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    IMO it is again one big disgrace what FIVB is in beach volley...

    runners up and 3rd placed teams from 5 continents (5 continental cups) should be lineup for this tournament...Russia wasnt even close, neither in world tour rankings, neither in continental cup...

    then what happens...russia is the host and now they must play, tournament is getting bigger cause of that (14 teams men :aww::what: ) and Russia at the end advances to London :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::mirror::aww: So undeserved and unfair to other contestants in europe...

    same thing @women, after russia won women Euro continental cup, they shouldn't play this final qualification tournament at all, they did - and they qualified with one extra team also...women russian teams aren't even on the map of top 20 world beach teams

    i wonder if they didn't - probably beach volley olimpic tournament would be played in russia :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:

    FIVB big jokers

    Travica much better setter than Meoni? :huh:

    atm sure it is, meoni is past perfect tense, travica is now on his peak...much more experienced after whole big NT championship as 1st setter...also macerata having better reception (savani attack is abnormal but reception is to work on :roll: , exiga is great libero) than verona which is crucial in terms of MB attack... just it is hard to have better stats in weaker team on same position is my point ;)

    About Macerata, first of all I had no idea why Stankovic didn't play. I'll check it...

    IMO it was only matter of time when Pajenk will take his starting 6 position, much more complete player than Stankovic, they actually cannot be compared...if anyone doubt that, wait few rounds :D (probably many didnt noticed him last year since he was in Verona....) Pajenk will make a big MB career in Italy if no injuries... ;)

    Compare their stats from last season (Stankovic - 36 games: 78 block, 20aces, 57% attack, Pajenk - 29 games: 79 blocks, 30 aces, 56% attack) :whistling:

    This season he plays with much better setter so this difference is going to be much more noticable :teach:

    what is the teams' standings so far? sorry, wasn't able to religiously follow the games coz im on the other side of the world (asia :) ), and we have a different time zone, you know :gone:

    today you have already knock-out phase...

    Serbia-Romania and Czech-France playing for place in 1/4finals

    Italy-Holland and Turkey-Russia are 1/4 finals ;)

    new game, old story...

    each and every serbian player is out of form...i guess very bad training schedule, maybe they gave too much in first ever appearance in WGP so now team is struggling like was so clear from first games vs weak teams....

    just opposite by guidetti staff, germany was joke in WGP and now high flying....wrong peaking...

    Oh come on, not more conspiracy theories like yesterday :thumbdown: Everyone who watched the match will confirm that Germany deserved the victory, and Serbia certainly won't lose on purpose in front of their home crowd.

    late answer but must write, really had no intention to say that as conspiracy, simply germany outclassed serbia in all volley elements, 100% deserved...but must admit that probably nobody could expecting fact germany to beat serbia in 6 games in a row :drink:;)

    At the end, it wasnt the motivation in first two games, serbia looked poor even vs weak, today only confirmed tragic form, ofc not hard to repeat - Molnar most noticable in every game... :whistle:

    something weird in fact how serbia suits to Germans, it is now situation last six games: Serbia-Germany 0:6 :cheesy::call::mirror::dance4:

    Very clever idea...

    Because nobody has a cell phone nowdays, it's definitly impossible to communicate a result in real time without the live score!! :whistle:

    C'mon! :down:

    so you are saying that ALL other sports that are playing last rounds at same time are actually - idiots???

    hats off :lol::lol::lol::lol::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:

    you are sarcastic, and it is just fine, small talk makes it just funny, i dont mind... but you cant say anything to make it better, wild cards etc are enough, cev and fivb don't need you to be their lawyer, they are well guarded ;)

    p.s. i expect matteo martino to be cev president after Andre Meyer will leave at age 114 :rose:


    I think you should work for Turkish Volleyball Federation.Our federation president will like your amazing ideas.Sorry but they are too illogical and meanless.I can't help you at this point :whistle:

    i'm interested, i was in turkey this summer, nice country you have ;)

    and i'm looking forward to tomorrow and same situation all over again :lol:

    Yeah, why not build up two courts in the hall, or play every single match of the tournament in a different city? Please come back to reality!!!


    hillarious, zrenjanin and belgrade are 1000 light years distanced :lol::lol::lol::lol: (voyager needed for transport, warp) :super:

    Distance 73 km

    so hard for teams to travel and group A playing @17.30 and group C @20.30 (a and c as example, not actual)



    only turkish members find it appropriate to comment...

    dutch, bulgarian....all said imidiately after...from neutral point of view....

    i really understand you, i would probably feel the same if someone would try to underrate my team win... no problem...but you defend the system of tournament which is hillarious, ofcourse it is so fine to you atm....but once it won't be, for that moment i will save this discusion :wavy: ...i wish i am not croatian that you understand that this isnt anger of croatia being out, croatian volley deserved that ;)

    I really can't understand you... The fixture has been given months ago and OFC Italy and Turkey had to play in the last day and last game.BOTH are higher in FIVB's ranking and Turkey was one of favourites in championship.Italy is host do you really expect the match would be at 17.30 and AZE-CRO at 20.30?The fact Croatia didn't use their advantage.They beated us with a great game but today... Azerbaijan wanted to stay at tournament much more than Croatia.

    why not both @20.30 :rolll::D

    is it so hard :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:

    :roll: And I guess CEV also arranged the victory of CRO over TUR to have more money from bets?

    no need...betting is for us small people, small joy to kill time...cev will have their award in nice amount of sultan liras, they do not need bookies and anything...point is, two best teams in each group have opportunity to play last game in group AFTER everything is already played...even in soccer they cant invent that, someone would blow in air FIFA and UEFA, CEV can do whatever they want, and FIVB with wild cards.....only in volleyball...wild cards and not same time of games, priceless ;):obey::obey::obey::obey::obey:

    At the end, i admire for your love to volleyball, it is so nice, but it is fairytale :lol:

    we live in real world where CEV only good can produce - in corruption and betting. So, thank you CEV on this Turkish gift :rolll::mirror:

    Enjoy your win, i will too :drink:

    Are you kidding? Italy is doing everything to send Turkey home since the begging of the match but they couldn't :teach: Noone let anything just Turkey did everything in field to make their own destiny whereas Croatia didn't do and now waiting someone else to let themselves to qualify.You have to find the problem in AZE-CRO match not in ITA-TUR.

    where did i mention word "problem" :D

    i think you can have your oppinion, BUT even you cannot say anything to following: "in which sport last games in group phase aren't played at same time??".... i can help you...only volleyball :lol::whistle:

    and now omg, who could say italy-turkey can play and before match calculate in point what they need :whistling:

    with such sistem i have problem, in fact croatia leaving home isnt problem at all :drink:;) :whistle::whistle::whistle:

    p.s. i know you cheer for turkey, but you live in unreal world, this score would be much much different if played @17.30 CET ;)

    Congratulations to Turkey and Spain :flower::flower:

    I'm very sorry for Croatia...:( :(

    why, Croatia isnt important, financial power is poor, and if i am CEV i would also pick turkey... It is so normal thing, italy let 2 sets and now will demolish turkey, we admire "the volley quality" but we are watching only one good CEV-produced comedy- to be nominated for academy award :lol::win::read:

    Serbia beat Ukraine 3-0 in a blah match. Our girls lacked a bit focus but Ukraine is really weak. It's really unfortunate for them, they could be a major force with all the good players they've produced, if only they all played together.

    So, tomorrow against Germany is the battle for first place, as expected. Serbia will have to step up a gear.

    it is disgusting how poor Ognjenovic and Molnar are playing... i dont buy lousy stories about "lack of motive" - they are simply - trash! :teach:

    Antonijevic is one class better setter than Maja cannot understand why Ognjenovic is setter no1...However... Molnar is most tragic player of this championship so far. If Terza substituted them earlier Ukraine wouldnt reach 15 in any set...