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    hi guys, at the moment i have to say italy and russia

    first, italy hasve some stars that were not on court in 2007, togut, anzanello, rineri, centoni

    and they have years of playing together with lo bianco;

    plus the fact that the team is super consistent and stable throughout 2007

    italy have the greatest moment

    as for russia, i firmly believe that

    artamonova will come as a sub in this summer, considering the fact that russian reception is

    not so stable

    andrushenko is the next gamova when the real gamova is not doing so well

    so, no doubt, russia still have the most fierce offensive capability, especially as samba said

    if russia play like 2006, no one will ever have a chance to stop them :_

    well, actually you can click to play the file, then a window pops up asking you either to choose a software from the internet or from your list of tools

    you can choose from the list, select the window media player, then it plays perfectly well

    and it works perfectly well for my pc, that's what i did, hope it is also okay with your pc :)

    no one really knows why he suddenly abandon wang keke and wang ting;

    as a matter of fact, he only gave a limited number of chances to the new players;

    wang ting played as substitute only when china won the first set and new players like her would be given chances to play

    if the performance is not brilliant, thats all for them, thats why the opposite position has no subs

    according to Chan, a chinese opposite needs to be a good receiver and a quick attacker that is compatible with the chinese style of Li Juan switched back to hitter position

    as for Chan's decisions, i also have some ????? that are unsolved :)

    I don't know if we can even call Zhou Suhong and Yan Liu as opposites. Well, they both play opposite to the setter, but the conception and duties of chinese opposites are completely different from that of European ones. In my opinion they are universals or special players. They receive and defend, they attack differently from european opposites.

    fair and accurate observation, oppsites for the chinese team are made this way is due to the need of the team

    as i said earlier in another thread, different teams do things differently. players are used according to their needs, ike sokolova played libero while the russian team needed her reception

    Hmmmm...So does that mean she won't recover in time for the 2008 Olympics? I rather see Zhang Ping play over Ma...I don't know, I'm never a fan of Ma...I'm just sad to hear that Zhang Ping is injured...I just hope she will be abled to be put on the TEAM for 2008...She's just so fast...and China is known for quicks...So having Zhang Ping makes perfect SENSE...

    actually, she had those injuries before the 04 OG, but she endured all the pain to fight for the OG

    after 04, she should get treatment but the coach kept using her, so....

    but the coach prefer tall girls, and that makes sense for him as well cos european teams are so tall and zhang ping is only 187cm short

    in terms of attacks, Ma needs to have more varied attacks like zhang ping, thats no denying of that, you know zhang ping was the best attacker in the final :)

    China Women's National Team Fans, I have ONE QUESTION that I am very concerned about...Please TELL me where is Ping Zhang #18???? !!

    sorry, rice, she is currently undergoing recovery at home cos she had a surgery in germany months ago

    thats the price the head coach to play cos he used zhang ping to play the whole year in 2005 even though she was injured and had knee problems

    but ma yuen wen is the replacement of zhang cos Ma is a "macro-version" of zhang though not as versatile in attacks :)

    Anyway I disagree with him on having Yan Liu as opposite and not as MB. In this way Zhou Suhong and Yan Liu cannot be on court on the same time. :(

    P.S. colossus, I'm happy you have returned. :)

    hi, samba, yeah, i'm back, give me a hug :)

    by the way, liu yanan is chosen to play opposite cos her reception is good and play differently, if you have seen the russian yeltsin cup

    her play was unbeliebably quicker than zhou :)

    I don't support the Chinese team, but if I had to bet on the champion, it would be in them...
    Not that they are unbeatable, but I don't think there is a team that is big enough (right now) to beat THIS chinese team...

    you have the point, lothie, but i am not so sure that china is strong enough to beat brazil and italy

    feng kun just recovered, so is ruirui zhao; anf this year, i guess china is trying to have 2 spikers to receive, lets see what will happen in 08 Gp :huh:

    so surprising that chen yao didnt make to the Nt cos she is the 2nd best blocker in the league, yeah, the coach loves tall girls ?(

    //During 2005/2006 Brazilian team was complete, while the others where giving the main players a rest and were training the young players to get experience on the international scene. In my opinion, it's easy to win against other teams when you're complete and they are not. But you can notice that since the teams started to bring back their main players, Brazilian team has not won any title besides the South American.//

    i agree, brazil have their main players earlier on the rest of the teams,
    but jac and sheilla and fabiana are also young players even now,
    so i think some irregular performences are natural
    ---really they are twenty something

    now, other teams called back veteran players, all is not the same

    last year, russia used 3 veterans; this year logan tom and an mow santos
    even picinnini and anzanello and aguero
    so, i think brazil should have some experienced players to manage the team lol--------personal idea 8)

    Quote from "LothiePG"

    it seems that all the teams have problem with OHs...
    In the USA team, probably Haneef will play as OPP... I also hope that Sykora is the first libero, she's damn great!

    And for Poland, I'm glad to see Sawicka in the roster! I like her work, and she's also veeery nice :D

    actually i think this is the standard formation for almost all teams, since haneef could also play opposite, glass can be less stable sometimes, so 4 OHs are safe for the usa team:wink2:

    same for poland here, glinaka as OH and opposite, poodolec and skowronska can also switch to Hitter position

    simply looking at the roster of the polish team, i think poland will be great in WC8)