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    Nati, Any details on the Telekom / Azeryol game. please. Can't find anything anywhere.

    what about mari horikawa?i think shes around 180 cm,?since some of the current japan womens nt are about to retire later on..would be nice to see some new good players... :drink: :drink:

    A great deal has been expected of Mari, this season, with the absence of Saori Kimura, and subsequently the injury to Stephanie Enright. So far her performances have not been outstanding, and I would doubt whether she will make the Senior NT this season. But, there are at least ten games left this season, for her to show some of her doubtless potential.
    There are so many setters in Japan ready to take the place of Takeshita, you could take your pick. My choice is Hiroko Matsuura....Tall, Versatile. and doing well for Azeryol.

    Do you guys know why Ebata plays in second division? She plays very well in NT :what:

    It is club loyalty and contracts that keep players tied to clubs in Japan. Hitachi were demoted to the Challenge League in 2009, when the Premier League was reduced to eight teams, following the collapse of Bamboo the same year. They have been trying to get promotion since. Along with Ageo Medics, Hitachi Rivale, will almost certainly compete over two games with the last two placed Premier teams, at the end of the seson, for those two treasured places.

    Akari Oumi,Saki Takeda and Kaori Kodaira are good players, but they are 1.70 m high, down to the international standard.For Montreux Volley Masters ok, but it is difficult to WGP. :win:

    Point taken, however this height debate is an annual one, and as a good example, many had feared a few years ago, that Saori Sakoda, at 1.75M, would not be an effective spiker for Japan. Happily, she proved all the doubters wrong, and this season, with Stephanie Enright returning to Puerto Rico, following her knee injury, has been outstanding, leading the meagre Toray Arrows attack. An exception to the rule, maybe, but nevertheless, her achievements, should act as encouragement for players in the 1.70M-1.77M height range, in attaining International status, especially versatile players, such as Akari Oumi. She is equally competent, both in defence and attack. She most certainly deserves her chance at Montreux, and the other European challenges, prior to the WGP.

    I hope Manabe-san chance to these young players playing this tournament,Kotoe Inoue (JT Marvelous),ISHII Yuki (Hisamitsu Springs),Nabeya Yurie (Denso Airybees),Ohtake Riho (Denso Airybees),Azusa Futami(Toray Arrows) and Haruka Miyashita (Okayama Seagulls). :win:

    It would be nice to see all of those players mentioned, playing some part in Montreaux. Yuki, of course, was part of the Tounament winning team in 2011, and should her fitness hold up for the rest of the V.League season, then she will undoubtedly be a part of the NT, this year.
    I always look to this tounament, with such pleasure, and the blend of experience and promising players in the team, sets up the International season, for Japan. quite nicely.
    Although it is too early to predict anything as far as selections are concerned, I would be astonished if one of this seasons' most outstanding players, Akari Oumi, from NEC Red Rockets, is not included in the senior squad, along with former NEC colleagues, Akiko Ino, and Hiroko Matsuura, both gaining impressive experience with Baki Azeryol.

    Sakoda did not play in the first two games for Toray. I am thinking that she is injured. Not reported that she is, but that is my guess.
    Ebata is playing for Hitachi Rivale in the V Challenge League (2nd Division), they have only played 1 match, but she scored 22 in a 3 set match (21 kills, 1 ace, 2 hitting errors, 3 service errors)
    Ishida has only played in 3 of the 8 sets for Hisamitsu Springs. Starting only 1 of those sets. 2 kills (2 attempts) and 3 serves (1 error) in one match in one set played. The other 6 kills (20 attempts) and 1 ace (7 serves).

    Saori Sakoda is fully fit. She rarely plays every game, and for the opening weekend, Saki Minemura was finally given her big chance, following her fine run of form in the summer. Along with newcomer Stephanie Enright, they mostly impressed over the two games. I would expect to see Rio make an appearance this weekend, against JT and/or Toyota, where her back row attacks would be quite effective against the height of both teams.

    Nati, Where can we find ALL fixtures, please, or at least up to the end of the first round of matches? I have the Igtisadchi games, but would like the others please.
    The Web Site is useless and has not been updated.


    Igtisadchi - Lokomotiv Balajary - 15:00

    7th November

    Igtisadchi - Telekom - 17:00

    10th November

    Rabita - Igtisadchi - 17:00

    27th November

    Igtisadchi - Lokomotiv - 15:00

    30th November

    Baki-Azeryol - Igtisadchi - 19:00

    3 November

    15:00 Igtisadchi-Lokomotiv Bilejeri
    17:00 Telekom- Baki Azerrail
    19:00 Rabita- Lokomotiv

    (Baku time)

    Hi Nati, I have been searching for the logos of the teams. I have some, but the others `are not showing up on Mr Google. Any possibility of supplying them, please? Thanks.

    Thanks for all the information here. May I be a complete Noob and ask if anyone actually has the teams' rosters? I realize that with all the new recent signings going on, this may prove quite a challenge.
    Where can we find coverage, either TV or Livescore?
    My interest is mainly based around Baki-Azeryol, due to the presence of Japanese players, Akiko Ino and Hiroko Matsuura,
    Thanks. :woohoo:

    Great information Mary, and I have just found out from Akiko Ino's blog, that after playing last weekend for Azerrail Baku she is joining the "sister" team, Baki-Azeryol BAKU, which now begs the question and increases the curiosity as to what is going on with these Baku teams and their respective rosters?
    With both competing in tournaments this weekend, would the teams now have some squad structure, that we can rely upon?

    Thanks for this information