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    i've checked her on wikipedia and i thing her hight might be the case for her absance in Japan rooster. she is just 179 cm and she's playing as middle blocker and on that position you have to be quite tall. i can't image her blocking Walewska Merkulova Fabiana Gioli etc.

    I take your point Mateo; a quick check on her "Spike" revealed 307cm, and her "Block" only 268cm. A disparity, which I will attempt to get to the bottom of. The Wikipedia entry is outdated by a year, and certainly not allowing for the growth factor, bearing in mind that she is only 19 at present.
    Yukari ([font=&quot]宮田由佳里), [/font]is definitely one for the future, and I am certain that a lot more will be heard about her. Unfortunately I don't speak japanese, and many of the blogs only accept input in that language.
    There are many entries on the Yahoo Japan Blog Search for her, should your curiosity be activated.

    The squad is an interesting, but somewhat curious, selection of players.
    The Championship Finals have just been held, and the Season's awards dished out, and yet despite the obvious qualities of some of the recipients of the year's accolades, some of the best players have somehow failed to make the team squad.
    I have no problem with any of the players included, but I feel the omission of Mariko Nishiwaki and, (Best New Player), Yukari Miyata has left me gasping in frustration. They have both been at the very top of their respective game positions all season, and their awards reflect upon that, as well as finishing on the Championship winning Arrows Team.
    I have to confess that i have not followed the progress of some of the girls in the squad, but their team positions in the league and their own points tally should have been more reflective in the overall selection protocol.
    Good, that is off my chest now. I will be keeping a very close watch on the lead up to the summers' internationals.
    My Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of the Japanese Girls.

    Hi everyone, my name is Roly and I am a volleyball fan of number of years.
    I spend hours on the internet during the Japanese season, following the Toray Arrows, womens team. Having just cleaned up the Championship for the successive year, they deserve all the praise and congratulations they are currently receiving from fans everywhere.
    I don't actually speak japanese, and my knowledge Kanji is zilch!!!, but I get by with the translations from both Japanese, and due to the absolutely brilliant Zhang, playing for The Arrows this season, also from the Chinese news and blogs.
    Having this site, which I stumbled on quite by accident, seems like a real Godsend, and I look forward to reading what others have to say, and hoping I may contribute a few ideas and opinions of my own.
    Take care all.