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    I find the 4MB and 3OHs idea completely insane... because none of the MBs can do a thing except being mbs... while Mari could play in any position...
    Well, besides that, no surprise at all :wink2:

    well, not that surprising indeed, but thats the best brazilian team in the recent 5 years, i say

    i guess you do know that natalia is the MVP in the youth team, so, erika is not even close to natalia pareira, she can receive well, attacks well, younger , more promising

    as for the mbs, currently the best in the world, fabiana and walewska

    3 OH are enough for brazil since jac and paula are the best at the moment for brazil, plus a new star natalia, thats good enough

    i think this roster is even better than the brazils in 04, 05 and 06

    8) :wink2:

    define conventional :wink2:
    i must say it is up to the coach to formulate their own tactics and formation of the teams defense and offense

    for china, it has been a long CHINESE convention for an opposite to receive, zhao su hung as you have said,

    probably the noticeable exception is Qiu ai-hua in 98 worlc championship---she was not a good receiver but a offensive player

    for russia, it depends: in 2000, sokolova played MB and received, in 2004, sokolova played hitter and received and 2006 she played opposite and received. and 2007, sokolova played libero for one match
    so it is really depends on needs

    and cuba is more ceptional than other teams, every one shares reception responsibilities

    but judging matches in grand prix and euro champ---okay, it is personal opinion 8) --- it seems two receiving hitters cannot receive well and attack well

    hope this bit of opinion helps :)

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    What about having both on court?? Tay as OH and Togut as OP, or Tay as receiving OP and Togut as non receiving OH.

    What do you guys think??

    that will be awesome cos italy won the euro champ without main starting line ups

    when anzanello and piccinnini are back, italy will almost unstoppable

    i watched the italy and russia semi final, russia was unable to block any of agueros backrow attacks :shock:

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    It's not yet know, everything may happen, don't be so sure.
    Fivb usually makes crazy decisions...

    okay, i know sometimes fivb made crazy decisions, but giving a wild card to russia is the best choice

    russia was 06 championship, get into semi final in grand prix and finished third in ec07, so their performance is good enough to be given a wild card

    since some teams are not so consistent, brazil again become fav in world cup this year

    in the last world cup, brazil lost the first match and unluckily that determined the gold. but with jacqueline and fafao back, brazil is very close this time 8)

    now italy for the first time become a european champion, with a new opposite aguero instead of tugut

    togut is 02 championship winner but never a european champ gold medalist

    agero can receive and defend well, plus high jumping; eliza togut is 193cm tall and good at attacks, so, who do you think is better for the italian team?

    if poland wins against russia, wild card will undoubtedly go to russia,
    if russia wins against poland, i am afraid that fivb will give it to holland perhaps :roll:

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    which version of divx do you use, xopxeech?
    i have downloaded and updated the divx and re-downloaded the video, my media player still said it had an error
    help pls

    but i have been using divx for quite a long time and it is 6.5, still it says window media player encountered an unkwon problem

    any ideas, thx :oops:

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    samba player, the video works well for me using divx. For other users, maybe updating your divx version could help...
    I had some problems last week to watch some other videos and I downladed the latest free version available and it worked.

    thanks again for this wonderful game!

    which version of divx do you use, xopxeech?
    i have downloaded and updated the divx and re-downloaded the video, my media player still said it had an error
    help pls

    kind of surprising,
    but not that surprising,
    if you have watched the china korea match, you will be really surprised cos
    in the first set, korea didnt play good but able to win the first set

    japan is so much better in serving, spiking and defense, so, japan deserve that title 8)

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    Is the competition the same as the Continental championships of other continents??

    Think it would be Japan and China being in the final....since both has an easy route

    well, yesterday china lost the 1st set to korea
    china with poor reception and offense, i thought china could lose the match

    but this afternoon, the new china will battle the new japan for this first time this season
    cctv5 will broadcast live at 3: 00pm hk/beijing time 8)

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    Colossus: No biggie :) By the way, did you get my private message?

    hi, mireya, yeah, i did reply with a very detailed account on that forum 8)
    go and check the PM
    any questions, send me pms :wink2:

    hola, samba, sorry, i would like to know if you could upload the 4B cos rapidshares link expired already
    thx a million :oops:

    oh, mireya luis, thx so much :oops:

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    Do you remember other rivalries or other scenes involving the rivalries listed here? Maybe Poland vs Russia??? China vs Japan???

    i will definitely say netherlands and germany, germany last year won many matches vs holland but lost to holland in WCH and this year
    ---hey, netherland got qualified for GP AND won a title, :wink2:

    as for china and japan, i'm afraid there is not so strong---and the most intense moment was in the Asian game last year when japan with their excellent reception and defense, almost dragged china into the 5th set

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    Today Brazil's federatiom released the women's team roster for the South American Championship that will be held in Chile.

    Setters: Fabíola (Minas Tênis Clube) and Fofão (Murcia)
    Opposites: Joycinha (E. C. Pinheiros) and Sheilla (Scavolini Pesaro)
    Outside hitters: Jaqueline (Murcia), Natália (Finasa/Osaco), Paula (Finasa/Osasco) and Sassá (Rexona-Ades/Rio de Janeiro)
    Middle-blockers: Carol Gattaz (Monteschiavo Jesi), Fabiana (Rexona-Ades/Rio de Janeiro), Thaísa (Rexona-Ades/Rio de Janeiro) and Walewska (Murcia)
    Libero: Fabi (Rexona-Ades/Rio de Janeiro)

    it seems ze is really trying to push all the best into the NT since he lost the title in gp

    i wonder if the natalia is the same brilliant natalia in the youth team that won the MVP this year?
    if that is THE natalia, that will be amazing to see her play :idea: