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    She had been injuried for a quite long time. It will look more weird if she's in a good shape now. well, She's the strongest spiker among the Japanese team. Let's just hope that she'll be alright.

    Kano Maiko will possibly sign for Italian Club side Pavia, during the transfer window in November according to reports from Japan.
    (just a two hour flight from London to see her play,....way to go!!!! :woohoo: )…se-sara-ancora-emergenza/

    its good japan is doing great now....lets give credits to their superb blocking and fast plays.....hope they will be in the finals.......i wonder where is kana oyama now..never heard of her anymore...and the other oyama who used to play for japan..where are they?..anyone? :S

    Kana Oyama, and sister Miki, both announced their retirements, from the Toray Arrows, recently.
    A great loss, to both club and nation.
    Miki is doing her own thing, but Kana is still coming to terms with her back injury, which has forced her into a very early end to her volleyball playing times with Toray. Her blog is still very active, and I am sure that she will still be very much involved in the game. You know, she was such a presence and influence to all around her, in the club and nationally.
    Here is her web page, in Japanese, naturally, but her passion is not lost in translation.

    If you were referring to Kano Maiko, as your second named person, you may very well recall, that she was a very crucial member of the side last year, but sadly, at the start of last year's season in Japan, she sufferred a reaction to her archilles tendon injury, and was sidelined for the remainder of the season.
    She announced, in June that she was resigning from Hisamitu, which, as you may imagine, caused an enormouse amount of upset within the volleyball world in Japan. Rumours abound, about her next career move, the best ones for me, surround her joining Toray Arrows, once her recovery is complete. I have sleepless nights, wishing that may be the case. Kano and Saori, together, is like the best ice cream on a hot sunny day.

    The stats do not usually lie, and this game is no exception.
    Japan rely on defence, and that is not an easy game to play. I was frustrated last year because the team were undergoing a change in style of play which was open to exposure by many sides, including the European teams. For now, fingers very much crossed, it is working well, and surprised many people. There is an enormous self belief, and incredible fitness levels throughout the squad, and with Goddess Saori, at the peak of her game, anything is possible.
    It will be a shock, now, if Japan do not qualify for the final round.
    I am absolutely delighted and proud, even as a non Japanese, of the performances in this WGP.
    I said in an earlier post, not to write off Japan, just yet, and so it stands, not just looking to qualify for the final round, but in the top four.
    Great Stuff.

    I am rather surprised about the initial reaction about Japan's WGP victory against Italy.
    I have read so many negative posts over the last few months regarding the status and performances of Japan, that have left me silent with comment, for fear of ridicule. The team has changed, and the new girls have demonstrated the ability to adjust and replace the injured members, such as Kano and Kurihara, who were a mainstay of the Japan side last year.
    Every National side in this year's WGP has lost a few star players, and that makes for a great tournament.
    Obviously, the top teams, over the next few weeks will come to the fore, but, please do not write Japan off, just yet.
    The best WGP? Maybe. :woohoo:

    Saori Sakoda, arguably, the most physically fit of the new players to come into the Japan team this year, will be an adequate replacement for Megumi and Kano.
    At least I would like to think so. She has been phenomenal this year despite her slight physique. You only have to ask some of the foreign players who played against her last season.
    Of course we are going to miss the afore-mentioned players but the team as it is now, will give a very good account of themselves. I am hopeful, not forgetting the experience of Kimura and Araki, which will be crucial to obtaining the required victories during the early rounds. :woohoo:

    I have been on holiday, so forgive me for jumping in on this debate.
    Cynthia has taken some time to settle in at Toray, and it has been a frustrating time, not least because of the very close games lost in recent weeks.
    After last week's victories I can absolutely assure any fans out there, that "Cindy", is up to full fitness, and will now be an important part of the team, in the run in for the last few weeks of the main season.
    She was brilliant last week, .......I have noticed her weight loss: perhaps, not a bad thing.

    Thanks Justyna,

    Just to let you know that the games can be followed "Live", on the V league web site, with the livescore facility.
    Matches start just after 4.00 GMT, at the weekends.
    There are tons of pictures available, already, on the various team blogs.
    JT Marvelous are the pre season favourites, and after comprehensively defeating my own Toray Arrows yesterday, and Hisamitsu Springs today. even after two rounds of games, are very much living up to their billing, with Kim in devastating form. Cynthia Barboza, has impressed so far and great things are expected of her during the season. I will be e-mailing her soon, and should I receive a reply will pass it on.
    The season promises to be really exciting

    Japan is getting better! I hope they will improve more and more and kick some a"£ in WGP :super:

    Yes, Japan are certainly getting better, under the new coaching staff, and a settled team are gradually working better with each other.
    We have seen in recent tournaments, the promise of some exciting times ahead for the team. The highly anticipated pairing of Saori and Kano, is producing results, and for fans, tone of the highlights of this European tour. Shoji has been consistent throughout, and having been unsure of her selection at first, I am now a humble converted fan of hers. Erica showed why she is always missed when she doesn't play, and once Kana Oyama recovers fully from her back injury, the defence will be strengthened.
    All in all, a competent tour, although after Beijing, it would have been nice to have got the better of Poland, again! (Next Time, maybe.)

    Uhm, I'm happy Italy won yesterday, but having not seen the match yet, I can't really comment on it.
    It seems we didn't play very well, though. Let's hope our game will improve in the next matches...

    Hi Ros,
    Download Toolbar-Radio for Internet Explorer, and view the games live on RAI Sport.
    I enjoyed the game, even though Japan played with a second string side. I was impressed with a couple of the Italian girls, but a couple of quite contentious decisions in the fourth set, shortened the match, but I think, in fairness, Italy deserved to win.

    The Japan victory was a real boost for the team after last weeks' disaster in Montreux.
    All of the girls were impressive, but having just watched the game again, I think a special mention must go to one of the more senior members of the team, Shoji Yuki, who produced some very vital points during crucial moments of the match.
    They played a lot closer to the net, and I think their aggression, certainly, in the first two sets, took the Chinese by surprise.
    Hamaguchi has been outstanding during the Japanese league season, and it is nice to see her continuing that level of performance.
    Although, Kano came on in the third set briefly, I am trying to find out if she is suffering an injury? I hope not, because she would slot in perfectly for the game against Italy.

    Interesting to read her honest assessment of her time in Japan.
    It has to be said that she was incredibly popular amongst the fans there, and could not have experienced a warmer accomodation anywhere else.
    Her partnership, on court with Kano Maiko, was one of the highlights of the season, where Hisamitsu, just missed out to The Toray Arrows in the major competitions.
    Surely, she has at least a few years left at the top level of the sport?

    Cuba 3-0 Japan
    All three sets were pretty even, up to the last few points in each, and Cuba just seemed to have that extra edge. Some sloppy service mistakes added to the scoreline, but I think Japan will improve in the next two games.

    I was disappointed with Poland as well, but China are very very strong and I am sure there will be improvement in the next game.
    For those interested all the games are being broadcast live on (Use Internet Explorer to view.)

    Just for your interest, most Japanese team games can be followed with a live scorecard, on the JVA web site. I must be "sad ", because i get quite excited, actually watching the scores change in real time. It doesn't make up for the lack of live TV, but can be rather engaging.:win: