of all the volley fans

    its unstoppable streak of winning is the most impressive of all when italy lost only two sets to the serbians. still aguero and Gioli really stands out, so, any teams should look out for this two

    as usual, i guess russia this year will cause great trouble to this italian team, as i can see that borodakova is already back--- she played so wel in the last set when she stuffed 3 points at the beginning of the final set in the qualification game against poland

    also, andrushko is definitely the next gamova on court; since kulikova did not play so brightly, i guess there is still chance to artamonova to come back, cos her reception and offensive capabilities are there even though she is in her 33 years old :teach:

    after the world cup, i think guimaraes should decide whether he needed to re-called Marianne cos she is strong enough; in the world cup, once again, it proved me right to say that Paula is better than Jac, who was stuffed and stuffed :^ please give marianne another chance

    oh, thanks so much, bluseter

    the quality is much better than those videos in youtube, simply love it

    russia and cuba doing battle, so great to see that the best are doing battle :)

    and the last point is done by my fav artamonova :)

    sadly torres stuffed godina and sokolova completely in the final

    actually, i believe one of the new hitters will remain in the team because one of them need to fill the vacuum left by Zhang Yue hong

    since Zhang Na and Zhang Xian will fight for one libero position, so there wont be any conflict :)

    Zhang Na just recovered from surgery, more experienced, better reception, taller, 28 years old while Zhang Xian is healthy, better defense, shorter, younger

    there will be at least 7 matches between Cuba and China at the end of February, sources said

    starting from this 26th Feb, cuba will first play 3 games with the new chinese team in the province Fujian.

    then Cuba will play other games with China at the beginning of March in other cities.

    it is believed that the long-awaited players after their recovery from injuries will play in these matches to get the feel of matches on court, setter feng kun and Ruirui and the veteran libero Zhang Na

    two taller hitters might also have their first debut in the coming matches

    continantal champion cuba is invited to play at least 7 matches with china before the GP

    some sources said china will have all the 15 players on court when 26th Feb approaches, the day the first match is held

    it is said that Rui Rui Zhao and Feng Ken will be on court to get the feel of volley games